Homeopathy for hair loss with premature aging

After violent, serious illnesses often develop more intensely Hair loss concerning the whole head.

Homeopathic medicines

The following can be considered as homeopathic medicines:

  • Lycopodium
  • phosphorus
  • Aluminia (aluminum oxide)
  • Barium carbonicum (barium carbonate)
  • Selenium (selenium)

Aluminia (aluminum oxide)

  • Frosty patients, weak, rather thin
  • Itchy scalp with numbness
  • Very dry skin and mucous membranes, weak muscles and even signs of paralysis

Typical dosage of aluminia (aluminum oxide) for hair loss: tablets D6

Further information is also available at: Aluminia (aluminum oxide)

Important NOTE

If the symptoms are severe and persistent, there is one homeopathic self-treatment is not indicated. Caution especially with children and older, debilitated people. Danger of dehydration!

Lycopodium (Bärlapp)

  • Progressive, chronic diseases make the patient look prematurely aged
  • Visible hair loss and premature Graying of hair
  • Pronounced forehead wrinkles reinforce this impression
  • Also to be used with Hair loss after childbirth
  • Disgruntled patients

Typical dosage of Lycopodium (Bärlapp) with hair loss: Tablets D6

Further information is also available at: Lycopodium (Bärlapp)

Phosphorus (yellow phosphorus)

Prescription up to and including D3!

Exhausted and very tired after an illness. Hair loss in clusters, also occurring in spots. Patients with fine hair who appear prematurely aged. Fear, anxiety, depression. In homeopathy, Phosphorus is also known as the "pain remedy".

Typical dosage of Phosphorus (yellow phosphorus) with hair loss: Drop D12

Further information is also available at: Colocynthis Phosphorus

Barium carbonicum (barium carbonate)

Barium carbonicum can be used:

  • In prematurely aged men with calcification (arteriosclerosis) of the vessels and circulatory disorders of the brain
  • Poor memory
  • dizziness
  • confusion
  • In the case of chronic hair loss, the agent often needs a start-up time of two to three weeks to become fully effective.

Typical dosage of barium carbonicum (barium carbonate) for hair loss: tablets D6

Further information is also available at: Barium carbonicum

Selenium (selenium)

  • In prematurely aged men with weak potency but increased sexual thoughts
  • Hair loss not only on the head but also on the beard, eyebrows, genitals
  • Prone to dry, scaly rashes on head and palms

Typical dosage of Selenium (selenium) for gallstones: Tablets D6

Further information is also available at: Selenium (selenium)Phosphorus