The drug known under the trade name “Decortin®” contains the active ingredient prednisolone. Decortin® is therefore a synthetically produced glucocorticoid, i.e. a hormone that is actually produced in the human body in the adrenal cortex. Glucocorticoids, in turn, belong to the group of steroid hormones.

It is produced from a cholesterol molecule, and steroid hormone synthesis is one of the few ways the organism can actively "break down" cholesterol.

The prednisolone contained in Decortin® itself is an artificial derivative of a very specific glucocorticoid, cortisol. In general, Decortin® has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

However, Decortin® is also able to weaken the body's own immune system and thereby greatly increase the susceptibility to infection (Immunosuppressive effect).

application areas

Decortin® is both anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic.

When it comes to inflammatory processes or allergic reactions (allergy) to alleviate, finds Decortin® multiple use.

It is one of the standard drugs in the therapy of anaphylactic (allergic) Shock (anaphylactic shock) (and severe reactions caused by allergens.

In addition, Decortin® is often used in the treatment of cerebral edema, bacterial meningitis (meningitis) and used after neurosurgical operations. Due to its strong immunosuppressive effect, Decortin® is also used for the postoperative treatment of transplant patients.

By taking the drug, the risk of a rejection reaction of the foreign organ is considerably reduced.

In addition, the use of Decortin® in patients is after a Sudden hearing loss very popular. After inhaling toxic vapors (for example chlorine gas), an excessive reaction can be avoided by using drugs containing prednisolone. Also chronically obstructive Lung disease (short: COPD) and severe asthma attacks can be treated by taking Decortin®.

In addition, Decortin® is used in Paediatrics treating a Pseudo croup- seizure. If you are known to be susceptible to pseudo croup, it should be kept in the household as an emergency medication and applied as soon as possible in the event of an attack. For use in small children, Decortin® is available in the form of suppositories.

Side effects

The use of Decortin® can lead to considerable, sometimes life-threatening side effects. This fact is due to the fact that the artificially produced glucocorticoid has a strong inhibitory effect on the body's own immune system exercises and for this reason significantly increases the susceptibility to infection.

In addition, high glucocorticoid concentrations have an effect (it is irrelevant whether these are natural or synthetic glucocorticoids)

Harmful to bone metabolism. Many patients who have been treated with Decortin® over a long period of time complain of bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Furthermore, there is a risk of provocation of an as Cushing's disease known disease.


In general, Decortin® can always be used as a short-term medication in life-threatening situations without considering possible counter-signs. The only exception are patients with a known hypersensitivity and / or intolerance to the active substance or other ingredients of the drug. Long-term use should be avoided in patients with acute viral infections (for example in Herpes simplex or Varicella) to be urgently avoided.

In addition, a parasite infestation is a counter-sign for treatment with Decortin®.