Testicle lifter


Latin: Cremaster muscle
English: cremaster muscle


The testicle lifter consists of muscle fibers that come from the obliquus internus abdominis and transversus abdominis muscles, i.e. two abdominal muscles. The muscle fibers follow the spermatic cord and finally attach to the testicles, especially the fascia surrounding the testicles.
According to its course and name, the testicle lifter draws the testicles closer to the abdominal wall. This serves to protect the testicles and is triggered reflexively when the thigh is irritated.


Approach: fascia surrounding the testicle (Fascia spermatica interna)

Origin: Internal oblique muscle

Innervation: Genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve


The testicle lifter pulls the testicle closer to the abdominal wall. This, as Kremaster reflex designated process serves to protect the testicle. If the skin on the inside of the thigh is irritated, for example by cold water, the testicle is reflexively pulled upwards.
During sexual intercourse, the testicle is also raised, indicating the approaching orgasm.