Symptoms of a metatarsal fracture


Metatarsal fracture

With a metatarsal fracture, the symptoms differ depending on how severe the fracture is:

  • If just one of the metatarsals is broken, symptoms can only be moderate
  • However, if adjacent bones are also broken and surrounding structures such as tendons, ligaments or parts of the soft tissue are injured, the symptoms are more pronounced.

Almost all those affected complain about Painwhich can vary in strength from case to case. Usually the pain worsens when walking burdened which often makes it impossible to occur. The resilience is almost always at least limited.
For many, this pain is accompanied by swelling of the foot and / or a bruise.
Under certain circumstances it is possible that the broken and displaced bones (pieces) may cause a Misalignment of the foot exists, this clearly deformed is and thereby a abnormal mobility having. If there is an open fracture, there may be an open wound from which there is bleeding and from which bone parts protrude.

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A dreaded complication in the metatarsal fracture this is so-called Compartment syndrome.
With this clinical picture it happens within the framework of the break to that Vessels injured and it into the soft tissue bleeds in.
This bleeding can sometimes cause severe bleeding Increase in pressure come in the affected tissue. Ultimately it can happen because of that Blood vessels or nerves squeezed and thereby in theirs Functions restricted become.
Because of this resulting circulatory disorder, the Foot no longer sufficiently with Oxygen and nutrients suppliedwhich can lead to tissue damage that, if not discovered in time, can lead to Tissue death and ultimately to Loss of foot to lead.
For this reason one has to face symptoms such as pronounced swelling and above all Circulatory problems or numbness become attentive and initiate therapy as soon as possible to relieve the tissue of the excessive pressure.

Metatarsal fracture of the child

The symptoms that occur in a Metatarsal fracture of a child, as a rule, do not differ from the symptoms of an adult.
In particular, pain, which can be triggered when stepping on or through pressure, swelling and bruising in a child's metatarsal fracture are in the foreground.

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With open fractures, one or more pierces Bone fragments the skin. Depending on the age of the affected child and the severity of the injury, however, differentiating the symptoms can be difficult. Diagnosis is particularly difficult in children who cannot communicate the extent or location of the pain. By carefully observing the child's reaction to touching the foot, the problem can be narrowed down to the metatarsus.
Whether it is actually a metatarsal fracture can also be established in children X-rays secured.

With an open hernia there is generally an increased risk of inflammation, which is typically expressed in the form of fever, reddening of the skin and overheating of the skin.