Homeopathy for migraines

Homeopathic medicines

In the Drug choice it is recommended no discrete limit between "normal" Headaches and migraines to pull. In the case of mixed forms, a distinction is often not possible and also not necessary. When selecting the drug, you must pay close attention to the individual, conspicuous and possibly "strange" symptoms.

As with the "normal headache" one orientates oneself on Behavior of the sick, pay attention to both mental as well as physical symptoms. In addition, factors such as the location, type, frequency and accompanying symptoms of the pain should be included in the assessment. In the case of migraines, pay particular attention to the characteristic symptoms and events, since these often turn out to be Key symptoms prove.

a headache come as Symptom in many clinical pictures and can be a side effect of almost every disease. When taking the case (=anamnese) it is (as opposed to the drug choice) important between "normal" headaches and migraines to distinguish.

Migraines are often from Visual disturbances (blurred perception, color distortion, flickering images, seeing sparks, black rings or the like) accompanies and it occurs frequently nausea and Vomit. Also exist Relationships with the urinary system or to Menstrual period the woman and the migraine occurs conspicuously in certain periods of time always on. A careful and comprehensive questioning of the patient by an experienced practitioner is essential; This is the only way to find the right one with the multitude of possible remedies.

The following come homeopathic medicines in question for migraines:

  • Magnesium carbonicum
  • Aconite
  • Belladonna
  • Sanguinaria
  • Gelsemium
  • Nux vomica
  • Phosphorus
  • Aurum metallicum
  • Cimicifuga racemosa
  • Iris versicolor
  • Kalium bichromicum

Magnesium carbonicum

Magnesium carbonicum is used therapeutically for migraines as a result of Offense, anger, fright, nervous exhaustion or mental exertion; especially irritable, nervous and of insomnia affected Women respond well to the preparation.

The patients usually show up in a bad mood and socially incompatible with the result that they are avoided by their fellow men. In terms of character, they pose as overexcitable, angry, but also scary and scared represent.

Typically, the symptoms are expressed through severe shooting pain, as oppressive, stabbing respectively tearing described and in the Temples be localized. The patients associate a feeling “like in a vice”, although the pain is often only one-sided occur.

The pain is with Visual disturbances and dizziness associated and kick paroxysmal on, although there may be long symptom-free intervals.

The complaints improve to the fresh air, as well as when used moderately cooler envelopes; however, are through Bending over, walking and with everyone Shock worse.

Magnesium carbonicum is usually dosed as tablets for migraines D4 taken.

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For migraines and headaches as a result of fear, fear or anger Aconitum (translated: storm hat) is often used as a therapeutic agent.

The complaints begin violently and starting suddenly; the patients suffer from intolerable, pulsating pain, where the forehead, the Temples and the face especially left side are affected.

The patient extremely strong feeling of thirst and reports of pain and irritation of facial nerves from cold wind; the symptoms are from fear and severe restlessness accompanied.

The symptoms reinforced through Movement, talking and loud noises. improvement step through Rest in the darkened room, isolation of noises and fresh, cool air a.

For migraines, Aconitum is usually taken as tablets in dosage 6X; Prescription is mandatory until D3.

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Belladonna is effective for migraines caused by fear, fright and anger.

The headache comes very fast, persists for a while and then quickly disappears. The patients fall through it red, hot face on the Look is rigid and the Dilated pupils.

The pain manifests itself on the right side above the eyes on the forehead. He is called after outside pressing, pulsating respectively knocking perceived.

In addition come Back pain, a sore neck, cold feet, nausea, Vomiting and dizziness, such as Difficulty swallowing and Feeling of pressure on the chest. It will be a crippling fatigue in Poor and Legs described.

During the attack, the patients describe fogged vision to the point of feeling nothing to see; a drowsiness, similar to an intoxication, occurs.

The complaints improve with fixed back pressure, by stretching the head backwards and using moderate cooling applications.

Contrary to that aggravate you yourself when moving, vibration, bright light and especially with Stooping; as soon as the head hangs down, the pain is felt to be unbearable. The patients are also special sensitive to noise.

Belladonna is usually taken as tablets in dosage 6 D for migraines; Prescription is mandatory until D3.
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The patients express half-sided Headache, beginning right side in the nape of the neck and ending above the right eye; there is also pain in the right shoulder. The seizure often begins in the Morning hours and usually occurs periodically on (for example, every week or two). One falls during the attack decreased urination which is followed by the excretion of much watery urine when it improves.

The patients present themselves with red face and with a rush of blood in the head Nausea, vomiting and Feeling weak. The pain is called boring and knocking described. It is noticeable that those affected before the attack as irritable, choleric or in more anxious Represent mood.

The complaints aggravate with Move, Noises, at light light and heat. improvement step through Back pressure and Rest in a darkened room or after Vomit and Urination a.


Especially suitable for very sensitive, sensitive patients. The seizure is often through Excitement, anticipation tension or bad news triggered.

Typical patients suffer more from stage fright or fear of expectation; are scared, discouraged or special shy. You present yourself before the seizure irritable, nervous and striking sensitive to noise; furthermore they suffer from blurred vision, flicker and Double vision.

Occurs during the attack spinning vertigoas if there was no solid ground under your feet, on, as well unsteady walking and roaring noises in the ears. The pain arises pulsating and constricting dar, mostly in Starting from the neck and over the entire head towards the forehead pulling.

The pain improve after Urine leakage, as well as through Calm, distraction and silence. Furthermore, the complaints are reduced by elevating the upper body. The symptoms aggravated however by Heat and sun exposure, bright light, fear, fright, fear and mental excitement. In addition, the patients express a deterioration in the Morning hours, just like Move and Tobacco exposure.

Gelsemium is usually taken as tablets in pack size D6 for migraines; Prescription is mandatory until D3.

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Nux vomica

The preparation is triggered by headache trouble, failure and hectic overexertion or as a result of Irritant abuse (excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee or stimulants).

Typical patients are choleric, impulsive and domineering; they often stand out in their environment because they not tolerate contradiction and yourself annoy quickly.

The migraine occurs predominantly In the morning With oppressive Pain in the Back of the head and "bruised feeling" on; the patients express the feeling that they have not slept.

The only measure improvement that can cause discomfort is Quiet, taking the situation through Ingestion and further recording of Irritants worsened.

Nux vomica is used in a general dose of 6X, whereby the preparation should not be taken in the morning, as the symptoms are then most pronounced; Prescription is mandatory until D3.

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Phosphorus is used for migraines that occur after mental exertion and already at minor annoyances occurs.

The patients are through nervous over-excitability, fear and Jumpiness characterized.

Those affected are during the seizure sensitive against various sensory impressions, such as bright light, loud noises (Music) and Smells. Headache with nausea, Vomit, dizziness and Visual disturbances are also not uncommon. The patients around a red or green surrounding courtyard around objects in their field of vision. To they are very much of a migraine attack exhausted, depressive and mentally apathetic.

The complaints aggravate through cold, fresh air, by Stooping, Speak and when staying in warm rooms; improvement step through Quiet and sleep a.

General dosage of Phosphorus for migraines and headaches: drops D6; Prescription required up to and including D3.

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Aurum metallicum

Will migraines go through Contradiction triggered, Aurum metallicum is used therapeutically.

Usually it is elderly patients with calcifications of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), Circulatory disorders of Brain or high blood pressure. Those affected are depressivebrooding and withdrawn; most own no self-confidence, are desperate and long for their death.

The headache kicks in at night as Tenderness to the Temples on and are as after pressing outside described; they are from dizziness, fear and weakness accompanied. The symptoms also show a Redness of the face with bluish discoloration; in addition, the patients run quickly out of their skin and are annoyed.

The complaints take at night, by Move, vibration or Contradiction and Anger too.

Aurum metallicum is mostly used in migraine as tablets in dosage 6X.

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Cimicifuga racemosa

When migraines occur in women Menopause Cimcifuga racemosa is often used for therapy.

The patients usually have a depressive, hysterical attitude and feel their migraines as a black cloud, which oppresses them and "clouds" their head. You fail rapid changes in mood and feeling from "sky high cheering" straight to "saddened to death" and feel them fear to go crazy; at the same time they are indifferent, depressed and desperate at the same time.

The left-sided Migraines go with severe depressed mood along; the Pain will be very differently felt: shooting in, hammering or stabbing; some patients have the feeling that their skull is cracking or that a wedge is being driven in from behind.

Cimcifuga is used in a general dosage as drops D3.

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Iris versicolor

Depressed upset Patient with Indigestionwhich, for example, also under acidic belching (Reflux), Gallstones or cramping pain in the upper abdomen Suffer.

In front kicking the seizure Visual disturbancessuch as flickering, flickering or a hazy image. Symptoms may persist during the attack. The seizure often occurs when the Patient to rest comes (Sunday migraines) and furthermore in certain Time intervals.

The pain is called constricting (like a tight band around the head) and right side emphasized described, occurring at the forehead and the right back of the head.

During the attack, and especially immediately afterwards, there is one increased urination.

improvement occurs among other things Vomit one that is usually noticeable because of its large quantities, its bitter-bilious taste and its slimy consistency.

The pain to take at easy movement whereas violent movement increases the pain. The complaints are also increasing cold air and at to cough to.

Kalium bichromicum

Patients are often ill-tempered, without joie de vivre or express one Aversion to other people. Furthermore, they fall as extreme silent, critical and rather destructive on.

Typical of potassium bichromicum are yellow discoloration, including the tongue or exocrine secretions.

In front the patients suffer from the attack blurred and cloudy vision, sometimes as if everything was shrouded in a yellow mist. The severe headache forces the patient to Lie down; light and noise become not tolerated. The visual disturbances usually disappear during the attack. The pain manifests itself half-sided, knocking and at the same time on a small area limited.

The symptoms often begin In the morning after waking up, coming and going with the sun; the pain is from nausea, Vomit, such as dizziness accompanied. The vomiting that occurs is not perceived as relieving. improvement however occurs Back pressure, Ingestion and stay at the fresh air a.

Kalium bichromicum requires a prescription up to and including D3.


The Collective of patients tends to Freeze and only knows low immune system against infections. You need a lot love and Affection, are in principle rather good-natured, tender and warm hearted.

Your pain is coming periodically, being they very strong are and sometimes even Screaming attacks can trigger. It occurs increasing nausea up to Faint, as well as temporary blindness, flicker and flicker before the eyes.

Is striking increased urination during the attack, what as a Relief is felt. The pain also improves in Quiet and in darkened, warm roomas well as when the head is warm and tightly wrapped.

The pain aggravate with Excitement, noise, light, hunger, movement, bending over and stay in the cold air.