Bruised back after a fall


A bruise is medically called Called contusion. It is an injury by a blunt violence, which usually go hand in hand with no skin injuries. A bruise is characterized by one dull pain which can worsen with movement.

By squeezing the tissue, damage to smaller vessels occurs, lymph fluid and blood appear and it occurs often bruising and swelling. Back bruises are mostly due to a fall. Every movement of the trunk can be painfully restricted here, including walking and breathing.

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Symptoms of bruised back

A bruise is usually characterized by a local swelling and redness with pain the affected area. By squeezing the tissue, there is damage to vessels from which Lymph fluid and blood leak can.

With a bruised back after a fall occur frequently extensive bruises depending on whether the patient fell to the ground or on an object and from what height. Kick it Pain that can increase with movement or when lying on your back. The pain in the back area is mostly to localize dull and imprecise. Mostly is a larger area affected.

Causes of Back Contusion

Bruises on the back are common attributed to falls. These can be sports injuries jumping-intensive sports act like handball, basketball, long jump and others. Especially in Equestrian sport such fall injuries are common.

Accidents are just as much a cause of back bruises as the violent application of blunt forces such as in a duel or in the context of abuse. Hitting the ground and falling on unyielding blunt objects, such as steps, are mostly responsible for back bruises after falls.

Diagnosis of bruised back

A back bruise can usually occur thorough physical examination and Description of the course of the accident to be diagnosed by the patient.

The patient should be undressed enough to assess possible bruises and other injuries in the back area. The bruise usually goes with it Swelling and pain especially the affected area.

In the anamnesis, it must be clarified which event led to the bruise. The patient already feels pain after the causal fall or other violence. The size of the bruise usually correlates with the extent of the violence, sometimes even contours or edges can be traced.

In order to rule out broken bones or other injuries, especially to the spine, if there is any doubt about the diagnosis, a contusion should be considered X-rays of the trunk of the patient.

Back bruise pain

Bruises are very painful injuries. This not only affects the areas that were bruised in the fall, but possibly the whole back. This pain can make walking, lying, or even sitting impossible.

Even with To breathe you move part of the back muscles with it. The more the swelling spreads after the impact, the greater the pain. More fluid and blood penetrate into the tissue and the back becomes damaged by inflammatory processes very sensitive to pain. In the case of severe pain, any kind of stress such as sporting activities or even walking should be avoided; the patient should lie padded.

If necessary, too pain reliever drugs Ibuprofen, Voltaren or Diclofenac, which also have an anti-inflammatory effect, are particularly suitable. Aspirin should not be taken if possible, the blood-thinning effect may increase the extent of bruises.

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Therapy for bruises in the back

A bruised back after a fall can lead to extensive bruising and severe pain. The extent can be influenced by the right treatment directly after the fall.

As with other bruises, this should first look for the familiar PECH rule are proceeded.

Which means:

Sports activity and any other stress should paused immediately become (Break).

The affected area should now have a Coolant be cooled (ice). This initially reduces the blood flow, which means that less fluid escapes into the tissue and the swelling and bruises are less severe.

At one Compression bandage One can also think about the chest or the stomach here. It should not be pulled too tight and an anti-inflammatory, additional cooling ointment should be applied (Compression).

If possible, the patient should be familiar with the Upper body elevated become (Elevate).

The patient should take a sufficiently long break from any kind of strain and protect his back. Often the pain makes lying on your back impossible; you should sleep on your stomach or side or be adequately padded with pillows. Can as needed pain relievers like ibuprofen or diclofenac be taken.

Later, after about 48 hours, heat and the accompanying increased blood flow can accelerate the healing process. Massages are initially not recommended. Kinesio tapesthat are applied with a special technique can aid healing.

Cooling or warming?

Immediately after the fall and in the acute phase is an application of bruises warmth not useful.

This increases the blood flow rate in the tissue and more fluid emerges from the injured vessels.

The swelling leads to severe pain and Bruising.

So you should follow the PECH rule cooling measures within the first two days seize.

Warming ointments or warming agents can then in the further course support healing. The increased blood flow now leads to an acceleration of the healing process.

Duration of complaints after back contusion

How long a bruised back is painful after a fall and how long it hinders daily activities and sports depends on the extent of the injury.

Among other things, this is crucial from what height the fall took place and which one Condition the plane of impact Has.

If you fall on an object such as a concrete pillar or step, the back bruise can be more severe, as well as if you fall from a great height (for example from a tree or horse) on unyielding surfaces such as asphalt.

It is difficult to give a general period, contusions can be completely pain-free Weeks or even months last for. That is crucial Relief of the back. Ointments or anti-inflammatory drugs can aid healing. Bruising usually disappear faster and undergo a change in color. They are initially red and blue, through purple to brown and finally green and yellowish.