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Shock wave therapy is used for tennis elbow when the usual conservative treatment options have failed, but you do not want to take the step of performing an operation.
It is now firmly anchored in the guidelines for tennis elbow therapy.
However, the statutory health insurances, which are skeptical of this new type of treatment, often reject the costs of shock wave therapy.
There are many reasons. Shock wave therapy is not a silver bullet, but it still has very good response rates, especially in chronic tennis arms.
From the point of view of the statutory health insurance, it should be critically considered that the tennis elbow is in advanced stages

  • the operation of the tennis elbow
  • radiation therapy (X-ray stimulation)

represent more expensive alternatives.

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As a former performance-oriented tennis player, I specialized early on in the conservative treatment of chronic tennis elbow.
In the last few years I have successfully treated several thousand tennis arms.

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Effect of shock wave therapy

How exactly Shock wave therapy for tennis elbow helps, is not yet understood in the smallest detail.
The "blow" caused by the shock wave initiates repair mechanisms and stimulates blood flow, which also helps accelerate healing. It is believed that the release of cell nucleus proteins triggers regeneration.
It is also assumed that the pathologically altered tissue structures on the affected muscle or tendon attachments are broken up into tiny particles by the ultrasound impulses used and can be better transported away and ultimately excreted in this form.

Implementation of shock wave therapy

As a rule it is extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) on a tennis elbow patient on an outpatient basis and without anesthesia or local anesthesia.
Shock wave therapy works in such a way that the affected area on the elbow is first covered with a contact gel. The shockwave head from the device that is the one Kidney Stone Crusher is then directed to the painful area and shock waves (ultrasonic waves / pressure waves) are directed into the affected area.
With tennis elbow you can usually do this low energy shock waves because the tendons are located relatively directly under the skin. Many patients perceive the shock wave as a small shock, which makes the therapy uncomfortable.
Dr. Nicolas Gumpert mostly works with us high energy shock waves to maximize the effect.

Risks / Complications

When done correctly, however, the treatment is otherwise hardly with Complications afflicted.
At the Elbow There are various smaller nerves and blood vessels that are sometimes damaged by the shock waves. This can result in a bruise (hematoma) or pain in the treated area.
If the treatment worsens the pain that is already there and it does not go away after the second or third session, one should stop the shock wave therapy and switch to one of the others Therapy options change.

Success rate

The Success rate when used in isolation, around 80% is considered to be quite high. However, one must also bear in mind that the success depends on a number of factors, especially the time at which the therapy is started.
Shock wave therapy helps more reliably in the early stages of tennis elbow than in the chronic stage. Nevertheless, it is a very effective procedure, especially for chronic tennis elbow, which is becoming more and more popular due to its low side effects and the good prospects for complete healing.

In some cases it can be useful to run parallel to extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) use other methods, such as the physical therapy or anti-inflammatory drugswhich are best sprayed locally. This allows the Success rate can be increased significantly.

Figure tennis elbow: below - right forearm, muscles of the extensor side (dorsal side)
  1. Spoke shaft -
    Corpus radii
  2. Ellschaft - Corpus ulnae
  3. Upper arm shaft -
    Corpus humeri
  4. Long spoke side
    Hand straightener -
    Extensor muscle
    carpi radialis longus
  5. Shorter spoke side
    Hand straightener -
    Extensor muscle
    carpi radialis brevis
  6. Long thumb spreader -
    Abductor pollicis longus muscle
  7. Short thumb stretcher -
    M. extensor pollicis brevis
  8. Long thumb stretcher -
    M. extensor pollicis longus
  9. Elbow - Olecranon
  10. Knobby Muscle - M. anconeus
  11. Elbow side hand extensor -
    M. extensor carpi ulnaris
  12. Finger extensor -
    Extensor digitorum muscle
  13. Little finger extensor -
    M. extensor digiti minimi
  14. Extensor tendon strap -
    Retinaculum musculorum extensorum

You can find an overview of all Dr-Gumpert images at: medical illustrations

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