Homeopathics for diarrhea

There are also a number of homeopathic remedies available for the treatment of diarrhea.

Depending on the clinical picture, the body loses through Vomit and diarrhea significant amounts of liquid, this can be life-threatening Circulatory problems to lead.
Therefore, in general, in the case of severe and prolonged diarrhea, especially if there is vomiting Discourage self-treatment.

Diarrhea as a result of spoiled food

  • Arsenicum album

The large one is characteristic Restlessness and fear of patients, up to Fear of death. General weakness and exhaustion, you don't want to be alone.
Cold sweat, pale to bluish skin color. Frequent Diarrhea, foul smelling, burning and irritating. Abdominal pain are felt to be burning.

Greater thirstBut drinking can be heavy Vomit trigger.
All complaints get better warmth, get worse at rest and during the night.

  • Mercurius solubilis

The patient complains about watery, dysentery-like diarrhea With Blood, Stomach cramps. The diarrhea is caustic and sharp, irritating. Metallic taste in the mouth, worse Bad breath, significant salivation. The tongue is often thickly swollen with indented teeth, covered with gray.
Sweat which smells bad and is yellowing. The complaints worsen in the cold air and in the warmth of the bed

  • Veratrum album

Diarrhea like rice water like the Ruhr, nausea, Vomit. That is typical cold sweat, Beads of sweat on the face and forehead, pale to bluish skin color. Size exhaustion and weakness with a tendency to Circulatory collapse.

Nausea, often accompanied by vomiting hiccup. Feeling cold all over the body, cold tip of the nose. Stomach cramps, at first Restlessness and agitation later indifference.
The symptoms improve with warmth and lying down.

  • Carbo vegetabilis

Diarrhea causes great weakness with Tendency to collapse, cold sweat, pale to bluish skin. Often enormous Flatulence, Stomach pressure and belching.

Worse Bad breath. Typical of Carbo vegetabilis is the general one antipathy (not just during the illness) against milk, fatty foods and alcohol.
All complaints improve in the fresh air, worsen in the evening and at night.

  • Okoubaka

In the case of slight digestive disorders and diarrhea after spoiled or unfamiliar food, for example to travel. Okoubaka can be used as a preventive measure before traveling abroad.

Diarrhea after eating too much and too high-fat

  • Nux vomica

Irritable, overworked city dwellers at the Irritant abuse are used to. Hectic life, too much food and drink. Restless sleep, tired and not well rested in the morning. Loss of appetite and Cravings take turns, feeling of fullness immediately after eating, tendency to vomit, Flatulence, Diarrhea. To hemorrhoids the strongly itchy and throbbing, stabbing Pain cause.
The symptoms improve with rest, and worsen after eating and early in the morning.

  • Ipecacuanha

In addition to diarrhea, there are constant ones nausea and the tendency to vomit in the foreground. Much salivation, but the tongue is not covered.
Convulsive stomach pain, Fat, fruit and ice cream are poorly tolerated.

The patient feels weak and miserable with cold Sweat on the forehead, has little thirst. There is a tendency to vomit but does not bring any relief.
All complaints worsen in the evening and at night.

  • Bryonia

Acute gastrointestinal disorder with diarrhea as Result of anger or too cold drinking into overheating of the body. Otherwise there will be digestive problems Overeating, to heavy and intolerable food, Messing up. The Mucous membranes that are dry in the mouth stomach pain oppressive, the food lies like a stone in the stomach.

Flatulence, during the symptom-free period constipation and dry stools.
The patient craves large amounts of cold water quickly and develops diarrhea from it. Any existing abdominal pain will be improved by counter pressure. General irritable, bad mood.
The complaints are relieved by rest, existing ones Joint discomfort get better with exercise.

  • Pulsatilla

Intolerance of fatty foods, fatty meat, pastries, sometimes large amounts of ice cream (Pulsatilla likes ice cream, but cannot tolerate it) Resulting Inflammation of the stomach lining, Diarrhea. Bad, sticky taste in the mouth, dry, coated tongue. After eating, one stays Bloating preserved for a long time, with a tendency to vomit.

Pulsatilla is despondent, feeble-minded, yielding, easily resigned. This mood often leads to "nervous stomach". Generally chilly with a tendency to cold feet.
All complaints improve with exercise, outdoors, in the fresh air. They worsen at rest and in the warmth, despite the general chill.

Diarrhea and indigestion as a result of anger, anger, hurt and grief

  • Colocynth

Especially if the diarrhea is from Abdominal cramps which get better by hunching over or putting pressure on the body.
The patient is irritable, angry, shows little patience, is easily offended. Experience has shown that all these states of mind affect the stomach and intestines.
The symptoms get better after Flatulence and after a bowel movement, through rest and warmth. Generally aggravated by exercise and anger.

  • Staphisagria

Irritated, moody mood, shy of people and slightly offended. Tend to eat feelings into themselves and then explode at some point, also throwing objects around them. Children answer with Outbursts of anger.
Follow stomach pressure, choking Vomit, diarrhea. Staphisagria likes to think about sexual things.
All complaints are aggravated by anger and grief and are felt particularly badly when you get up in the morning.