Hekla lava


Hekla Lava is a homeopathic remedy that is used to treat heel spurs, among other things.

Hekla Lava is a homeopathic remedy. The ash-like substance is obtained from the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Hekla near Rejkavik. Rise during the eruption of the volcano fluoride-containing Gases that are absorbed by the lava and therefore become one flouride-rich Make a preparation.


The effect of Hekla Lava was discovered in the 19th century by the British doctor J. Garth Wilkinson. He discovered sheep that grazed on pastures at the foot of the volcano cartilaginous growths (exostoses) to the Temporomandibular joints, benign bone deformities and Tumors. The sheep ingested grass contaminated with ash. Using scientific thinking, he concluded that the lava might be at rheumatic diseases could be helpful.

application areas

The homeopathic preparation is used nowadays in healing Bone diseases used. The area of ​​application is broad and varied.

Clinical reports indicate that the lava can stop various types of bone disease. These include, for example Bone outgrowth, bone necrosis, deformities, swellings, tumors, osteoporosis, heel spurs, osseous suppuration and syphilitic ostitis and periostitis as well as exostoses.

It also has a pain-relieving effect on touch pain and pressure pain. In addition to the treatment of bone diseases, the lava is also suitable for treating many dental complaints. For example, it is also used for tooth decay and inflammation of the gums.

Hekla Lava for the treatment of dental problems

The lava has one anti-inflammatory effect.

After removing Teeth can the preparation Abscesses, Inflammation and Discomfort to the gums prevent. Hekla Lava works on a purulent one abscess accelerating the healing of the inflammatory process by helping the pus to drain better and faster. The often infectious and with bacteria This removes colonized fluid from the focus of infection and the inflammation can heal more quickly. To treat such a Abscess becomes an ingestion of Hekla Lava in the form of Tablets, drops or Globules recommended. Are effective Globules with the Potencies C12, C15 or C30. In order to improve the effectiveness, homeopaths often seek long-term therapy with the lava.

Hekla Lava used to treat heel spurs

In the homeopathy The alternative remedy is especially used to treat one Heel spur used. A heel spur is a bony outgrowth on the Heels (Calcaneus). Due to its special location, this is also known as the calcaneus spur.

In the field of heel there is a small injury at the transition of the tendon to the bone. These injuries promote the Remodeling of the fabric and lead to calcificationsince healing under inflammation and Scarring expires. Without early treatment, the calcification finally the heel spur.

One differentiates between one after front (ventral) and one after back (dorsal) directed calcaneal spur. Of the ventral Heel spur grows along the Sole of the foot towards the Toes and is more common in adults and the elderly. In contrast, the develops dorsal Heel spur to the Achilles tendon. Young patients often suffer from sharp painbecause there are so many in the region vessel- annoy- dragging along the streets. Treatment with Hekla Lava is considered to be one in this case Long term therapy carried out. Long-term therapy can be compared to conventional treatment with Pain medication without unwanted Side effects be performed. Globules with a potency of C4 are taken three times a day with two globules each for about three to six months.

The homeopathic Means supports the body to counteract inflammation and pain and promotes degradation processes. According to studies, patients reported one clear improvement of the complaints and the heel spur can also recede completely.

Hekla Lava in Osgood-Schlatter's disease

This condition is a non-inflammatory bone necrosis at the kneewhich is caused by a lack of balance between stress and resilience of the Bone. The disease mainly affects children and adolescents during their growth phase and leads to one disturbed bone matrix.

Due to the overuse it can lead to Detachment of bone fragments to lead. As a result, it comes to exercise-dependent pain. Conservative therapy can also include treatment with Hekla Lava. Also here is used to relieve the symptoms long-term use recommended. Should be about a month three globules of Hekla Lava C4 per day be taken. Thereafter, the therapy is with another month continued with a daily intake of three globules together with Phosphate compounds. It also causes the inflammation to heal more quickly and can help strengthen the bone substance, especially in children during the growth spurts.

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