Stye and contact lenses

Treatment and therapy of a stye

The disease with a stye is usually harmless. The stye breaks open after a few days so that the pus can drain away and the inflammation can heal on its own.
This process can be accelerated by dry heat like a red light lamp. Antibiotic and antiseptic eye drops or ointments may be prescribed by the doctor.

Due to the risk of the pathogen spreading, moist heat, such as that produced in the form of compresses with chamomile brew, is not recommended.

If the stye is close to the contact lens while wearing, the contact lens should be avoided until the stye has healed and the glasses can be used as an alternative visual aid for as long.

If the stye does not burst by itself and the pressure pain continues to increase, the ophthalmologist can surgically open the stye with a puncture under local anesthesia.
Under no circumstances should you push the stye yourself with objects or your hands!

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Stye through contact lenses

A stye can also result from excessive use of contact lenses.

In addition to make-up, the use of contact lenses as a visual aid is considered to be the main risk factor for the transmission of bacteria.
It is therefore particularly important to always disinfect the contact lenses properly!

A so-called biofilm can form between the contact lens and the cornea, which as a thin layer of mucus can serve as a breeding ground for many microorganisms. If the contact lenses are not cleaned properly, these can multiply and attack the cornea.
Daily lenses (“disposable lenses”) are ideal, but also expensive. They are on the safe side from a hygiene point of view, as they are disposed of after one day of wear and a fresh pair is used the next day.

But if you use carefully cleaned permanent lenses with clean fingers, there is no risk of infection for the eye. The recommended cleaning agent is products with hydrogen peroxide, which are neutralized by a neutralizer (catalase) during the cleaning process and thus rendered harmless to the eyes. The products with hydrogen peroxide clean very reliably.

It is also recommended to give your eyes a break between wearing the contact lenses and to use glasses as a visual aid, because regular wearing of contact lenses can lead to permanent irritation of the eyes, which are an easier target for bacteria.

Hygiene measures

recommended hygiene measures for contact lenses:

  • Contact of contact lenses with makeup avoid.
  • contact lenses in front the makeup deploy.
  • Contact lenses first to the To remove makeup remove.
  • contact lenses careful according to the instructions for use clean.
  • Clean the contact lens container regularly and replace the container once a month.
  • Detergent with Hydrogen peroxide use.