Burnout Syndrome prevention


Avoid overstressing yourself and making confessions are important factors in burnout prevention.

At a burnout it is about emotional overload, which are often mistaken for a mental illness is seen, which occurs mainly after or during prolonged overload. Many patients describe burnout as "someone would have pulled a plug from the outside'.

This description fits very well because the German translation of a burnout "burned out“Is.

Every person's mental and physical capacities are limited, but every person has their own limit to an individual, non-measurable value. In the case of long-term stress, the human body has to deal with this "Extreme situation" to adjust. It comes to one Change in hormonal balance, to a changed Sleep rhythm as well as a changed one Immune system.

Stress hormones like Cortisol, Norepinephrine or Glucagon are increasingly formed and ensure a faster one Heartbeat, an increased Fat burning to provide more sugar for the load. The human body can sustain this constant stress for a certain period of time and endure it without suffering any damage. However, if the constant stress continues, it can lead to a breakdown, a burnout. In order to prevent burnout, however, there are various preventions that can be observed.

General prevention

In general, there are different forms of precautionary measures (Prevention) to prevent burnout. Burnout can arise because a patient has too idealistic views and these at all costs want to enforce. Then it comes to Failures or setbacks this will be considered a great deal for the patient offending felt and he always reacts with Numbness and antipathy (apathy).

Here is the most important prevention that the patient himself admitsthat no one is infallible and that everyone makes mistakes at some point, even if they take on different dimensions for everyone.
Another very important prevention for burnout-prone patients is to protect yourself Set goalsof which one knows that they can be mastered.

Often, patients who suffer from burnout have set very high goals beforehand, for example getting a managerial position in their company. If someone else got the job even though you tried hard, it could turn out to be you collapse, the burnout, to lead. That's why it is good and important, goals and wishes to have, however, this shouldn't be with any dogged ambition be fought for and above all setbacks should not be viewed as personal defeat, but rather one should try to deal with these setbacks professionally.

Another important prevention to prevent burnout is a correct balance. Some patients rush to their job and work well more than 40 hours a week, overtime is not celebrated, but rather accumulated. Or other patients are fully absorbed in their families and do everything to ensure that the sick mother or small child is good for 24 hours and does not lack anything.

This leads to a permanent overloadwhich can then lead to the patient getting burnout at some point. To avoid this, it is extremely important to find a balance. This compensation looks very different for each patient, but serves as one of the most important preventions against burnout syndrome.

For example, a painting course, a visit to a church choir, weekly Zumba training or an evening run in the woods can all help to improve the patient's health a few hours of physical and mental relief in which he only thinks of himself and not of work, family or other problems. This time for yourself is very important as a prevention for burnout. It is also important that no feelings of guilt arise during this time. Everyone sometimes needs some time for themselves and during this time the job or the family has to get by without the patient. This admission that you cannot work 24 hours a day around the clock is also an important prevention against burnout syndrome.

Burnout prevention through sport

Every patient is different and therefore sees them too Burnout prevention different for each patient. Still, it can be said that Sports in almost all patients who suffer from burnout or are about to do so important prevention and is even an important therapy.

Many patients who suffer from burnout preoccupy themselves a lot with their thoughts or think twice or three times about everything. To this one To interrupt the stream of thoughts It is important not to forget your body and to feel full while exercising focus on your own body and your own sensations. Many patients who are on the verge of burnout have forgotten to listen to and pay attention to their own body.

stomach pain or Sore throat are ignored and instead cured in bed unnecessary medication taken in order to continue to provide the service. In order to get out of this spiral, sport is a suitable measure and is therefore a very good prevention against burnout syndrome.

At some point in sport you reach your limits, you are out of breath and have to slow down. This experience that at some point it will simply end and that at some point you will not be able to continue is a very important experience for patients with burnout syndrome. Sport also helps them to lose some inner tension and again more ins Balance with yourself get.

Sports such as yoga or Qui-Gongin which the patient must consciously take care of his body. It is important that sport does not also become a pressure to perform, because then sport is no longer a prevention of burnout but promotes it. It is better to pay attention to what you notice while jogging, whether you can hear a bird chirping, whether it smells of trees and not to pay attention to how many minutes you sprinted up the mountain today and whether the time was really better when yesterday.

Prevention sleep

However, one of the most important prevention is definitely one adequate amount of sleep. In burnout patients it happens because of the changed, stress-related Hormonal level to one completely wrong sleep rhythm and the day-night rhythm is often barely adhered to.

Working late into the night or that constant waking at night promote an unhealthy day-night rhythm. That is why one of the most important preventive measures against burnout is to allow yourself a sufficient amount of sleep. How much that is varies from patient to patient. Some patients are fully recovered after 7 hours, some patients need 9-10 hours of sleep.

The point here is not to cling to numbers, but to listen to your own body for what it needs. In addition, it is important to take fixed times when you sleep. For example, you should decide to always go to bed between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. So the body gets used to this rhythm and adapts the hormonal level and the biorhythm to these times. This is extremely important and a very good and simple prevention against burnout.

Prevention social environment

A very important prevention against burnout syndrome is that social environment. It is not important whether it is about the life partner, the children or the good friends, it is only important that it is about the people you are appreciates and that you can spend time with without asking more of you.

A relaxed evening with your partner or a fun evening with friends, all of this is part of preventing burnout syndrome. Dinner with colleagues who compete with you is not one of them and should be kept to a minimum.

The social environment is very important in general and a very important prevention against burnout syndrome, but you should make sure that here too the people you love or like, don't ask too much of you otherwise the social environment can quickly become a burnout trap and burnout only accelerates.

That's why it's important to always talk to one another openly, as well open communication and the Admitting weaknesses or problems is an important prevention to burnout. Social environment is very important, but every friend should understand if you don't want to go to a party, but rather spend the evening on the couch, because you are too tired from the long day. The same applies here: Listening to your own body is the best prevention against burnout syndrome. At the same time, you should make sure to enjoy life and have a lot of fun and that is usually better with friends than alone.

Prevention take time

Another very important prevention against burnout syndrome is to take your time. This applies to every area in life. Instead of jumping under the shower in the morning, you can also take a full bath in the evening and listen to relaxing music. Instead of picking up the coffee-to-go quickly at the kiosk, you can sit in a café for 10 minutes and maybe even enjoy a piece of cake with it.

Themselves Take time is very difficult for many patients, but it is one of the most important preventive measures against burnout. It is also important that you do not take the time you take always on call and maybe just turn the phone off for two or three hours.

Taking time to do things that are relaxing and fun is one very important prevention against burnout and should definitely be taken seriously. It is also important to keep asking yourself what is really important to you in life. Do you really want to work seven days a week without seeing family, friends or acquaintances? A honest assessment Your own ideas and, above all, the knowledge that you cannot reconcile everything, are also an important prevention against burnout.