Figure pain above the knee

Illustration pain above the knee: causes and therapy

Pain above the knee

  1. Iliac-tibial tendon -
    Iliotibial band
  2. Quadruple thigh muscle -
    Quadriceps femoris muscle
  3. Quadriceps tendon
  4. Kneecap - patella
  5. Inner meniscus -
    Meniscus medialis
  6. Inner band -
    Ligament collateral tibial
  7. Broken bone (fracture)
  8. Femur - Femur
  9. Outer meniscus -
    Lateral meniscus
  10. Outer band -
    Ligamentum collaterale fibulare
  11. Baker's cyst (popliteal cyst)
  12. Popliteal muscle - M. popliteus
    Irritation of the iliotibial band
    (Iliotibial band syndrome = runner's knee)
    Inflammation of the quadriceps tendon
    Strain of the popliteal muscle
    Baker's cyst
    Lesions (injuries) of the
    Menisci or ligaments
    Fracture (broken bone)
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    A - Anti-inflammatory
    Medication (anti-inflammatory drugs)
    B - Stand still
    C - cooling ointments
    D - laser therapy,
    Ultrasound treatment

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