Definition and active ingredient

Tavor® can e.g. Can be used for anxiety or sleep disorders.

The active ingredient of the drug Tavor® is called Lorazepam.
The drug belongs to the group of so-called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines develop their effect in the brain and also in the peripheral nervous system by increasing the messenger substance gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

Drugs from the benzodiazepine group have a different action profile depending on the substance.
Rough classifications can be made based on the duration of the onset of the effect or the duration of the effect. Because of these properties, they can be used in many different areas. They are used in the context of anxiety and excitement as well as sedatives and sleeping pills.

Additional areas in which benzodiazepines are used are emergency care for epileptic seizures and as part of what is known as premedication before operations.
Benzodiazepines are highly addictive.

General / dosage form / dosage

Tavor® is available in the pharmacy in the form of tablets.
The tablets can contain different dosages.
Since Tavor® prescription only it can only be obtained from the pharmacy with a doctor's prescription.

Both the duration of use and the level of dosage must be individually adapted to the patient.
They differ depending on the severity of the disease, on the indication, but also on the body's reaction to taking the drug.

However, this is important for every application of Tavor® Dosage as low as possible and the duration as short as possible to keep.

For the treatment of anxiety and agitation and the associated sleep disorders, the daily dose is usually 0.5-2.5 milligrams of lorazepam. This amount will either go to a Single dose in the evening or in 2-3 single doses throughout the day and taken.

In the case of insomnia, the dose is about a single dose 30 minutes before bed taken.
The tablets should be swallowed whole with a little liquid and not with a meal.
The treatment should never be interrupted and ended suddenly, as this can temporarily lead to increased symptoms of anxiety and excitement.
This phenomenon is also called the so-called Rebound phenomenon designated.

Mode of action

Tavor® is one psychotropic substancewhereby it can influence the psyche of the person.
Tavor® has one dampening and soporific Effect on the body.
It can also be anxiety- and arousal-relieving.
Additionally it can affect the Muscle tension take and is effective against epileptic convulsions.

Tavor® starts with a high binding strength to its receptor.
There are special binding receptors in the nervous system for benzodiazepines, which benzodiazepines attach to and develop their effect on.
These receptors, in turn, are closely related to receptors of the inhibitory messenger substances in the brain, the so-called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid).

If Tavor® now binds to its specific benzodiazepine receptor in the brain, the inhibiting effect of the messenger substance GABA is increased.
This increased inhibiting effect leads to the effects that are caused by Tavor®.


After taking the tablets, Tavor® im Gastrointestinal tract quickly and almost completely from the Mucous membrane recorded.
It is metabolized into a so-called Glucoronide, which then via the Kidneys and the urine is eliminated again.
Benzodiazepines such as Tavor® should be used during pregnancy should not be taken as Tavor® and its metabolic product can enter the bloodstream of the unborn child.


Tavor® should not be used in a known situation Hypersensitivity against the active ingredient lorazepam or if you are hypersensitive to other drugs from the group of benzodiazepines.

Even with an existing dependence on benzodiazepines, alcohol or other Drugs Tavor® should not be taken.
In principle, children and adolescents under the age of 18 should not be treated with Tavor®.

With a few therapeutic indications you can still give Tavor®.
However, the manufacturer does not recommend administration to children under 6 years of age. In the case of a large number of diseases, the administration of Tavor® is only allowed under strict control respectively.
This includes, for example, the muscle disease Myasthenia gravis as well as cerebellar-related Gait disorders (spinal duct ataxia).
Caution is also advised in combination with alcohol or other depressant drugs.
Since benzodiazepines can penetrate the child's bloodstream, it should be used during the pregnancy as well as in the Lactation not be taken.


Tavor should not be taken together with other drugs that also have a depressant effect.
Examples are here Neuroleptics, antidepressants, sleeping pills or beta blockers to be mentioned, since the tavor can have an increased effect here.

It shouldn't be parallel with either alcohol be taken, as it can lead to an increase in effectiveness.
If you take Tavor at the same time as a so-called Neuroleptic a, a drug against a schizophrenia Applied, it can become an increased one salivation, strong damping and disturbances in the coordination of movements.

Side effects

Side effects can occur especially when starting therapy with Tavor® or when the dosage is too high.
Most often there are general symptoms like languor, Exhaustion, Drowsiness or one muscular weakness.

Possibly also a Dizziness occur. Occasional side effects of Tavor® include nausea, changes in sexual desire and the power.
Also can Hypersensitivity reactions and light Drops in blood pressure occur.

Occasionally, taking Tavor® leads to Blurred vision, headache, or prolonged reactions.
Even after a few days of daily use of Tavor®, sudden discontinuation of the medication can result Withdrawal symptoms come.
These withdrawal symptoms include insomnia or increased dreaming. The anxiety and excitement that were initially treated with Tavor® can also increase significantly again.
The doctor calls this phenomenon Rebound effect.

There are a variety of other symptoms that can occur after stopping it. These include symptoms such as headache, confusion, irritability, or sweating.
The risk of the onset of withdrawal symptoms increases with the duration of intake and the level of the dosage.
Lorazepam therefore has a significantly increased level Abuse Potential unlike other drugs.
People who have a history of substance abuse are particularly at risk.
In the event of an overdose of Lorazepam, one should always use so-called Mixed intoxications think about other drugs that are in more suicidal Intentional were taken.

An overdose manifests itself through increased confusion and drowsiness, drop in blood pressure, significantly increased tiredness and drowsiness.

In the context of an overdose, the inhibition of the Respiratory drive. Severe cases of overdose can be avoided with the benzodiazepine counterpart (Antagonists) Flumazenil to treat.
Constant monitoring of the so-called Vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.