Personal training


Personal training is a form of individual training advice and training support with the aim of achieving maximum or optimal performance improvement and preparation for competitions. Due to the steadily growing number of potential customers in the field of sports support, a professional group with growing prospects has emerged in recent years.

Starting in the United States, the personal training was mainly used by celebrities in order to achieve maximum sporting success for film and television. It was only in the past few years, when the importance of health in our society increasingly came to the fore, that more and more people decided not to want to do without the professional advice of a specialist when it comes to sports training.


The profession of personal trainer is currently not protected, so it can Anyone refer to as a personal trainer. You should therefore always inquire in advance about the qualifications and expertise of the personal trainer.

Areas of application

The field of application of a personal trainer is as complex as doing sports itself. Among the core tasks in personal training What counts first and foremost is individual support in the area of ​​fitness training. Starting with the morning run in the woods to support on various fitness equipment, the individual advice includes all relevant aspects of improving the general fitness of the clients. Thanks to the latest findings in sports science, personal training enables you to be optimal at all times Training preparation, Trining implementation and Training control. A not immeasurable part of the personal training includes the supervision and support during the Competition preparation. This primarily includes support during marathon and triathlon training. The ultimate goal of every fifth manager is to successfully complete a marathon.

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Who Needs a Personal Trainer?

  • Sporty beginners without any sports knowledge
  • Athletes with little time budget
  • Athletes with special goals (marathon Etc.)

What are the benefits of personal training?

People see health as the greatest good, but very few want to invest. Anyone who decides to buy a car usually gets a lot of information to find the right model. The architect helps plan their own home, but when it comes to sports, most people make decisions completely haphazardly and often make fatal mistakes. Training goals are missed or go in the wrong direction. A personal trainer has the ability to achieve the desired goals of the customer through planning, implementation and control in the best possible way thanks to his professional competence. In a personal conversation, the training options and time spent are compared with the desired goals in order to implement an adequate, long-term training based on this. The personal trainer thus provides all the framework conditions for the training, but the implementation is carried out by the athlete himself. A good personal trainer tries to get the customer used to the sport in the long term and to convey his professional competence to such an extent that the customers can practice sport independently for a lifetime holds. Of course, it should not be forgotten that special personal training must be financed. Individual training support is currently still a luxury for certain target groups.

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The perfect personal trainer:

A personal trainer must not be a dogmatist. He manages to efficiently implement the wishes of the customers within a certain framework and can adapt to a wide variety of clients.

He should stand for what he communicates and plans himself and be convinced of the methods. When planning, he should know all individual preferences and dislikes and consider them when planning.

The personal trainer must be seen as a person of trust, because only then can the various options be effectively implemented.

There are different specialists for different areas. Some trainers only concentrate on optimal marathon preparation, etc.

The way to the marathon

Many ignorant athletes try to complete the marathon distance of 42 kilometers ad hoc and unfortunately have to stop the run prematurely. A personal trainer makes it his task to avoid precisely these situations and to prepare the athlete for an upcoming competition so that the completion of the marathon distance or the achievement of the desired target time is achieved in the best possible way.

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Individual support in the fitness studio

Established fitness studios offer personal trainers the opportunity to use the equipment for personal training. Some sports providers sometimes offer this service separately. The instruction of the fitness trainer on the equipment is usually quick and is often quickly forgotten by the layperson. Many beginners therefore use the fitness equipment improperly. In addition, not every fitness studio has qualified specialists. Of the personal trainer determined both in terms of optimal Exercise intensity, extent of exercise, duration of exercise and Break organization a corresponding training plan. He motivates his clients with every sentence and ensures a variety of sports training.

The perfect training plan

In order to be able to train successfully in the long term, optimal planning of the athletic training is required. In endurance sports as well as in strength training, a training plan is extremely useful in order to be able to recognize increases in performance. Our training plan topic contains many helpful tips for individual training planning.

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