Medication for knee osteoarthritis

Treatment with medication

The Treatment of knee osteoarthritis with medication is used Pain reduction and Anti-inflammatory.

It can be systemic (e.g. by Tablets, drops ect.) and locally (e.g. through Anoint, Syringes ect.) can be carried out with different substance groups.

The following drugs are used for knee osteoarthritis:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), these include B. Diclofenac (e.g. Voltaren), Ibuprofen and the new Cox-2 inhibitors (e.g. Celebrex)
  • Steroids / Cortisone (only local), as an injection into Knee joint
  • therapeutic Local anesthesia
  • Chondroprotectives - drugs
    Under Chondroprotectives one understands substances that are injected into the knee joint around the remaining one cartilage to protect. A cartilage build-up - as incorrectly suggested by the advertising - does not take place.
    Chondroprotectives are also often called Hyaluronic acids designated. Scientifically proven to reduce pain and improve mobility. However, these improvements are limited in time.
    Side effects are relatively rare.
  • Natural Remedies - Medicines, special is the Devil's claw to call. The devil's claw can be used alone for mild pain and to support the existing therapy for more severe pain. The devil's claw is said to reduce the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.
    You can support someone in therapy Knee osteoarthritis by Homeopathic medicines. Various homeopathic medicines can alleviate symptoms in osteoarthritis therapy.
    You can find out more about this topic at: Osteoarthritis and Homeopathy
  • Vitamins E. and vitamin C

Aim of conservative treatment

The goal of every treatment one Knee osteoarthritis it must be that surgery to prevent and a Freedom from pain to reach.
Depending on the degree of expression, this goal can be achieved in most cases conservative therapy knee osteoarthritis can be achieved.

Appointment with a knee specialist?

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The knee joint is one of the joints with the greatest stress.

Therefore, the treatment of the knee joint (e.g. meniscus tear, cartilage damage, cruciate ligament damage, runner's knee, etc.) requires a lot of experience.
I treat a wide variety of knee diseases in a conservative way.
The aim of any treatment is treatment without surgery.

Which therapy achieves the best results in the long term can only be determined after looking at all of the information (Examination, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc.) be assessed.

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In rare cases, surgical procedures need to "repair" the damage suffered.
An important treatment goal is the reduction of the detritus-induced (cell waste producers) Synovitis (Joint mucous membrane overgrowth).
To serve Lavage (Flushing), Debridement (cleaning), Elimination of mechanical irritations like defective meniscus parts, Osteophytes (Bone attachments). Additional soft tissue interventions may be required for kneecap diseases. In the event of recurrent effusion due to synovitis, a Synovialectomy (Removal of the synovial membrane) must be displayed. These procedures are intended to temporarily reduce the symptoms.
If pain and discomfort cannot be improved, the last solution is an endoprosthetic treatment (artificial knee joint) over.
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Further conservative therapy options for knee osteoarthritis


The advice is always to be designed individually and includes an inventory of behavior in everyday life, the physical strain in work and sport. In addition, regarding Obesity, Sedentary lifestyle, regular exercises to eliminate muscle deficits and Knee school to advise.
Further information and exercises of a knee school can be found under our topic: Knee school
Advice also includes information about the disease itself, its natural course, but also with regard to whether the course can be influenced by conservative or operative therapy.

Physical therapy

  • physical therapy / physiotherapy
  • Knee school
  • Mobilization, muscle strengthening, muscle stretching and coordination training
  • Thermotherapy (Heat therapy)
  • Hydro and balneotherapy (water and air therapy)
  • Electrotherapy (Sonophoresis, iontophoresis)
  • pulsating signal therapy (PST)

Orthopedic technology

  • Shoe adjustments on ready-to-wear shoes: buffer heels, heightening of the outer edge of the shoe or heightening of the inner edge of the shoe
  • Hand stick or forearm crutches
  • Heel cushion
  • Bandages

Another option for the therapy of knee osteoarthritis: acupuncture.