Ferrum phosphoricum

German term

Phosphate iron, iron phosphate


Belongs to the biochemical Schüssler salts (as the first inflammatory agent effective in the initial stages of inflammatory processes).

Use of Ferrum phosphoricum for the following diseases in homeopathy

  • Anemia, mostly light-colored and blond people with blue veins
  • Migraine-like headache with throbbing and throbbing in the head, with a red face and cold feet
  • diarrhea after every meal
  • Feverish conditions with severe to cough, accompanied by shortness of breath and Chest tightness

Use of Ferrum phosphoricum for the following symptoms / complaints

  • Particularly effective for the onset of flu-like infections with inflammation and fever
  • Proven at beginning Otitis media of the children.

Ferrum phosphoricum for iron deficiency

The iron it contains means that Ferrum phosphoricum can be used for iron deficiency or the resulting “anemia” (iron deficiency anemia). According to the Schuessler doctrine, however, this salt is rather intended to improve or alleviate disorders of the iron metabolism. Iron deficiency anemia (anemia caused by iron deficiency) usually results from increased loss of blood, for example from a heavily bleeding wound or, in women, from menstruation. Alternatively, iron deficiency is often caused by a long-term reduced absorption of iron, for example through a one-sided or meatless diet.
A good way of increasing the body's iron stores is to take appropriate tablets, of which a large number of different preparations (including of plant origin) are available. Of course, you can try treating iron deficiency with the Schüssler salt Ferrum phosphoricum instead. However, it should be pointed out at this point that Ferrum phosphoricum contains a much lower concentration of iron than corresponding iron tablets. From a scientific point of view, iron tablets will therefore provide better acute help in the event of a diagnosed iron deficiency than Ferrum phosphoricum.

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Active organs

  • Sinuses
  • immune system

Usual dosage


  • Tablets D3, D4, D6, D12
  • Drop D8
  • Ampoules D8, D12 and higher.

Ferrum Phosphoricum as an ointment

One possibility of external use of Ferrum phosphoricum is in addition to the paste (ground tablets that are mixed with a little water) also the ointment, which is usually ready-to-buy. This is used for insect bites as well as for a variety of different injuries to the external tissue, such as sprains, burns, bruises, bruises or cuts and abrasions. Ferrum phosphoricum ointment can also be used to support medical treatment and thus help alleviate the symptoms of inflamed joints, for example in the context of a known rheumatic disease or incipient tendinitis. Inflammatory skin diseases or rashes can also respond well to therapy with Ferrum phosphoricum, especially if the inflammation is in its early stages.
If a treatment with Ferrum phosphoricum ointment does not work, the fourth Schuessler salt, potassium chloratum, can be used as an alternative.