The cost of the spiral


Intra-lower device (IUD), intrauterine system (IUS), mechanical contraception


The copper IUD costs around 120 to 200 € for an application period of 3 - 5 years, the hormone IUD around 250 to 350 € for an application period of 5 years. Both prices include consultation, examination and placement. The cost of advice on contraception methods is covered by the health insurance company, but the six-monthly check-ups can cost € 20 to € 40.

Cost of inserting a coil

When using a contraceptive coil, the woman incurs various costs that are normally not covered by health insurance.

There are costs for the education, the use and the material. In the case of the copper spiral, these costs amount to around 120 to 300 euros. The IUD is a bit more expensive at 250 to 400 euros.

Since the durability of the spirals is different, the woman should inform herself carefully about the prices and compare them. The first position check, which is made with an ultrasound device, is borne by the health insurance company.

Cost of removing the IUD

An IUD needs to be removed after three to five years or sometimes sooner. When removing the spiral, there are no material costs for the spiral itself. Only the actual workload is included as a cost factor. Depending on the type of IUD and individual factors of the woman, the costs for the removal are between 20 and 50 euros.

In most cases, these costs are not covered by the health insurance company. In the case of a removal that is necessary early for medical reasons, the health insurance company can partially cover the costs.

Cost of changing a spiral

Depending on the IUD, the IUD must be removed after three to five years, as it then no longer works sufficiently. If the woman would like to continue using the IUD, a new IUD can be inserted immediately afterwards.

The procedure is therefore a combination of removal and reinsertion. Depending on the spiral, the costs amount to the removal costs from 20 to 50 euros and the deposit costs from 120 to 400 euros.The woman usually has to pay for the change herself. The health insurance companies only cover the costs in exceptional cases.

What costs does the health insurance company cover?

The cost of contraception is fully covered for girls and young women up to the age of 18.

Up to the age of 22, women have to make an additional payment of 10 percent of the sales price.

If there is a medical need for an IUD, the health insurances will pay the costs for the IUD later. The first ultrasound check is generally carried out by the health insurances, while further checks usually have to be paid for yourself.

Who pays the costs if the spiral slips?

The IUD can slip in some women and lose its effectiveness. This risk is particularly high in the first few weeks after the insert. Some women notice this themselves, but often it is a discovery during ultrasound examinations that have to be paid for.

If it slips, it is often necessary to remove it and reinsert it, which in turn is associated with costs of 120 to 400 euros.


A major advantage of the IUD is its Pearl Index of 0.9 or 0.16, which makes it a very safe method of contraception, and the fact that, in the best case scenario, women do not have to worry about contraception for five years. In addition, menstrual bleeding can also become less, shorter and less painful. However, it must be ensured that it is well tolerated by the potential user, that it is properly adjusted and that its fit is checked every six months.

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