castor oil


The castor oil belongs to the group of Vegetable oils and it is obtained from the seeds of the so-called Miracle tree.

Castor oil has several properties. It is colorless to yellowish and has a typical odor. It is rather thick in consistency and does not harden in the air. The largest amounts of castor oil are obtained in areas such as China, Brazil or India. It was used as a remedy before and is used in a wide variety of areas. The oil is used in, among other things medical area, in the CosmeticsBranch as well as in the industrial sector. Castor oil is made up of various glycerides. The main component is the triglyceride Ricinoleic acid. The gentlest method of extracting the oil from the seeds is so-called cold pressing. This means that the oil remains in its natural form and without any additives. Another way of obtaining castor oil is so-called refining. In the process, however, the oil loses numerous ingredients. The refined oil is cheaper than the cold-pressed castor oil. The refined oil is mainly used in industry for the production of various substances.

Due to the high concentration of glycerides, the castor oil also has one laxative effect on the body. This effect is retained when the oil is refined. In the cosmetic field, castor oil is used to treat Dandruff and Cracks in the skin used. It can also be found as a component of many creams, care products and also in bath oils. The cold-pressed oil is of particular importance for cosmetics. The effects of castor oil are also used in obstetrics. Here it is mainly for Induction of labor pains used and administered as a so-called "labor cocktail". It works by promoting uterine contraction.

castor oil lasts about half a year. It should be noted that it is stored at room temperature. In addition, it should be placed in light-protected vessels. They are available in the pharmacy in the form of brown glass jars.

Use in cosmetics

Care of the eyelashes

Castor oil is a proven means of eyelash care. The castor oil should make the eyelashes stronger and increase their overall body. With regular treatment with castor oil, the lash line should increase significantly in density. It is important to regularly apply castor oil to the eyelashes. Regular care should also make the eyelashes more elastic and less likely to break off. It is best to apply it overnight, as the oil then has enough time to develop its effect. In addition, the applied oil does not obstruct the view overnight if the oil should get into the eyes.

The castor oil does not promote eyelash growth. The eyelashes grow just as quickly without the treatment. The eyelashes are thus only cared for and thus more supple. It is best not to buy castor oil from a pharmacy, as in most cases they sell refined oil. In the cosmetic field, however, it makes sense to use cold-pressed oil, as it contains more important ingredients. The castor oil is ideally applied to the eyelashes with a lint-free cloth or a clean mascara brush. The amount of castor oil should be applied in such a way that the eyelashes are covered, but no oil drips from the eyelashes.
Allergies are very rare when using castor oil on the eyelashes. Another advantage is that the castor oil is very inexpensive, unlike many other products. However, the desired effect does not come overnight.
The castor oil takes some time to show its desired effect. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that it is applied regularly. It is also important to ensure that the lashes are completely freed from mascara and make-up beforehand, so that the oil can reach the lashes directly.

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Care of the hair

Also for Care of the hair castor oil is used. The oil should penetrate deep into the hair structure and therefore build it up from the inside. The care makes the hair appear softer and shinier. The use of castor oil is therefore ideal for dry and dull hair to give it shine again. In addition, the oil should make them more resistant and not fail so quickly. If you decide to use castor oil, there are a few things to consider.

Ideally, the oil is used immediately after cleaning the hair. It should first be slightly warmed up and then massaged into the slightly dried hair. It is best to use the castor oil in the evening so that it can work overnight. If this is not desired, it can of course be washed out again. However, it should be remembered that it is advantageous if the oil can act over a longer period of time. The oil should therefore be washed out after one to two hours at the earliest. The effect of the oil can be increased by wrapping your hair with a towel after application. Because of the warmth, the oil is better absorbed by the hair. As with eyelash care, one should take care of the hair cold-pressed castor oil be used.

Medical application

Use on the skin

Castor oil can also be used for grooming and Treatment of the skin can be used and stimulate the production of collagen in the tissue. The skin should through this tighter and also softer become. The application of castor oil should be able to smooth out small wrinkles around the eyes or mouth area. The castor oil will have a certain Anti-wrinkle effect awarded. When treating the skin with castor oil, it is also best to leave the oil on overnight.

The treatment recommendations for the skin are therefore identical to the recommendations for eyelashes and hair. The first small successes can only be seen here after a few weeks of use. However, castor oil does not go away with deep wrinkles.

Also the Scar treatment the skin is an area of ​​application for castor oil. In particular, thick and firm scars should become clear through regular treatment with castor oil softer and flatter become. Redness or irritation to the skin can also be relieved by the use of castor oil. In the Neurodermatitis treatment Castor oil seems to be an option as well. The castor oil is also said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. It can therefore also be used for Protection of the skin can be used. Small injuries should heal faster when using the oil.

Through the anti-inflammatory effect it can also be used in the course of the Acne therapy can be used. To do this, it is mixed with another body oil and applied to the previously cleaned skin. After ten to 20 minutes, it should be removed with warm water.

Use as a laxative

The use of castor oil for Discharge has a long tradition. As a natural laxative people from earlier centuries used it.

Even though it is a natural laxative, castor oil should still be consumed with caution. One to two tablespoons of castor oil can be taken as part of constipation. Its laxative effect becomes apparent after a few hours. Higher dosages should not be used. Children should also be careful when taking castor oil for purging purposes. Ricinoleic acid is particularly important for its laxative effect. The oil increases the activity of the intestine and thus promotes the propulsion of the stool in the direction of the anus. At the same time, the castor oil removes large amounts of water from the body, which significantly softens the stool and at the same time removes numerous electrolytes from the body. If the castor oil is used for purging, the patient should at the same time drink plenty of fluids, to counteract fluid loss. Castor oil should under no circumstances for long-term therapy to be applied from constipation.
Castor oil should also not be used in the case of constipation due to an obstruction of the intestine or due to inflammation in the intestine. Therefore, always consult a doctor if you have persistent constipation.

Risks and Side Effects

The castor oil is a herbal product, but that does not mean that it cannot cause side effects. When used for hair and eyelash care, local allergic reactions such as Reddening of the skin or itching come. Otherwise, this type of use of castor oil is rather low-risk. Overall, very few side effects are known for the "external" application of castor oil on the skin. In the first place is one Hypersensitivity reactions to call against the oil. These can also show up in allergic reactions of the skin.

A higher rate of side effects occurs with the “internal” ingestion of castor oil. In the course of application as laxative or as Labor conveyor side effects are therefore more common. If the castor oil is taken as a laxative, so can nausea, Vomit or Stomach discomfort occur as a side effect. The patient can also be uncomfortable and strong cramps feel. Another risk is that the massive fluid loss there may be a shift in blood salts. Changes in the potassium concentration in particular can lead to severe side effects, such as the occurrence of Cardiac arrhythmias, to lead. Therefore, please consult your doctor if you take it for a long time.
If the castor oil is used as a labor enhancer, then the same symptoms can occur as when taking it as a laxative.