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Back pain (Acupuncture for back pain) have now developed into a kind of widespread disease. Besides infectious diseases, they are one of the most common reasons to see a doctor. As diverse as the causes can be, one is usually confronted with a puzzle when it comes to treatment.


Back pain (Acupuncture for back pain) are pain conditions that can occur in the different sections of the back. According to their predominant frequency, they can be divided into different degrees. Acute back pain occur either for the first time, suddenly, or after a break of about six months. They shouldn't last more than three months. Take on the other hand chronic, persistent back pain most of everyday life and persist for more than three months. The symptoms can recur or only be temporary. Next one can also put back pain according to its quality in one radicular and pseudoradicular pain distinguish. Of the radicular pain (radicula - the root) assumes a compression of the nerve root, as is the case with a disc prolapse the case is out. Of the pseudoradicular pain (apparently more radical) is caused by changes in the small joints of the Spine.


Approx. 60-80% of all women and roughly 65-70% of all men suffer from back pain (acupuncture for back pain). More than half are related to their profession. Even children are already affected by back problems: 20 percent of primary school students suffer from back pain, only a third of all children still have a normal posture.
over 75% of the complaints can be found in the Lumbar region locate. That closes the lumbar spine with its five vertebrae Sacrum which is articulated to the pelvis. If the pain affects this joint, one speaks of "Lower back pain" (sacroiliac complaints) or after the Latin name of the joint - sacroiliac joint (ISG) - also "sacroiliac (IGS) syndrome".
In 25% of patients, the back pain originates in the neck and neck region. The distribution of herniated discs follows the frequency of the localization of the pain. So they are more common in the lumbar region.
In Germany, spa and disability applications are made in over 60% of cases due to back pain and cost around 49 billion euros.


Looking for a cause of Back pain (Acupuncture for back pain), you quickly come across a very long list. A general distinction is made between organic (physical) and psychosomatic (through the “soul”) causes. Organic causes are, for example:

  • Due to injury (e.g. Whiplash after a traffic accident, fracture of a vertebral body, tear off of a nerve root)
  • Due to wear and tear / degeneration (e.g. arthrosis - joint wear, osteoporosis - Bone loss, spondylosis - changes in the spine, entrapment of the Backmarks, Stiffening of the spine e.g. at ankylosing spondylitis, Bone thickenings e.g. at Paget's disease)
  • Due to inflammation (e.g. as part of a Lyme disease or syphilis, Inflammation of the Vertebral spondylitis (Spondylodiscitis), or the Intervertebral disc discites, Accumulation of pus on the skull near the Spine -epidural abscess)
  • Tumor-related (e.g. Neuroma - benign nerve fiber tumor, Meningioma - Tumors of the nerve sheath, tumors of the vertebral bodies outside the spinal cord, metastases of a tumor of the spinal cord)
  • Metabolic-related (e.g. nerve inflammation in Diabetics, Demyelinating diseases (multiple sclerosis)
  • Operation-related (e.g. meningomyelocele - form of Spina bifida; The spinal cord and membranes protrude from the vertebral canal, pseudomeningocele - form of spina bifida; only spinal membranes bulge out of the spinal canal)
  • Mechanically due (e.g. pinched nerve, injuries during operations)
  • Due to poisoning (e.g. through withdrawal from alcohol, opiates or painkillers)
  • Vascular changes caused (e.g. pathological enlargement of the artery - Aortic aneurysm , Circulatory disorders in the spinal cord)
  • Innate (e.g. spina bifida - open spinal canal)

In addition, there would be causes such as pregnancy, Obesity and the great field of Bad posture to mention. In the age of office work, work-related sitting, combined with the enormous comfort of people and the associated lack of exercise, leads to wear on the spine, muscle tension or even to the reduction of the back muscles. Understandably, such circumstances tend to result in back pain (acupuncture for back pain).

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psychosomatic causes:
Formulations like: "Somebody has a hard time carrying something", "That broke someone's spine" or "Somebody has to hump" show how important it is to look at the psyche of a patient with back pain. What is impressive is the fact that 90% of people with chronic back pain have no apparent organic cause. They are unspecific. Only the small remaining proportion is distributed among the specific causes and diseases listed above.
In diseases that are triggered by the soul, the inner state and human emotions play a central role. The same also applies the other way around: physical complaints can trigger psychological problems such as depression.

fear or stressful situations increase the heartbeat in our body, blood pressure rises and with it the blood flow. In addition, certain hormones and stress mediators are released. In the case of permanent stress, this can lead to psychosomatic disorders, which in turn ends in a stressful situation in the case of permanent pain. So it is easy to see how important it is to break this vicious circle with special psychotherapies. Various studies have even been able to confirm the effectiveness of such therapies for chronic back problems.


At first, many sufferers notice the first signs or complaints (tension, exhaustion and morning stiffness of the back or the Joints) are not serious, ignore them or try to get relief through various countermeasures and relieving postures. However, this leads to exactly the opposite and usually makes the situation even worse. Bad posture and increasing pain follow.


At the beginning of every diagnosis is the individual anamnesis (medical history) of a patient. Targeted questions about the localization and perhaps the radiation of the pain to other areas, such as the legs, the quality and intensity of the complaints and the time when the pain occurred, as well as possible intensification or weakening of the pain due to certain circumstances are essential. The questions about are no less important Pre-existing illness. In our case, the attending physician should look for accompanying diseases such as osteoporosis (Bone loss) or arthrosis (Joint wear) ask.

Furthermore, a search is made for social conditions such as work, partnership, family and stressful situations. After this thorough "interview“Follows the physical examinationthat can provide initial information. From the outside, for example, the position of the pelvis and the Shoulders, Curvatures of the spine and overall posture. Muscle strength, reflexes, sensations of touch (sensitivity) and the mobility of the joints, especially those of the spine, are also checked.

If these measures are not sufficient, additional technical methods such as X-rays, MRI (Magnetic resonance tomography, nuclear spin), CT (computed tomography) and in special cases the Myelography (special form of x-ray in which a contrast medium is injected into the spinal canal).

In addition to a "conventional medical" diagnosis in the conventional sense, the acupuncture (Acupuncture for back pain) an assessment of the symptoms according to the principles of Chinese medicine is required. Especially the assignment to the Meridians (Urinary bladder or gallbladder meridian) is of great value. From the Chinese point of view, chronic back pain is often based on an energetic weakness of the kidneys. Then you often find cold feet and treats in addition to Acupuncture with moxibustion. In this method, small stumps made of dried mugwort are placed on the needles and lit. However, it is only used in patients who find warmth to be extremely pleasant when treating their pain. In some cases it may be necessary to apply weak electricity (stimulation current) to the Acupuncture needle to put on.

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