List of known anxiety disorders

Below is one List of many anxiety disordersthat we are constantly expanding.
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The most famous and important anxiety disorders

There are hundreds of anxiety disorders that can now be differentiated.
The most important are presented here again.


Generally understood by the Agoraphobia "The fear of certain places".
People who suffer from agoraphobia experience an intense fear or an uncomfortable feeling as soon as they find themselves in a place where no escape would be possible if suddenly unexpected panic or unpleasant physical reactions for themselves occur.

You can find more about this under our topic: Agoraphobia

scared of spiders

Also the Arachnophobia is a specific fear.
The term comes from ancient Greek and means fear of spiders (spider phobia). It denotes the fear from spiders, which is exaggerated and unfounded as there is no real danger.
The fear does not always have to come from the confrontation with a real spider, but can also be triggered by pictures or toys that depict a spider.

More on this specific fear can be found at: Arachnophobia

fear of flying

fear of flying describes the fear before flying, which from the outside seems exaggerated. The fear of flying (fear of flying) is one of the specific phobia, so the fear of concrete things.
The hallmark of a specific fear is that fears are triggered by certain situations or objects. If the fear of flying restricts the life of the person concerned too much and the quality of life is severely impaired, then there is a need for treatment with the person concerned.

More about fear of flying you can find out under our topic: fear of flying.


In the Claustrophobiawhich should not be confused with the fear of vacant places, i.e. agorarphobia, exists fear in front of closed or narrow spaces, which are consequently avoided.
In extreme cases, when the door is closed, a Panic attack to be triggered.

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