Forehead wrinkles


Forehead wrinkles arise as part of the aging process.

Forehead wrinkles are another form of wrinkle besides eye wrinkles. Eye wrinkles are far more common than forehead wrinkles. The latter can occur in two different forms. The horizontal forehead wrinkles are wrinkles that run from one side of the forehead to the other. In contrast, the vertical wrinkles are particularly pronounced between the eyes. They are often referred to as wrinkles or wrinkled lines.


Wrinkles on the forehead arise among other things as part of the natural aging process. With increasing Age the wrinkles become more, the skin becomes thinner and loses elastin (elastic fibers) as a result of which the skin becomes less elastic. In addition, the body produces fewer new ones Skin cells. Accordingly, the structure and the regeneration the skin diminishes. The skin increasingly loses elastin and collagen (structural protein). These substances usually keep the skin firm and elastic. If they are no longer present in the skin, the wrinkles appear more frequently. Furthermore, forehead wrinkles arise especially through Facial expressions. Frequent frown and also that Squint of the eyes strains the skin and can also lead to premature wrinkles on the forehead. That’s how the Laugh fine lines formed in the skin. Recurring muscle movements such as frowning, laughing or everyday facial expressions promote the development of wrinkles. These types of wrinkles are also called Expression lines designated. This also includes the frequent raising of the eyebrows. This creates the horizontal forehead wrinkles in particular. The forehead wrinkles show up to varying degrees from person to person, as the extent to which the facial muscles move is individual. This process can hardly be stopped because the muscles of the face are the muscles in our body that are most used.


In addition to natural aging and expression lines, there are other causes that can promote the formation of forehead wrinkles. The UV rays in sunlight are another factor. It is further divided into UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays reach deeper into the skin, like that Dermis. There it can cause considerable damage, which among other things leads to the cells producing less firming collagen and elastin. The tissue becomes slacker and increasingly collapses.

The UVB rays have predominantly one negative Effect on the superficial layers of the skin. They damage the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin) and are largely the trigger for the development of skin cancer. Therefore, proper and adequate protection in the form of sunscreen and covering the skin is extremely important. The skin must be protected in order to stay healthy for a long time. This can also delay the appearance of wrinkles. Smoking is also detrimental to the skin. Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict. The vessels are important for the supply of the skin with liquid and Nutrients. If the supply of important substances to maintain healthy skin is reduced by constricting blood vessels, wrinkles increasingly appear, so that the skin becomes slack. At the same time, the production of the substances elastin and collagen (proteins for the structure of various tissues) is restricted. You are important to that elasticity of the skin. This also causes forehead wrinkles. Stress also has a negative impact on the skin. The body produces more under stress Cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol in turn promotes aging of the skin. The forehead wrinkles appear earlier on.

Prevent forehead wrinkles

The Emergence of wrinkles can be due to various factors reduced become. They cannot be stopped completely, but their occurrence can be significantly delayed. The movement of the facial muscles in the context of the natural facial expressions can be better controlled by being aware of the movements that fold the skin. So you can get familiar with the different movements in front of a mirror. If you become aware that these expression lines are created by raising your eyebrows or frowning, you will then pay more attention to avoid these movements. This can reduce the forehead wrinkles. A healthy diet also helps Way of lifeto reduce wrinkles. In addition to nutrition, that is also important Move and the overall health of the body play an important role. More regular Sports relaxes, builds Waste products in the skin faster and promotes Blood circulation. General wellbeing then has a positive effect on the appearance and radiance of the skin. The cells need many nutrients, minerals and vitamins to keep their Metabolic processes keep upright.

The Avoid from smoking and stronger Irradiation with sun is then very beneficial. Daily stress or internal restlessness should also be avoided. This will make less of the stress hormone Cortisol poured out. The aging process of the skin is then not promoted and the wrinkles do not appear earlier. The forehead wrinkles are less pronounced when the skin is well covered Moisturizer is supplied. Applying suncream and wearing sunglasses can lessen and delay the wrinkles on the forehead. The right maintenance is also very important for the skin. The skin needs a lot of moisture to regenerate and should be protected from drying out. Make-up should also be removed with appropriate products in the evening before going to bed. The skin remains pure and is not stressed. Various preventive anti-aging creams can also delay the aging of the skin if used regularly. In addition to moisture and nutrients, they also contain Antioxidantsthat protect the skin cells from damaging them Radicals protect.


Botox is widely used in wrinkle treatment.

Besides the Prevention and keeping the skin cells healthy is the right thing to do maintenance just as important. Lots Face masks can have an immediate positive effect on forehead wrinkles. The ingredients make the deeper Strengthened skin layers. The skin appears smoother and firmer. Also Facial yoga can reduce wrinkles. Regular exercises strengthen the muscles, stimulate blood circulation and reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles. In addition to the conservative methods mentioned, there are also surgical and minimally invasive interventions. This includes the classic face lifting, in which excess skin is removed and the skin is thereby literally smoothed. Furthermore, the use of Botox (Botlimum toxin), a neurotoxin, very popular and widespread. The botox is injected directly under the skin of the forehead. It has a plumping effect and fills up the wrinkles again. At the same time, the botox paralyzes the muscles. As a result of the paralysis, the facial muscles are moved less and there are fewer wrinkles. The botox treatment is mostly used for a satisfactory smoothing of the skin and longer lasting Repeated effect every three months.