Reverse crunch with the expander


In addition to the side push-ups and the abdominal crunch, the reverse crunch is another well-known exercise for training the abdominal muscles. This exercise specifically contracts the lower part of the straight abdominal muscles, but there is currently no scientific research. It is known that the individual parts of the straight abdominal muscle can be contracted in isolation. The reverse crunch requires some coordination of movements and beginners should prefer the abdominal crunch to this exercise. The use of the expander makes the exercise much more difficult, and therefore only trained athletes should choose this form of exercise.

Muscles involved

  • Straight abdominal muscle (M.. rectus abominis)

Figure musculature

  1. Deltoid
  2. Upper arm flexors
  3. Upper arm extensor
  4. Pectoralis major
  5. straight abdominal muscle

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Motion description

The athlete lies on his back with the upper body and legs forming a right angle. In the starting position, the buttocks are actively pressed against the floor. The arms are stretched out and to the side of the body. The expander runs over the soles of the feet, the ends are wrapped around the wrists. (see picture)

During the contraction, the buttocks are raised and lowered again. As already described above, the use of the expander makes movement much more difficult and inexperienced athletes should therefore refrain from using the expander. The movement should be carried out on a soft surface (gymnastics mat), if there are problems in the lumbar spine, a rolled towel can be used as a pad.

Further information

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