Naftidrofuryl is an active ingredient that is used in the context of circulatory disorders. Medicines containing this active ingredient are used particularly in stage II of the so-called PAOD (peripheral arterial occlusive disease). Stage II of the disease is reached when the person concerned is symptom-free at rest, but has pain in the affected area after walking above (IIa) or below (IIb) 200m. Naftidrofuryl is also used in the so-called Raynaud's syndrome, as well as in the aftermath of a recent stroke. The use of naftidrofuryl is, however, not without controversy, since the therapeutic success could not be clearly confirmed when using the indications described.

Mechanism of action

Naftidrofuryl is one of the active ingredients in drugs that promote blood circulation. In contrast to many other active ingredients that increase blood flow promote selectively can is naftidrofuryl orally Taken and should thus the Blood flow throughout the body stimulate. Those present in the blood Platelets (Platelets) play a vital role in promoting blood flow through naftidrofuryl. So the active ingredient inhibits the accumulation of serotonin the platelets in the blood. This leads to an expansion of the blood vessels. This also inhibits the sticking together of individual blood platelets, which also leads to a improved oxygen supply contributes in the body.

The use for certain diseases that are associated with reduced blood flow is therefore obvious. Nevertheless, the therapy with naftidrofuryl is not without controversy. So it is argued that blood vessels are not constricted also expanded and thus the blood flow of the diseased blood vessels even less is than before treatment with the active ingredient.

Side effects

As with most medications, there can be side effects when taking naftidrofuryl. It should be noted that not everyone will experience these side effects. The type and strength of the individual undesirable effects can also vary.

Those treated often complain about undesirable side effects in the Gastrointestinal tract. So it happens nausea, Vomit, Diarrhea and a general one Loss of appetite taking naftidrofuryl. In some patients a low blood pressure can be determined while taking the drug. Allergic rashes, as well as a generally depressed general condition accompanied by tiredness, A headache, sleep disorders and dizziness could occasionally be observed.

An increased Sugar level in the blood is also one of the possible side effects when taking the active ingredient. It can rarely be Problems at heart in the form of Cardiac arrhythmias come. Were very rare urological problems how Discomfort when urinating and formation of Kidney stones described. Furthermore, very few patients complained about Inflammation of the liver (with increased liver values) and skin tingling.

In general, a doctor should always be consulted if undesirable side effects occur in order to rule out serious consequences and other possible illnesses.


Naftidrofuryl is an active ingredient that is found in many different drugs. Depending on the manufacturer, the active ingredient is in one Capsule or tablet form and in a different dosage. Dosages between 100 and 200mg, with mostly several receipts per day. Depending on the disease to be treated, between 300 and 600mg of the active ingredient taken throughout the day. The attending physician should be consulted if you have any questions about the appropriate dosage.