Dentition abnormalities


Deviations from the normal position of the Maxillary teeth compared to the Lower jaw teeth is called Dentition abnormality, respectively Dentition abnormalities designated. The characteristics of these misalignments can be very different. The causes can also be different. Heredity, bad habits, premature tooth loss, injuries or, very rarely nowadays, rickets are possible. This article is intended to give an overview of the various forms of anomalies, their causes and therapies.

Normal bite

In general, the teeth of Upper jaw in the anterior region from canine to canine a little above and in front of the lower teeth. The teeth in the posterior area are closed mouth on top of each other (normal occlusion). Each tooth has 2 antagonists, i.e. he is in contact with 2 teeth in the opposing jaw.

Head bite

The Front teeth are directly on top of each other with the cutting edge. The cause of this Dentition abnormality can be hereditary or a displacement of the lower incisors due to the pressure of the tongue. With fixed or removable orthodontic measures this misalignment can be corrected again.

Open bite

Here the teeth have no contact with each other. Of the open bite mostly occurs in the anterior region, less often in the posterior region. If it is not just a misalignment of the teeth, but also a deformity of the entire facial skull, the anomaly is called "real open bite" designated. The cause comes rickets in question. Orthodontic treatment is difficult and may have to go through surgical measures can be added. At the "fake open bite“Bad habits in childhood, such as sucking thumbs too long or using a pacifier, are the main causes. The open bite tempts you to breathe through your mouth. The language can also be disturbed. Therapy is carried out by the Orthodontist.

Cover bite

The upper front teeth are too deep in front of the lower teeth. They are very steep and directed somewhat inward, sometimes they can even go up to Gums pass. These dentition anomalies can be hereditary or due to the early loss of the lower front teeth. Therapy consists in lifting the whole Dentition by the orthodontist.


The front teeth are well in front of the lower teeth and are tilted outwards. Thumb sucking or bad pacifiers are the cause of this positional anomaly. As far as only the teeth are concerned, orthodontic appliances can do this Dentition abnormality remove. Teeth may need to be removed to make room. In more severe cases, when the jawbone is also involved, only surgery is an option.


Here the lower front teeth are well in front of the upper ones. This not only results in an impairment of the Chewing functionbut also poor aesthetics. Inheritance plays the dominant role here. If this dentition abnormality is severe, orthodontic measures alone cannot lead to success, as it is also a malformation of the bone. Such malformations can only be treated with orthodontic treatment in combination with orthodontics. Surgical therapy should not be undertaken before the age of 15.


Tooth position abnormalities can take very different forms. The causes are bad habits, heredity, early tooth loss or injuries or, rarely today, rickets. Therapy generally consists of fixed or removable orthodontic appliances. If the jawbone is also involved, only an operation can restore a normal condition.