The HCG diet

What is the HCG Diet?

The hCG diet was developed in the 1960s.
The term becomes synonymous Metabolism cure used. This weight loss method is said to achieve great weight loss and with it little or no side effects accompanied.

Originally, participants received the hormone hCG by injection. It is a hormone that is released by the body during pregnancy. It attacks fat cells in order to supply the adolescent with sufficient nutrients at all times.
Combined with an extremely low-calorie diet, this supposedly stimulates the metabolism and reduces fat deposits more quickly. Today the syringes have been replaced by globules, drops or tablets.

Medical evaluation of the diet by

From a medical standpoint, a radical diet like the hCG diet can be not recommended. It is certainly possible for severely overweight and healthy people to eat extremely low calories over a period of time. However, one should be aware of the possible side effects and risks.
If athletic performance or even the Very limited everyday life are recommended Crash diet Not.

Only one can lead to healthy weight loss long term, balanced and moderately deficient diet to lead. It consists of sufficient proteins, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, trace elements and whole carbohydrates.
This diet should also be used increased physical activity be combined. This increases the energy turnover and if there is an adequate supply of protein through food, there is also no loss of valuable muscle mass.
Especially Strength training forms lean, strong muscles.
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Endurance training, which is almost impossible with radical cures, also strengthens the cardiovascular system.

The course of the diet

The diet consists of two phases followed by a so-called stabilization phase.

The first phase consists of two “loading days”: the participants should eat whatever they want. We recommend 4000kcal or more, which is more than double the daily requirement. Here the intake of the globules is already started.

Then the actual diet phase of the metabolism cure begins: In addition to the supposedly effective globules, only around 500-800 kcal are now allowed. This is intended for at least 21 days, but can be continued if the initial weight is high until the desired weight is reached.
The list of permitted foods is limited.
Mainly lean meat, fish, vegetables, salad and a few types of fruit are on the menu. All other forms of carbohydrates are prohibited, as are milk, alcohol, butter and oils and sugar. The acquired vital substances and vitamins should guarantee the supply of all important nutrients during this time.

In order to avoid muscle breakdown and to achieve a feeling of satiety, protein-rich recipes should definitely be used in the diet. With the strictest implementation, you will achieve a calorie deficit of almost 1000 kcal per day, depending on age, gender, starting weight and lifestyle.

The so-called stabilization phase is added to the diet phase, which lasts at least 21 days: there is no strict calorie requirement; if the diet increases again, the intake should be reduced again. It is no longer necessary to continue taking the globules. Alcohol, carbohydrates and sugar are still removed from the diet. The final weight should settle in the stabilization phase. It is adhered to for about 3 weeks.

After the end of the diet, participants are still encouraged not to eat beyond their energy requirements in order not to jeopardize their success.

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Duration of an HCG diet

The pure diet phase follows two loading days and includes at least 21 days.
According to Anne Hild, more than two diet cycles should not be carried out, so a maximum of six weeks.

That concludes Stabilization phase with around the three weeks on. After that becomes a Break of about six weeks recommended. If you are very overweight and physically fit, the diet can also be extended. However, it is recommended not to exceed six weeks and first stabilize the weight achieved.

The stabilization phase

The stabilization phase follows the diet phase of at least 21 days of the metabolism cure.
she should at least three more weeks long to be carried out. The participants should gradually reintegrate originally forbidden foods into the weekly schedule.
Sugar and carbohydrates are, however still prohibited. There are no longer any given calories, but if you increase your intake, you should reduce it again.

The stabilization phase aims to restore the body get used to a normal diet and the Stabilize previously achieved weight. No globules or drops are added during the stabilization phase. Here, too, one should again carefully pay attention to the sufficient supply of nutrients in order to supply the body with all vital building blocks.

The goal of the stabilization phase is to monitor and maintain your weight, not to keep losing weight. Between the diet phases according to the recommendation Do not exceed six weeks should, should take a six week break be respected. In the meantime, care must of course be taken not to consume more energy than the body uses. This would jeopardize the success of the diet and inevitably lead to weight gain again.

Which HCG diet products are there?

Many providers offer hCG starter kits containing various preparations.
This includes Tablets, globules, drops and other dosage forms. They are dietary supplements like Vitamins, Minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, natural laxatives how Psyllium husks and many more products.

The starter sets for the first few weeks of the hCG diet can be up to around € 200 often, products have to be bought later. All these Supplements are said to reduce the side effects the calorie-restricted diet prevent and supply the body with sufficient essential nutrients. There are also numerous cookbooks, diet guides, paid apps or advice portals that support the participants in carrying out the diet.


With the hCG diet, various products are offered to support the diet and reduce side effects.
A large part of the products make up homeopathic medicines.
These include, among other things Globules. These granules consist of sucrose, i.e. sugar, and form the carrier for the supposed active ingredients. They are applied in extremely dilute concentrations and in some cases no longer even detectable, and their effectiveness has not yet been proven in any scientific study. Homeopathic representatives defend the preparations and postulate that the effect goes beyond the undeniable placebo effect. However, it is not statistically significant.
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What are the costs of an HCG diet?

According to Anne Hild, it is possible to lose a lot of weight in a three-week period with an extremely low-calorie diet, but you would not be able to sustain this without the drops. Those willing to lose weight would then constantly suffer from hunger and fatigue and struggle with a bad mood.

The supposedly effective weight loss helpers also cost their price: for that Complete set for the three-week diet are running out 120€ due. If you want to continue the diet for more weeks, you have to plan additional expenses. This does not include the cost of cookbooks or guides. The cost of groceries is not significantly higher, as there are many processed products, alcohol and dining out. However, lovers of regional, seasonal or organic products must expect additional expenses due to the high content of meat and vegetables.

How much can I lose weight with the diet?

Especially after the carbohydrate-rich loading days, the participant will see an increase in weight, mainly due to the retention of water. When the glycogen stores are emptied, this water is transferred to the first days of the diet Washed out of the body very quickly and can result in severe weight loss two or more pounds be responsible.

How much is possible in the following, hangs including from Starting weight and personal Movement professionall from. Since the calorie deficit is set very high, those who want to lose weight can have consistently good successes one kilo or more per week looking forward. To a large extent, however, this corresponds to the loss of water and muscle mass.

The yo-yo effect

In which Jojo effect is it about that common phenomenon of weight gain after a diet. Like a yo-yo, the weight then supposedly comes back to the successful participant and spreads frustration after the great successes in the diet.

Following a diet that is extremely low in calories and, above all, low in carbohydrates, the glycogen stores in the liver and muscles are refilled with a normal eating habit. This means that more water is stored in the body again. A Gain of up to two kilos are there normal. In addition, many people who were previously overweight do not pay attention to the fact that the body's basal metabolic rate drops when they lose weight. This means that he needs less energy than before the diet. Those who eat well above their needs and are in excess of calories will inevitably gain weight. The body stores the extra calories in fat reserves. But that's what it is not about emergency mechanisms, the "hunger metabolism" or the "yo-yo effect"but a very simple principle that the body follows: If too much energy is absorbed, it is stored, less energy is supplied, storage is tapped.

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How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

A increase through increased water retention is mostly after a diet inevitable. This is due to the fact that the body is getting more carbohydrates again than in the diet phase. This fills glycogen stores and stores water.

Anyone who reduces their weight through the diet also lowers the basal metabolic rate. The body therefore needs less energy for its normal bodily functions than before the diet. That can make big differences over several hundred calories. If you don't want to gain weight again after a diet, you should continue to watch his diet - an excess of calories leads to an increase.

So it is important to only consume as much energy as the body needs. You don't necessarily have to forego everything or be too strict with yourself, but exceptions should be within limits. The power consumption you can go through Movement in everyday life or exercise increase.

Can the HCG Diet Be Dangerous?

Due to the high dilution, no effect of the hCG preparations can be scientifically proven. Side effects or even health risks are on the diet largely due to the reduced energy consumption.

Side effects include Loss of performance, weakness, tiredness, headache, or dizziness. Some participants have with Circulatory problems to fight that even too Fainting spells being able to lead. In addition, despite additional vitamin preparations, it is almost impossible to absorb all the important nutrients with such a reduced amount of energy.

In the context of the diet, healthy fats in particular are missing, and protein intake is borderline low. So it can Deficiency symptoms come. Due to the low level of exercise, more muscle mass is reduced. A radical regimen like the hCG diet should be closely monitored and canceled if necessary in the event of physical deficiency symptoms become.

Side effects of the diet

Side effects from the globules or vital substances that are consumed during the diet are so far not scientifically proven been.
Rather, many participants suffer from the change in diet and the extreme reduction in the energy they consume. For many people who want to lose weight, the withdrawal of carbohydrates in particular has serious side effects at the beginning: they fight with it Fatigue, poor performance, moodiness, dizziness up to Circulatory problems or Fainting spells.

The low energy intake can help the participants of the diet limit everyday stress, also sports are executed with less energy and efficiency. Also Difficulty concentratingn can occur temporarily.

Especially at Vitamin deficiency or Lack of trace elementsthat are normally covered by a balanced diet can also cause long-term damage.
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An extremely low-calorie diet should be accompanied by a doctor and closely monitored in order to forestall a deficiency.

a headache

a headache belong to the common side effects of radical diets. They mainly come through that Withdrawal from carbohydrates conditions. Other nutrient deficiencies can also lead to headaches. Often there is also one too little drink Trigger for the complaints.

The headache usually subsides after the first few days of changing your diet. Nor do they occur in all people. It is important to ensure, at least 2 to 3 liters of liquid to drink in the form of water or unsweetened tea per day. In the case of severe pain, it can temporarily open Painkiller can be used.


Constipation can also be one of the symptoms of a change in diet. Especially in the context of the metabolism cure, they can be explained by the lack of intake of fats.
One should do more Fiber resort, which includes many vegetables, psyllium husks and flax seeds.
It is important that these natural digestive foods only help with their effects sufficient amount of water to drink can perform. Otherwise, constipation, gas or abdominal cramps can be exacerbated.
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Criticism of the diet

So far, the effectiveness of the hCG drops or globules could not be proven in any scientific study. They are not able to break down fat deposits, and the hunger-relieving effect is also questionable. If anything is that Success of the diet on the attributed to extremely reduced calorie intake.

Many participants feel it physical inefficiency, fatigue and moodiness. These side effects can add up to Circulatory breakdowns lead and intervene in everyday life.
Exercise that helps you lose weight successfully and strengthens the cardiovascular system becomes a burden when the energy supply is low.

Also, strict bans lead to many frustration and can Cravings favor. Especially for those who are moderately obese is one Supply of all important nutrients with a maximum calorie intake of 500kcal hardly guaranteet. It also comes to one from lack of exercise Loss of muscle mass.

A healthy, moderately reduced calorie; A balanced diet in combination with exercise is always preferable to a radical cure such as the hCG diet. For the participant, this harbors side effects and even health risks.

What alternative diets are there to the HCG diet?

Also other so-called Crash or mono diets advertise extremely rapid weight loss in a short time.
One thing is common to all strongly reduced calorie dietthat relies on a lot of protein and little or no carbohydrates. Similar to the hCG method, a lot of weight can be lost in a short time. This is primarily water. A very low-calorie diet that does not cover all of the nutrients will also reduce a significant amount of muscle mass.

A healthy and long-term successful alternative to such a crash diet can only be one long-term change in diet to guarantee. Whoever achieves a calorie deficit, i.e. eats less than he consumes, will lose weight. Additionally should be on Movement in everyday life and exercise be set.

Especially Strength training maintains the fat-burning muscle mass and forms a lean, strong body.
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Since prohibitions in a diet can often lead to food cravings, a healthy, balanced diet should also allow room for maneuver.

With the diet should cover all of the vital nutrientsThis includes healthy fats, protein, fiber, vitamins and trace elements. Mixed diets generally allow all foods in moderation. For many, the principle has become a high protein, low carbohydrate diet proven. Ultimately, however, it is only important to consume less energy than the body uses. So there will be a decrease.

Where can I find recipes for the HCG diet?

The hCG diet or also Metabolism cure is no longer a new trend. Accordingly, there are numerous sources of information on the subject, some of them free of charge on the Internet. There are also guides on the market, as well numerous cookbooks. Also in Internet forums The participants of the diet exchange ideas. In principle, almost all recipes can be found under the keyword "Low carb" can be found, can be used in accordance with the diet. You should make sure that the forbidden foods are not used and the maximum number of calories per day is not exceeded.
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What successes can you expect?

A Weight gain after the two days of loadingn is logical, especially in water that is increasingly stored in the body.
That's what he goes for Weight loss in the first few days the diet phase amazingly fast. By emptying the carbohydrate stores in the liver and muscles, water is flushed out of the body. So it can be within the first days to up to 2 kg weight loss come, depending on the starting weight and lifestyle.

In the Diet phase becomes a calorie deficit of around that 1000kcal scored on the day. This results in a weight loss of approximately one kilo a week, with a high starting weight or a high activity level, definitely more.

Advertises on their side Anne Hildwho has written many guidebooks on the subject of losing 10% body weight in the diet. It should be highlighted that it is too large share of water acts. When the muscles are inactive and there is a lack of movement, combined with a low protein intake, muscle mass in particular is reduced.

Anne Hild

Anne Hild is Alternative practitioner and Homeopath and has the probably the most famous current guide to the hCG diet written. This includes instructions, cookbooks, post-diet guides and many more. Her books are among the absolute bestsellers on the hCG diet.
In addition, the author has written other books on menopausal symptoms, natural hormone therapy and anti-aging. She advertises the on her homepage Metabolism cure and the successful dietary loss. In addition to books, the complete sets and preparations for the metabolic cure and other measures such as detoxification and deacidification are available for purchase in their online shop.

The apple day

In the diet phase it can sometimes happen that the The scale has stood still for several days. Even if you continue to eat in deficit and the body taps into energy reserves, this cannot be reflected on the scales for various reasons.

Various advisors on the subject of the hCG diet recommend an apple day: be on this day No other food consumed except for six apples. This should overcome the standstill and the metabolism again on tour bring. With just under 70 calories, an apple has very little energy, so many people who want to lose weight will have to struggle with great hunger on this day. In addition to further reducing the amount of calories, which is already very limited in the hCG diet, you can increase your energy consumption through more exercise or light sport units and support weight loss.

The HCG diet and the pill - are they compatible?

Taking the hCG globules and other products does not interfere with healthy hormone metabolism the woman.
Will the pill Taken correctly, there is also one during the diet adequate protection of unwanted pregnancy. The change in diet and a possible lack of nutrients can cause intermenstrual bleeding. In this case, you should consult a gynecologist. A family doctor can also use examinations to clarify whether the diet can be continued without health risks.

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Does an HCG diet affect the pregnancy test?

Has an hCG diet with homeopathic drops or globules does not affect the pregnancy test. The funds are so diluted that there is no measurable hormone level. The hormone injections, which are actually no longer used, only contain very small amounts of the hormone.