Homeopathy for headaches

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  • a headache
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a headache are very common and can be a side effect of almost every illness (always needs to be clarified by a doctor), but can also be caused by mental stress to be triggered.

Homeopathic medicines

The following homeopathic medicines can be used for impotence:

  • Bryonia
  • Chamomilla
  • Staphisagria
  • Natrum muriaticum
  • Acidum phosphoricum

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  • Angry and irritable, angry and in a bad mood
  • Violent a headache, in the forehead on the eyesradiating to the back of the head (Back of the headache)
  • Anger and anger are often the trigger
  • Of the pain is stinging, pressing as if the brain was being pressed outwards
  • The symptoms worsen in:
    • warm rooms
    • through movement
    • by shaking the body
    • in cold weather
  • A moderately cool envelope on the head is perceived as pleasant
  • Complaints improve by resting and closing your eyes

General dosage of Bryonia for headaches: Tablets D12

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Prescription up to and including D3!

  • Impatient and irritable
  • Violent and angry, throws objects, quickly offended
  • The pain suddenly shoots, cutting and stabbing in the head
  • They are oppressive, as if the head were clamped in a vice
  • The scalp is very sensitive to the touch
  • Accompanying Back pain are the same in pain type
  • Any abdominal pain that may be present is relieved by bending over and applying counter pressure on the body
  • Often nausea and Vomit

improvement the complaints from calm and warmth
deterioration the complaints by:

  • Movement (already moving the eyes worsened)
  • by stooping
  • trouble
  • Fright

General dosage of Colocynth for headaches: drops D12

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  • The patient “overreacts” that is, to small things there is excessive, violent angry reaction and anger
  • Moodiness, you don't know what you want
  • You don't want to be touched, to be comforted, you don't want to have anyone around
  • Tearing, burning pain in the forehead area radiating to the forehead chest and aching pains in the temples

Complaints worse through movement, excitement, in the evening and at night.
Cold in general makes everything worse.
Cool applications are called enjoyable felt.

General dosage of Chamomilla for headaches: drops D2

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  • Irritated, moody, shy of people, easily offended
  • Eats everything in until it "explodes"
  • throws objects, can not forget an offense
  • Dependence on the opinion of others
  • Fear of the future
  • Sexual over-excitability
  • Therefore masturbation and a guilty conscience
  • The a headache are sharp and burning, like pinpricks, boring

aggravation the complaints of anger, grief and sexual excess, early in the morning, from moving the head and pressing a hat
complaints improve through rest, lying and warmth.

General dosage of Staphisagria for headaches: Tablets D4

More information on Staphisagria you get under our topic: Staphisagria

Natrum muriaticum

  • After mental injuries, thoughts always revolve around this event, one cannot get away from it
  • Throbbing, pounding headache that occurs suddenly at greater or lesser intervals
  • Pressing pain behind both eyes, preferably in the morning hours
  • Sometimes sharp pain, like knife wounds
  • Flickering eyes, nausea and Vomit possible.

aggravation by exposure to the sun, at the beginning and after the Menstrual period.
improvement often towards evening.

General dosage of Natrum muriaticum with impotence: Tablets D6

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Acidum phosphoricum

  • Headache as a result of:
    • lost happiness in life
    • Grief
    • To care
    • Lovesickness
    • Homesickness
  • Pressing headache like a heavy weight in forehead and temples, especially in the morning
  • Head tired and dizzy
  • Sleepy and unable to concentrate
  • Food causes nausea and Vomit
  • The patient does not like to be addressed, does not like to speak himself
  • weakness
  • Hair loss
  • Failure of the Menstrual period
  • emaciation

aggravation of complaints at night and in the morning and from cold

General dosage of Acidum phosphoricum with impotence: Tablets D4

More information on Acidum phosphoricum you get under our topic: Acidum phosphoricum