Homeopathy for tennis elbow

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Which homeopathics are used?

  • Apis (honey bee)

  • Arnica (Bergwohlverleih)

  • Calcium phosphoricum (calcium hydrogen phosphate)

  • Bryonia (red berry bryony)

  • Potassium iodatum (potassium iodide)

Acidum formicicum / formic acid

The homeopathic remedies mentioned offer an alternative to pain relievers and other medications.

Acidum formicicum is considered a general remedy for retuning. For painful Joints the remedy is mostly under the skin injected, in the form of wheals in the appropriate places. Ampoules are common in D4, D6, D12 and higher.

In addition to pain in the elbow joint, patients complain of general fatigue and tenderness in the affected joint.

Apis / honey bee

Stinging, burning, redness, swelling and heat dominate the affected regions in the apis picture.

A quick start of the is also typical Joint inflammation With Joint effusion and swelling. Usually the patient has the feeling of burning heat on the affected elbow combined with intense heat Sensitivity to touch. The pain is sharp in character.

The effect of heat is felt to be unbearable. It is also noticeable that the patient is not very thirsty and complains of a general feeling of bruising.

All complaints get worse in the afternoon and through warmth.

improvement by Refrigeration applications and fresh, cool air.

Arnica / Bergwohlverleih

Arnica is the first remedy to alleviate the immediate effects of shock, falls, abrasions, bleeding wounds, injuries caused by blunt objects, and joint inflammation caused by overuse. It starts the healing process of injured tissues. They heal faster, more pleasantly and more reliably. The pain is relieved.

The plant grows exactly where a fall can have the most far-reaching consequences: in the mountains.

The homeopathic remedy is prepared from the dried, powdered rhizome, sometimes from the whole, fresh plant or the dried flowers.

Arnica is particularly suitable for patients who tend to be irritable and who wish to be left alone. They are often muscular, tough, strong people with red and blue faces. One believes that one can solve problems with strength: quickly, violently, bossy, commanding, haughty, presumptuous. One imagines illnesses and is afraid of sudden death. Hopelessness, indifference, inner restlessness, tossing and turning at night, which is then attributed to the "bed that is too hard". Nightmares that make you wake up scared to death and grasp your heart. Absence of mind and poor concentration because it is easy to get distracted or startled.

The patients are unreasonable and do not want to go to the doctor or send the doctor or nurse away because they are not sick.

Arnica is the remedy for sore muscles after unusual movement, bruised jokes, sprains, tennis elbows. Also the consequences of psychological injuries such as insults and insults. The head aches and dizziness and lightheadedness follow any excitement.

The consequences of physical and mental overexertion (e.g. insomnia after overwork) are relieved by Arnica.

Further indications are aversion to milk and meat as well as cravings for sweet and sour preserves and pickles. Foul smelling stool. Every bruise, fracture, shock or dislocation accompanied by a bruise requires Arnica 6X 5 drops every half hour until the pain subsides. As soon as the pain occurs again, 5-10 drops are given again. Any shock after an accident or sudden joint pain can be alleviated with the immediate administration of Arnica. For longer therapy, for example in the case of sprains or inflammation in the joint, 1 tablet D2 is recommended 3 times a day.

Arnica essence is used externally as a poultice (one teaspoon per cup of water) for bruises, strains, closed fractures, not for open wounds. Has a pain-relieving effect and promotes swelling.

The symptoms mentioned are made worse by movement, shock, light pressure and heat. Lying down with your head lower than your feet can bring relief.

Calcium phosphoricum / calcium hydrogen phosphate

Stand here Joint pain with a feeling of stiffness in the foreground. The patients are striking weather-sensitive, the symptoms worsen especially when the weather changes wet and cold weather. Bone development deficient in childhood, too rickets, late Tooth development.

General tendency to go faster mental and physical exhaustion, already in childhood. The Joint discomfort worsen by Wetness, cold, by effort.

Bryonia / red berry bryony

Inflammation in the joint in consequence of Hypothermia or overload. The joints are hot and red. Sharp painthat are in motion and in local warmth worsen. Often the joint is swollen. The pain is relieved through Quiet and through fixed back pressure.

In general, patients are in bad mood and very irritable. Dry mucous membranes cause great thirst for cold drinks.

Potassium iodatum / potassium iodide

The means has an impact on Tapes and Capsular tissue of all joints. Successful treatment in the presence of certain other typical symptoms and accompanying circumstances also with Tennis elbow possible. Especially if the symptoms have already become chronic.

There are Bone changes and possibly a mild to moderate one Stiffening of the elbow joint.

The pain is pulling and tearing, worse in warmth, in the silence and at night.

Strong nocturnal pain with intense restlessness is typical. The patient has to move, cannot stay in bed. The complaints improve by slight movement, outdoors at the cool air.