The Bach flower mimulus

Description of the flower mimulus

The up to 30 cm high flower Mimulus with large yellow single flowers Thrives in watercourses and in damp places.

State of mind

One is shy, scary, has many small fears, fear of the world

Expression children

Children in the mimulus state As babies, cry immediately upon waking up.

When they get older they are shy and reserved, they blush easily and therefore are ashamed they are very inhibited.

fear accompanies these children through the day from all sorts of little things: fear of the cellar, thunderstorms, spiders, the doctor, etc.

Expression adults

People are in the mimulus state generally anxious. These are banal but tangible fears like fear of flying, of illness, of being alone, of arguments, of death, of the future and also of other people. For these reasons, one feels like there is a burden on one's shoulders and one would like to withdraw from it.

You always have to be a little protected and is often referred to as "rabbit feet".

Mimulus characters are very sensitive, blush easily, stutter, talk too much out of sheer nervousness, always have clammy hands. Some can hide this uncertainty well and often appear to be powerful and open to the outside world. The outside world doesn't notice that you don't want to have that much to do with this world. This trait is often pronounced among artists, painters and musicians.

You can cope with less than other people: less noise, less food, less glaring light, less activity. You feel like a little bird that has ended up in a flock of crows.

One is mostly peaceful and avoid arguments because you are too afraid to defend yourself. Sometimes you let yourself be carried away with outbursts of anger, but these are about as threatening to the environment as an angry butterfly.

Mimulus people get sick when they're under too much pressure to get it a headache, Bladder discomfort etc. to be able to withdraw.

Target of the Bach flower mimulus

In the positive mimulus state one develops bravery and trust. One no longer wastes energy on fearful thoughts and can go into the world with serenity and courage.

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