Home remedies for conjunctivitis

Synonyms in a broader sense

Conjunctivitis, conjunctivitis

English: conjunctivitis, pinkeye


The most helpful immediate measure for conjunctivitis is strict hygiene to minimize spread and further infection.

Important: If the inflammation of the eyes is not completely healed after 3-4 days with the help of home remedies, you must consult a doctor so that the eyesight is not endangered.

Even if there is a chemical burn, severe discomfort or foreign bodies in the eye, self-help is strongly discouraged.

Turmeric (turmeric)

One of the most effective, but still quite unknown, remedies for conjunctivitis is a warm eye bath out Turmeric (Turmeric). Are needed for this 250 ml of boiling water and 1 teaspoon ground turmeric.

You scald the turmeric with the water and leave it 15 minutes Pull covered, you get after straining the liquid through a coffee filter an effective help against that Inflammation of the eyes. The eye will three times a day rinsed with the "turmeric tea". One should note that goldenseal stains can leave in clothing if something comes into contact with it.

Chamomile envelopes

chamomile calms down, inhibits them inflammation and disinfected the eye. In conjunctivitis, chamomile is called envelope used for the eyes.
Be for it 250ml boiled milk over a heaped Tbsp chamomile (tea) poured, left to steep, strained and then made warm envelopes with a cotton or linen cloth. These should several times a day can be applied.

Quark toppings

Quark creams also relieve conjunctivitis. To do this, a cotton cloth is placed in cold water dipped and wrung out.
100 g Chilled low-fat quark is spread over the sick, closed eye and the damp cotton cloth is placed over it. The quark is after about one half an hour dried so that the pad can be removed and the eyes washed off with lukewarm water.

Eyebright pads

The medicinal herb gets its name because of its effective help with conjunctivitis. Of the Eyebright tea becomes to Rinse eyes used or applied as an envelope using a cotton cloth. It will be for this purpose 1 teaspoon Eyebright with 250 ml of water brewed and 2 minutes let go. The tea should always be used for conjunctivitis New be prepared. An additional Drink of the tea increases the healing properties.

Onion washes

Onions also work anti-inflammatory. For use on the eye 2 small onions skinned and crushed. Then boil the chopped onions in 250 ml milkthat something honey is added until the onions are mushy soft. With the cooled liquid, the inflamed eye becomes several times a day washed out from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.

Marigold tea

Marigolds Act antibacterial and support the healing of conjunctivitis. For this you prepare a marigold tea and leave it covered 15 minutes pull.
After a cotton cloth has been soaked in it and gently squeezed out, it can act as a warm envelope for 15 minutes. Multiple times repeat on the day.

Sage pads

sage soothes Inflammation and has also been at overexerted eyes proven. You need 250ml water and 1 tbsp Sage.
The water is boiled and poured over the sage. After a brewing time of 10 mins is strained and a cotton cloth or cotton ball is exchanged for the lukewarm brew. By several times a day Placing it on the diseased eye can help relieve it.

Potato mash pack

A pack of mashed potatoes is a tried and tested home remedy for conjunctivitis. You need for this 1 hot jacket potato, 1 egg yolk and something milk. After warming up the milk, mash the jacket potato and stir together the egg yolk, potato and milk. The porridge should have cooled a little before it is used for 20 minutes is applied to the eye with a compress. This process should 2 - 3 times a day be repeated.


Honey can also be used as an antibacterial aid against conjunctivitis. For this purpose, 250ml water and 1 teaspoon honey are boiled, left to cool and the affected eye is rinsed with it several times a day.

black tea for conjunctivitis

There are numerous home remedies that can be used to make an infusion.
In this infusion, compresses are soaked, which are then placed on the eye. Both the infusion and the compresses should only be used once. Black tea works well when symptoms such as conjunctivitis are part of the conjunctivitis Burn or one Redness occur because black tea contains active ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
The black tea is brewed in the tea bag and then cools down. The cooled tea bags are then placed on the closed eyelids and so relieve the burning sensation.
This application can be carried out several times a day. Compresses soaked in black tea can also be used to clean the eye by wiping the eye from the outside in with it.
In addition, the black tea can also be used to rinse the eyes.

Further therapy options

More ways to Therapy / treatment of conjunctivitis is, among other things, the administration of eye drops, ointments or antibiotics, which are used depending on the cause of the inflammation.

Bacterial infections of the Conjunctiva be with antibiotic eye drops and ointments treated, while with a bacterial infection with the pathogen Chlamydia additionally a Antibiotic in tablet form is necessary and the therapy takes longer.

Viral conjunctivitis is only heavily medicated to deal with what makes them so serious. The symptoms can be treated and mostly with Home remedies treatable, but the disease itself must be the body fight independently, so that you survived after approx. 2 weeks is and heals.

With children is conjunctivitis caused by the Herpes simplex virus, by chickenpox or measles arose, often with the drug Acyclovir Well treatable in the form of eye drops or tablets.

Eye drops containing corticosteroids are temporarily possible, but should only used for a short time as they have side effects that are too high for long-term therapy and additionally slow down the healing process.