Vertigo clinic

What is a vertigo clinic?

At a Vertigo clinic is it a special consultation hourswhich some practices and clinics offer.

Patients with vertigo symptoms are examined and treated. It does not matter whether the dizziness occurs permanently or only in attacks, i.e. which ones Dizzy it is about.

Because the symptom dizziness is diverse and complex causes may be the basis, these special outpatient clinics have been set up, as an adequate clarification of the vertigo symptoms (see: Diagnosis of dizziness) was and is only possible to a limited extent in normal everyday clinical practice.

There is sufficient time in the outpatient department to closer conversation between the doctor and the person concerned. The focus is on finding the focus of the vertigo.
Among other things, it is important to record the time when the dizziness occurs, the duration of the attacks, what the dizziness feels like, whether everyday tasks have to be interrupted. Also accompanying symptoms, such as Dizziness with nausea, Vomit or Tendency to fall will be clarified.

Furthermore, a detailed neurological examination and a Examination of the eyes and ears as these alone or in combination can lead to the symptom dizziness.

Special devices are available, with the help of which, for example, the Organ of equilibrium in the ear can be examined and which will help in an accurate diagnosis of the vertigo.

The surveys and examinations used are tailored to the patient and can also be used by older people can be done without any problems.

The examinations are also beneficial for those affected who experience dizziness in certain situations or with certain body movements, but not necessarily at the time of the doctor's visit.

Furthermore, the examinations and their results are used in many clinics for the research used to make even better and more targeted diagnostics and therapy To be able to offer. However, the patients are informed more precisely and do not draw any disadvantages from it.

How do I find the vertigo clinic?

It is best to ask your supervisor Ear, ophthalmologist or family doctor. Many doctors are now familiar with dizziness clinics.
Otherwise, numerous vertigo clinics with examination profiles can now be found on the Internet.
Clinics and practices with dizziness clinics can be found in Aachen, Bad Arolsen, Bad Soden, Berlin, Erlangen, Essen, Freiburg, Fürth, Homburg, Cologne, Mainz, Münster, Munich, Regensburg, Sinsheim and in Tübingen.

Which doctor is responsible?

Dizziness is a symptom which many disciplines and is treated by the appropriate doctors.
In vertigo clinics there are often specialists for Neurology, psychiatry, ENT (Ear, nose and throat medicine), Eye and for internal medicine.

Where can I find a vertigo clinic