Laser acupuncture


"Laser" is an abbreviation and stands for: "Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation


    Anyone who is afraid of a treatment method has less chance of recovery than a patient who trusts a procedure one hundred percent. That's why the Laser acupuncture especially suitable for patients who are affected by the acupuncture are convinced, but have an inexplicable fear of needles and the pain that appears to be associated with them. However, there is also a large area of ​​application in the Treatment of children and Infants, because laser acupuncture is absolutely free of pain and side effects.


    Laser is light bundled in a certain wavelength that represents a very high-energy light source. In medicine and Alternative therapy become special Soft laser used that one Power from 5-500mW to have.

    Areas of application

    With the help of laser acupuncture, all diseases can be treated that are related to a disturbed (not destroyed!) Body function. The laser light has a special effect stimulates blood circulation, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, pain reliever and it stabilizes cell membranes. This results in the following areas of application:

    • Inflammation
    • persistent pain
    • Allergies
    • Skin diseases
    • migraine
    • insomnia
    • Digestive problems

    Furthermore, the Laser treatment successful in the sports medicine and Orthopedics applied. For example at acute knee injuries at the cartilage or meniscus, Bruises and Bruising. It was also found that implants, like Hip joints or Pacemakerare better accepted by the organism.


    In the Laser therapy the light gives off some of its energy to the irradiated cells. The laser beam penetrates the subcutaneous layers and, according to its users, acts as a healing "biostimulation" on the metabolism in connective tissue. This means that it is supposed to influence the exchange of biological information between the cells Protein formation in the cells stimulate and thus the Collagen synthesis (New connective tissue formation) and New blood vessel formation activate. Depending on the examination results, radiation is carried out with a certain frequency or different frequencies. This is a Healing or regulatory stimulus set and that immune system positively influenced. However, there is no evidence of this.
    In the Traditional Chinese Medicine the laser has been enthusiastically used recently. As already mentioned, even our youngest can be treated with this method. Even if there is no skin damage from the therapy, protective glasses are essential for that eyes Mandatory.

    With the Soft laser become the definite Acupuncture points irradiated and thus the flow of qi into the Meridians of the body promoted and made to flow again. Because as in the traditional acupuncture It is also believed that an imbalance in the body's energy pathways leads to disease.

    If you bring the body back to its own with acupuncture "To find the middle", the complaints also disappear. Depending on the examination results, the intended points are treated with the laser light until an energy balance is established. Treatment must, as with the Needle acupuncture can also be repeated several times, depending on the extent of the findings, until the body is permanently stabilized and the body is regained.
    The Laser application can also be combined very well with a superficial needle treatment. The effect of the needles can - if necessary - be enhanced with additional laser therapy.
    A successful healing is however without treatment of so-called disturbance herds not possible. At first glance, disturbances seem to have nothing to do with the actual disease process. However, they can have such a negative effect on the body that the body's defenses are weakened. Before starting each treatment, a Investigation for disturbance sources carried out, some of which can and must also be eliminated by stimulating reflex points with the laser.