Home remedies for hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are common among the population. If they don't complain, most of them don't know of their existence. The search for treatment only begins when the hemorrhoids begin to cause the typical symptoms. Tormenting itching, burning sensation when using the toilet or dull toilet-independent pain are among the main symptoms. With heavy hemorrhoids, there may be light, but also heavier bleeding.

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In the meantime, surgical treatment is reserved for very severe hemorrhoids that cannot be controlled in any other way. There are now numerous naturopathic approaches to treat hemorrhoids. Home remedy recommendations that have been in existence for years have also proven themselves. Next Sitz bath cures There are also a number of foods that can be consumed to prevent hemorrhoids from forming and relieve discomfort from existing hemorrhoids. The most important thing is that Keep stool soft. Because hemorrhoids are developed even more strongly by firm stool and little movement. In addition to the attempted naturopathic treatment approaches, in addition to stool regulation, sufficient daily exercise and a Drinking amount of at least 2-3 liters must be observed.

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Treatment with curd

Quark is generally said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Quark is used in alternative medicine as a topping e.g. For joint effusions or inflammation as well as for bruises or sprains of the joints. It can also be tried for hemorrhoids.

The background to this is that, on the one hand, the substances contained in the quark inhibit inflammation, and on the other hand, pain relief is generated by cooling the quark. The ingredients that are said to have anti-inflammatory effects are primarily whey, the enzymes of which are said to cause the anti-inflammatory effect.

To use it, wrap two to three tablespoons of quark in a piece of kitchen paper, wrap it tightly and place it in the painful area where the hemorrhoids are. The cooling and pain-relieving effect of the quark can be intensified by adding lavender oil, which is stirred into the quark before use. The application time should not be less than ½ hour but can take up to an hour. It is also important to repeat the application regularly.

Hemorrhoid treatment with tea

Various teas are also said to have hemorrhoid-relieving effects. Chamomile-sweet clover tea is often used in hemorrhoid treatment. Due to its enzymes and its ingredients, it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the hemorrhoids, brings about pain relief and ensures that the vein protuberances are increasingly reduced with regular use.

To use it, it is best to prepare a mixture of chamomile, sweet clover and tea yourself. For this you take two equal portions each of chamomile and sweet clover tea. Then take 1 tablespoon from the mixture and pour ¼ liter of hot water over the tea. The tea should then be left to steep for about ten minutes. After that, 2-3 cups should be drunk daily.

It is also possible to take hip baths with the tea mixture. To do this, of course, you have to let the tea cool down. A correspondingly larger amount of the tea must first be obtained. The tea can then be poured into a small bathtub. The Sitz bath should be done twice a day. The soothing effect will set in after a few days. The only side effect that is sometimes described with Sitz baths is the slight drying of the skin with frequent use. It is also possible to use other types of tea. Oak bark teas or horsetail teas are used to have a corresponding anti-inflammatory effect. Regular Sitz baths should be taken with these two types of tea (twice a day). However, only a minor effect is ascribed to drinking the two types of tea. For this reason a local application should be carried out.

Sheep fork tea can also be used. Here, however, no hip baths should be carried out, rather compresses should be made. To do this, take one to two teaspoons of sheep fork tea and pour hot water over them. Compresses are placed in the hot water and wait until the compresses are fully soaked and until the tea has cooled down. After that, the compresses should be placed directly on the painful anal area. The application time should be 20-30 minutes. The application should be repeated twice a day.

Hemorrhoid treatment with honey

In addition to treating numerous inflammatory diseases, honey is also used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Due to its composition of enzymes, vitamins B and E as well as phosphorus, it has a detoxifying effect in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties and serves as an antioxidant as an aid to eliminating toxins. Replacing cane sugar with honey in the daily food intake should be sufficient to achieve appropriate anti-inflammatory processes in the body. Honey can also be stirred into teas and thus, in addition to the sweetening effect, also help to reduce inflammation in the body. If inflammatory processes in the body are to be specifically prevented, one to three teaspoons of honey should be consumed for about four to five days (either pure or dissolved in tea). The anti-inflammatory effect usually occurs during the intestinal passage.

Hemorrhoid treatment with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil helps with hemorrhoids.

Tea tree oil is used for a wide range of inflammatory diseases. The dissolved additives in the tea tree oil have a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. The tea tree oil should rather not be applied pure to the painful hemorrhoids, as it can burn uncomfortably. It would be better if a few drops were dissolved in water and a compress placed in the mixture. This compress can then be placed on the hemorrhoids for 20-30 minutes. Sitz baths can also be carried out with tea tree oil. These should last 10-20 minutes and be done once or twice a day.

In addition to treating hemorrhoids, tea tree oil is also used to treat pimples and blackheads, herpes, genital warts, colds, and mood swings.

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Hemorrhoid treatment with bananas

In the fight against hemorrhoids, the banana is probably one of the least known measures to achieve a healing effect. Nevertheless, experience reports indicate a clear effect of the fruit when treating bananas. The inside of the banana peel is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect and ensure that sagging hemorrhoids quickly recede.

It should be applied by placing the inside of the banana on the painful area in the anal area. You should first spread the unfolded peel on a table and possibly cut out a piece so that a piece of banana peel about 2x4 cm is created. This should then be carefully placed on the hemorrhoid area and left there for 10-20 minutes. The application works best on the patient lying on their stomach. The application should be repeated two to three times a day. It is advisable to use organically grown bananas when using to prevent toxins from entering the body.

Home remedies for pain

In addition to the uncomfortable protrusion of the hemorrhoids and itching, there can also be mild to severe pain with hemorrhoidal disorders. There are numerous home remedies that ensure that, on the one hand, the inflammatory changes in the hemorrhoids are reduced, but on the other hand there is also a relief of pain.

Chamomile has proven itself to combat pain in hemorrhoids. For this you should prepare a highly concentrated chamomile bath. This works best with Kamillosan®, which contains highly concentrated chamomile. A hip bath with a few drops is easy to prepare. The Sitz bath to combat inflammation and relieve pain should be done once or twice a day for 10-20 minutes. Alternatively, you can also use chamomile compresses. To do this, compresses are placed in a bath with Kamillosan® for an hour. Then the soaked cloth can be placed in the inflamed and painful anal area. After a few minutes you will already feel a pain relieving effect. In principle, any anti-inflammatory home remedy can also be used to combat pain. A cooling e.g. with quark or ice cubes (note: wrap in a towel beforehand and no long-term use) will bring about a very quick pain-relieving effect.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids during pregnancy

The cause of hemorrhoids during pregnancy lies primarily in a changed pressure situation in the woman's abdomen. The growing child thus fills large parts of the abdomen and thus ensures that the internal organs are shifted. In principle, this is not dangerous, as the body always maintains the functions of the maternal organs. For this reason, however, it is often the case that the stool can become firmer, and on the other hand, the woman has to press hard while using the toilet, which can lead to hemorrhoids over a long period of time.

Another important possible mechanism for developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy is hormonal changes. During pregnancy, hormones are regularly released that make the woman's tissues softer. Another consideration is that some of the connective tissue and the vessel walls become softer and can sag, which can then lead to the described sagging veins in the rectum.

A third and often most common cause of the formation of hemorrhoids during or shortly after pregnancy is the birth itself. The actual and often very intensive pressing process can be to blame for the veins in the rectum to turn outward and become one Let hemorrhoids become. Hemorrhoids that develop during pregnancy usually go away once the pregnancy is finished. However, steps should be taken in advance to avoid hemorrhoids during pregnancy. This includes keeping the stool soft, drinking enough two to three liters a day and getting enough exercise.

There are also numerous ointments that can be applied to the hemorrhoids. If the troublesome hemorrhoids do not go away, a doctor should be consulted. An essential point in the prevention of hemorrhoids is the training of the pelvic floor muscles. It should be performed before and after each birth with or without hemorrhoids in order to avoid long-term effects such as muscle or bladder weakness and lowering of the abdominal organs. Regular pelvic floor training, however, also very successfully prevents the occurrence of hemorrhoids. The training should be done several times a day. It consists of a regular alternation of tensing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Corresponding exercises are shown in pregnancy preparation courses, which can then be copied independently at home.

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