Epilation in men


In contrast to shaving, epilation means complete hair removal, temporarily or permanently.

The term "epilation" is also used in men to mean a procedure that is used to remove body hair. In contrast to normal shaving, epilation in men pulls every single hair together with the hair root out of the skin. This means that not only the visible part of the hair is removed.

Stand for hair removal different procedures to disposal. In addition, a distinction is made between epilation permanent (permanent) and temporary Procedure. With permanent epilation for men, the hair roots are completely destroyed and can therefore no longer grow back. With temporary epilation, on the other hand, the hair roots are simply pulled out of the skin. However, after a while these can be recreated. The hair begins to sprout again.
How long it takes exactly until the removed hair grows back depends on various individual factors of the user.

Temporary epilation in men

With the temporary epilation of body hair in men, each hair is completely pulled from the treated area of ​​the skin. With all methods of epilation, a significant slowdown in hair growth can be demonstrated.
For this reason, men's skin stays smooth longer than with a normal shave. In addition, it can be proven that the hair that grows back after epilation is much thinner and less noticeable. For this reason, the actually very painful epilation becomes clear after several applications more painless.

There are several methods of temporary epilation available for men. Above all, waxes (hot wax or cold wax) are particularly suitable for removing body hair from the skin.

Furthermore, various sugar pastes (for example Halawa) are often used. All of these products are particularly effective when used correctly. Hair can be completely removed with cold and warm wax as well as sugar pastes. Nevertheless, the use of electric epilators is becoming more and more popular. Suitable devices are usually offered by every known razor manufacturer.
An actual difference in the quality of the electric epilators can hardly be proven. Electrical procedures are also becoming more and more popular for epilation in men.

Furthermore, unwanted body hair can also be removed with the thread. The so-called thread epilation should be much less painful and also deliver better results.

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Antibacterial aftershave balms can also help disinfect and soothe the skin. This is especially true after hair removal. One example of this is the Dr. Severin Body After-Shave Balm from the pharmacy.

Permanent epilation in men

All permanent epilation procedures in men can only be successfully carried out on hair that is in the growth phase.

The commonality of all permanent epilation procedures in men is the fact that they can only be successfully carried out on hair that is in the growth phase.
However, hair is in a three-phase cycle. For this reason, all methods of permanent epilation must be performed several times, even on men, before a decent result can be expected. Similar to temporary hair removal, there are also various methods of permanent epilation that achieve similar results.

Laser and light treatment systems

When using laser and light treatment systems, the body hair is bombarded over a large area with laser pulses or light flashes. The emitted light or laser impulses are made by a special hair component, the Melanin, gutted (absorbed) and converted into heat inside the hair.

The heat development ultimately ensures that a desolation of the individual hair roots is initiated.

disadvantage of these methods is that both laser pulses and flashes of light only lead to a visible success with hair with a dark hair root.
This is due to the fact that white hair roots do not have the necessary melanin and the impulses can therefore not be absorbed by the hair.
There is also no danger to the surrounding skin tissue when using a laser, since the laser works with exactly one wavelength and for this reason is very selective with regard to its target structure.

The light treatment process (synonym: Intense Pulsed Light; in short: IPL technology) offers in contrast to laser treatment advantagethat larger areas can be treated in one operation.
In addition, with IPL technology, compared to the laser process, which can only emit a single wavelength, the entire spectrum of a xenon light source is emitted.
For this reason, the use of light pulses is in most cases much more successful than the use of a laser. According to studies, however, the best treatment outcome comes from a combination of Light pulses and melanin-independent radio-frequency current achieve.

For a complete result and long-term hair removal, about six to thirty treatments are necessary, depending on the body region and user. Epilation using light impulses also only leads to visible success in men with dark hair roots. The reason for this depilation method is the lack of melanin in white hair roots.


The so-called Electroepilation (Synonym: needle epilation) was first used in the USA and is enjoying great success there.

advantage Compared to laser or light treatment, electroepilation leads to visible results regardless of hair color, hair thickness and skin color.
This is a great advantage, especially for men, who in many cases have very thick and firm hair. During electroepilation, a very fine surgical steel probe is inserted into the hair follicle.
The actual strength of this probe is tailored to the diameter and size of the hair to be treated. Electrical energy is introduced into the hair root via the probe inserted into the hair follicle.
In this way, permanent damage to the hair root cells can be initiated. As a rule, these cannot regenerate and the removed hair does not grow back.

The actual electroepilation procedure can be carried out in three different ways. They are considered to be particularly effective Thermolysis, the electrolysis and the so-called Blend method. Which procedure is most suitable for the particular patient depends on the individual factors of the patient. When choosing the appropriate method, it is important to consider the hair condition as well as the skin texture and pain tolerance of the patient.

Thermolysis and high frequency electrocoalugation

This method of epilation for men uses alternating current. This alternating current is converted into heat in the vicinity of the probe tip and in this way leads to coagulation (Denaturation) of the tissue and hair root cells.


This method of epilation in men uses a direct current to generate caustic soda in the area of ​​the hair follicles.
Accordingly, in this process, the hair roots are chemically destroyed and the hair regrowth is counteracted.

Blend method

Compared to the other methods, the blend method uses high-frequency alternating currents (Thermolysis) and direct currents (electrolysis) is used. In this way, the destruction of the treated hair root cells is accelerated.