Car diet

What is the automobile diet?

The automobile diet follows the idea of ​​food combining diets. The "K" stands for carbohydrates, "F" for fats and "Z" for snacks. The principle here is to separate high-fat and high-carbohydrate meals. Accordingly, carbohydrates should be consumed in the morning and at noon, and in the evening the focus is on protein-rich foods. The diet promises users great success without having to go hungry and a long-term healthy form of nutrition for maintaining the desired weight over the long term.

Procedure of the automobile diet

The name KFZ stands for the separation of carbohydrates and fats, as well as the regular intake of snacks, which should bring about success and the lack of starvation in the diet. In the morning and at lunchtime, you should orient yourself to high-carbohydrate recipes. There should be a six-hour break between the two meals. Here, filling, high-carbohydrate foods such as bread, muesli, rice, potatoes and pasta are on the menu. It is important that the dishes are very low in fat. If you are hungry, snacks are now allowed after the main meal at noon. In the evening, carbohydrates are canceled, protein in the form of meat and fish and healthy fats are on the menu, vegetables, salads, legumes and other protein-rich foods are allowed as side dishes. The side dishes should make up about two thirds of the portion so as not to break the mold. Above all, the diet promises long-term success and can be adhered to for several weeks, weight loss at the beginning is less extreme than with so-called crash diets.

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Which foods are allowed?

Different foods are allowed in the car diet, depending on the time of day. In the morning and at lunch, carbohydrates should make up the bulk of your meal. This includes bread, rolls, muesli, jam, later rice, noodles, pasta and potatoes. In addition, the so-called neutral foods are allowed at any time of the day. These are vegetables and salads, and drinks are water, tea and coffee. Dairy products and high-fat products are not recommended until the afternoon; meat, fish, eggs, legumes, dairy products, vegetables and side dishes are only on the menu for dinner. Carbohydrates are forbidden at this stage.

Do side effects occur during the automobile diet?

Since the carbohydrate intake in this diet is still sufficiently high, negative side effects such as lack of strength, poor concentration and circulatory problems are less likely. Sports performance can only be restricted in the evening. Metabolic disorders can be prevented with sufficient intake of healthy fats in the evening meal. In addition, food cravings in the afternoon are relieved. With a balanced diet, intake of fluids and coverage of all macro and micronutrients, the risk of nutritional deficits with this diet is low.

Criticism of the car diet

Those who eat a balanced diet as part of the automobile diet can achieve healthy and long-term weight loss. However, you should not feast on your energy requirements as you please, because you can only lose weight if you have a calorie deficit. In general, the diet has to suit the user, so those who need a lot of energy and stamina in the evening can suffer from carbohydrate withdrawal. In addition to nutrition, emphasis should also be placed on exercise and sporting activity if healthy weight loss and a strong, efficient body is desired.

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What are the risks / dangers of the car diet?

When carried out correctly and in a balanced way, the car diet involves few health risks, as all essential nutrients are supplied. Particular attention should be paid to the supply of sufficient proteins while at the same time stimulating through training, otherwise the weight loss is accompanied by a loss of muscle mass. Fats should also be included in the diet. Salad, vegetables, legumes and nuts ensure a sufficient supply of vitamins and fiber as well as trace elements.

Where can I find good recipes for the car diet?

Due to the numerous foods allowed in the diet, you will find many recipes for the car diet. There are guides on the subject, and recipes can also be found on the Internet. Some recipes can also be found using the keywords low fat, high carb at breakfast and lunch, and low carb at dinner. You can also modify your own recipes, as long as you follow the principles of the car diet. There are also paid seminars in which participants are trained on the subject of nutrition according to the car diet.

How much can I / should I lose weight with the car diet?

In contrast to the much advertised crash diets, the car diet is a form of nutrition that can be carried out in the long term. Since carbohydrates are still retained, there is no extremely rapid weight loss at the beginning, but with a moderate calorie deficit the success of the loss is long-term and steady. Depending on the initial weight and exercise profile, a weight loss of up to one kilo per week can be expected with a sufficiently large calorie deficit through diet.

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How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

The car diet describes a change in diet that can also promise long-term success. The prerequisite for this is that you do not eat beyond your calorie budget. Then there is a storage of energy in the form of fat and thus an increase. Feeling full, but not overeating, and restricting your carbohydrate intake can ensure long-term maintenance of the desired weight. In addition to a balanced diet, exercise should also be incorporated into everyday life. However, anyone who falls back into unhealthy patterns after a diet, eats an unbalanced diet, does little exercise and eats above their caloric needs, falls into the so-called yo-yo effect and will gain weight again.

Medical evaluation of the car diet by

From a medical point of view, the automobile diet is a balanced, healthy diet if done correctly. If all of the vital nutrients are supplied through the diet and a moderate calorie deficit is achieved, it is a healthy way to achieve weight loss. It is also suitable as a long-term diet and helps to stabilize weight. Nutrient deficiencies can largely be ruled out in healthy participants as long as sufficient proteins, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and trace elements are supplied. Even if the diet does not specify any quantities, it is still important not to eat more than your calorie requirement, as otherwise the success of weight loss is jeopardized or even an increase occurs. Anyone who feels physically uncomfortable and cannot do without carbohydrates in the evening should see a doctor and, under certain circumstances, switch to a different diet.

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What alternative diets are there to the car diet?

The automobile diet is not a so-called crash or mono diet. These promise quick weight loss, but are unhealthy or even harmful to health. In addition, if you switch to a normal diet, you will quickly gain weight again. The automobile diet is similar to other food combining methods, such as slim while you sleep. Since large amounts of carbohydrates often lead to unwanted increases, switching to a low-carb diet can be very effective. The main advantage here is the adequate supply of proteins, which counteracts muscle breakdown. However, if you don't want to do without carbohydrates in the evening, you should resort to a so-called mixed diet.A calorie deficit leads to a decrease, which is ultimately the principle of all diets. Those who eat below what it needs force the body to attack fat reserves. Calorie counting or the Weight Watchers point system (see also: Mixed diets do not prohibit any food and leave a lot of leeway that can easily be incorporated into everyday life. For this reason, so-called mixed diets are easy to implement for most people. In addition to diet, exercise and physical activity also play a major role in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you should exercise more often in everyday life and find a sport that not only burns calories but is also fun.

What are the costs of a car diet?

When done correctly, there is no need to purchase or consume nutritional supplements. The diet can be balanced according to the specifications of the car diet. Overall, the costs are no higher than with a different diet. You may have to dig deeper into your pockets for fresh vegetables and fruit and high-quality meat and fish, but you do not have to pay for soft drinks, alcohol, sweets and fast food dishes. With carefully selected foods, a balanced diet can be at least as inexpensive as a normal lifestyle.

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