Homeopathy for Weight Loss

Homeopathic medicines

As homeopathic medicines the following are possible:

  • Calcium carbonicum
  • Lycopodium (Bärlapp)
  • Sepia (Octopus)
  • Sulfur (Sulfur)
  • Pulsatilla (Pasque flower)
  • Thyrioidinum (thyroid gland of sheep and calves)

Calcium carbonicum

  • Large, broad, plump patients with pale faces
  • Eating out of grief and worry
  • Panic attacks
  • depressions
  • Dizziness
  • itchy scalp
  • Greed for sweet foods
  • Stomach cramps
  • Involuntary leakage of urine during stress, made worse by coughing or sneezing
  • Hot flashes
  • Feeling weak

Aggravation: all complaints are aggravated after eating and exertion

Improvement: Improvement outdoors

Typical dosage of Calcium Carbonicum when losing weight: Tablets D12 (see also: Lose weight with Schüssler salts)

Further information is also available at: Calcium carbonicum

Lycopodium (Bärlapp)

  • disgruntled people with yellow skin
  • Fat accumulation especially in the lower body area
  • often spherical, tense belly
  • Weight gain especially under stress
  • increased eating Feelings of fear
  • Despite a large appetite, feeling full even with small amounts
  • Flatulence
  • acid regurgitation and Vomit
  • constipation
  • before the Menstrual period great exhaustion
  • general weakness with Difficulty concentrating and mental fatigue

aggravation: all complaints worse at rest

improvement: better in the fresh air and through continued exercise

Typical dosage of Lycopodium (Bärlapp) when losing weight: Tablets D6, D12.

Further information can be found under our topic: Lycopodium

Sepia (squid)

  • Weight gain during the Menopause
  • depressions
  • Irritability and exhaustion especially before Menstrual period
  • miserable and weak in the morning, it is difficult to get going
  • Feeling of being “pushed down” in the abdomen
  • Hot flashes nevertheless tend to have cold feet
  • Warm, stuffy air in rooms full of people is not tolerated

Improvement: better in the fresh air and when exercising

General dosage of Sepia (squid) when losing weight: Tablets D12.

You can find further information under our topic: sepia


  • Irritable, sullen being
  • pessimistic and depressive
  • weak connective tissue
  • Increased appetite, aversion to meat and milk
  • morning Diarrheadrifting out of bed
  • Stomach queasiness around 11 a.m.
  • Hot flashes with need for fresh air

aggravation: in the evening and after midnight, through wetness and cold

improvement: Improvement in warm and dry weather

Typical dosage of Sulfur when losing weight: Tablets D6, D12.

Further information can be found under our topic: Sulfur

Pulsatilla (pasque flower)

  • gentle, amiable character, emotional, shy with a pronounced desire for sympathy
  • before the Menstrual period downright tearful
  • Weight gain as a result of increased appetite, even if only small amounts are eaten, but often
  • Aversion to fat and fatty meat
  • Inclination to Inflammation of the stomach lining
  • sticky taste in the mouth
  • Thirstlessness
  • Feeling of fullness and pressure in the upper abdomen for a long time after eating, with tendency to vomit
  • Women who are cold a lot
  • Tendency to get cold feet

aggravation: Despite the chill, all ailments become worse in warmth and rest

improvement: better on the move and outdoors

Typical dosage of Pulsatilla (pasque flower) when losing weight: Drops D6, D12.

Further information can be found under our topic: Pulsatilla

Thyreoidinum (thyroid gland of sheep and calves)

Prescription up to and including D3!

  • at Obesity that with a underactive thyroid is related

Typical dosage of Thyreoidinum (thyroid gland of sheep and calves) when losing weight: used in low potencies Drops D4, D6 in more frequent gifts