Liver cirrhosis therapy

How is cirrhosis of the liver treated?

The therapy of Cirrhosis of the liver depends on the causal disease of the liver. Of the alcoholism and hepatitis are the most common causes of liver cirrhosis in our latitudes.

The Hepatitis is a viral disease of the liver that leads to permanent infection of the tissue. The aim of therapy here is to lower the viral load, i.e. the amount of virus. This is primarily made possible by interferons. However, interferons have a high potential for side effects and are therefore not tolerated by some patients.
Therapy of alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver consists first of all in an immediate Alcohol leave and subsequent withdrawal treatment.
Cirrhosis of the liver can also lead to vitamin deficiencies, which must also be remedied during therapy. Liver cirrhotics also tend to suffer from infections, which is why it is very important to have one antibiotic therapy can be initiated in good time.
The Ultima ratio of the therapy options is Liver transplant. The operation inherently carries a high risk, without assuming post-operative complications. A transplant always carries the risk of a rejection reaction. This must be controlled with immunosuppressants.

Treatment of cirrhosis of the liver can be supported and improved by homeopathy. Read more about this under our topic Homeopathy for diseases of the liver.


Gerell, the life expectancy of a person with cirrhosis is significantly shorter than that of a healthy person. Every second person with alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver dies within 5 years if he or she continues to drink alcohol.
If further complications are already known, the mortality increases to 75% within the first 5 years. With the help of the Child-Pugh criteria, cirrhosis of the liver can be divided into clinical stages. The liver synthesis capacity and the accompanying diseases are taken into account. Using these criteria, different stages can be determined (stage A, B, C), which then make a statement about the prognosis possible. 2-6% of liver cirrhosis caused by hepatitis C ends in the development of liver cancer.

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