Liposuction on the abdomen



Removal of adipose tissue

Liposuction offers the opportunity to remove
Adipose tissue, which can no longer be further reduced by changing diet or exercising.

Above all, the stomach is often a problem area for both men and women. The stubborn fat tissue on the stomach can no longer be removed with sports and fitness programs.However, the removal of fatty tissue is primarily limited by the loss of blood and other body fluids and should therefore only be used locally and not for a general treatment of obesity. Liposuction should only be used as a complementary method to diet or change in diet and not as the sole method of weight loss.

On the stomach, as well as on other parts of the body, is not only caused by
Liposuction achieves an improvement in body shape, but also through the formation of connective tissue on the suction areas.
By subsequently wearing compression underwear, the desired body shape is usually achieved. Since the skin is very elastic, it usually adapts well to the new body shape. However, if too much fat is removed, the skin can wrinkle after the operation and you may have to consider a tummy tuck for aesthetic reasons. With this, you remove the excess skin and tighten the remaining skin.

Liposuction or the removal of fat cells is permanent. The removed fat cells do not reproduce. So a permanent fat reduction is achieved through liposuction. However, the remaining fat cells naturally store fat again when you gain weight, so that you gain weight again.


The Liposuction on the stomach can in local anesthesia be done by local injection of anesthetic or by a Spinal / peridual anesthesia, here the anesthetic takes place via the Spinal cord or it can also be in general anesthetic be made. At the beginning of the operation, the area on the abdomen is marked where the fat is to be suctioned off. It will be large disinfected and sterile covered.

Then, during liposuction, a drug is injected locally that both numbs and loosens the fat cells and makes them burst so that they can be sucked off later. The actual operation is done through a small cut, which is usually placed on the navel and is no more than 0.5-1cm wide. About this cut is that Suction device inserted and the fat cells are sucked out.

The duration of the operation depends on how much fat is removed. Realistic are about 1-1.5 h. Usually the patient can go home on the day of the operation. If a large area of ​​fat has been removed, the patients usually remain in the hospital.

After this Liposuction on the abdomen:
After the operation you need a for several weeks tight bandage or well-fitting Compression clothing be worn.

Prospect of success

Since the number of fat cells in adults not increased, the number of fat cells remains constant, fat cells do not grow back. If the existing fat cells are canceled, they can no longer be filled, but the neighboring, remaining fat cells can again increase in abundance. The chances of success after liposuction are by that permanent fat cell removal so very good.

In general, the success of liposuction also depends on it

  • Health status,
  • Skin condition,
  • Age,
  • Weight and the Hormonal balance on.

Especially a weight gain through wrong diet leads to a renewed increase in fat in the remaining fat cells.


Liposuction is one of the most popular most common carried out aesthetic Operations. However, as with any procedure, complications such as:

  • Bleeding,
  • Infection,
  • Wound healing disorder,
  • Scarring or
  • Sensory disturbances.

In severe cases it can lead to a shock, Pulmonary embolism or Pulmonary edema come. Dents, bumps and undesired contours and edges can also arise. The surrounding Tissue displaced and be injured, which can lead to tissue death and injury to muscle or skin. By tearing vessels you can Bruising arise. Discoloration of the skin and thinning of the skin are possible. It is possible that some areas cannot be suctioned off to the desired extent, so that Adipose tissue stop.

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