Larynx pain when speaking


There are a variety of possible reasons for laryngeal pain. Whether the pain occurs particularly when speaking, without exertion, or even at night often helps diagnose the cause.


At Larynx painthat special while talking occur is most commonly one Laryngitis causal, which is usually in its acute form by viruses and mostly in their chronic variant by a long-term overload of the vocal cords or the larynx such as smoking, dry air, or alcohol. Because the vocal cords, which are mostly caused by the inflammatory processes irritated, red and swollen are put under tension while speaking and bump or rub against one another, the pain in this disease is particularly pronounced when speaking. So when you have a larynx, speaking should be omitted as completely as possible, on the one hand about the pain, on the other hand also a Degeneration of the inflamed mucous membrane to avoid a precancerous stage.

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Because of the hoarseness that often accompanies pain, many sufferers tend to use whispering when trying to speak. However, it is not advisable to do so, as this places particularly high stress on the vocal cords. It is not uncommon for patients with laryngitis to have a complete loss of voice (Aphonia). After the disease has healed, this sometimes makes voice training (speech therapy) necessary in order to learn to speak correctly again. In addition to speaking, swallowing is often a problem as well (please refer: Pain when swallowing), which often leads to a complete refusal of food, especially in smaller children. Then a doctor must be consulted at the latest.

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Figure larynx

Figure overview of the respiratory organs in the head and neck (A) and larynx from the front (B)
  1. Epiglottis cartilage -
    Cartilago epiglottica
  2. Hyoid bone - Os hyoideum
  3. Thyroid cartilage-hyoid bone ligament -
    Thyrohyoid ligament
  4. Upper thyroid cartilage incision
    Incisura thyroidea superior
  5. Thyroid cartilage -
    Cartilago thyroidea
  6. Ring Cartilage Brace -
    Arcus cartilaginis
  7. Thyroid -
    Glandula thyroidea
  8. Ring band -
    Ligament annular
  9. Tracheal cartilage -
    Cartilago trachealis
  10. Nasal cavity - Cavitas nasi
  11. Oral cavity - Cavitas oris
  12. Throat - Pharynx
  13. Lungs - Pulmo

    Airway L - L (blue)
    Feed route S - S (red)

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Occur larynx completely independent of speaking whereas an association with food intake can be established, so one can assume that for the pain a Reflux of acidic gastric juice (Reflux) responsible for. Even with more chronic inflammation of the larynx or cancer The focus is usually not on the pain when speaking, but on a permanent hoarseness and the need to clear the throat.