Parathyroid hormones


The hormone belonging to the parathyroid gland is this Parathyroid hormone, a compound made of egg white hormone (Peptide hormone), which is made in the main cells of the parathyroid glands.


The formation and distribution of the Parathyroid hormone are regulated by the calcium concentration in the blood. A low level promotes the supply of parathyroid hormone, while a high level prevents it.


The Parathyroid hormone As a representative of the parathyroid hormones, it functions in the calcium balance, whereby it causes a rise in low calcium levels in the blood. This is done by the influence of the hormone on bone, Intestines and kidney.

The bone-degrading cells (Osteoclasts) encouraged so that calcium is released from the bone in the course of degradation. In addition, parathyroid hormone stimulates the formation of calcitriol in the kidneys, which in turn increases calcium absorption through the intestines. Finally, the hormone has an impact on the phosphate metabolism, which is closely linked to the calcium balance.