Tegretal® is a drug with the active ingredient carbamazepine. It is the world's best-selling drug for treating and preventing seizures. Tegretal® requires a prescription.

application areas

Tegretal® is taken in tablet form during or after a meal with sufficient water.

There are two main areas of application for Tegretal®. On the one hand, this includes seizure-like diseases such as epileptic seizures, non-epileptic seizures in patients with Multiple sclerosis and seizures as part of alcohol withdrawal. On the other hand, there are the pain-causing diseases that can be treated with Tegretal®. These include, in particular, neuralgic pain such as those at Trigeminal neuralgia and Glossopharyngeal neuralgia (attack-like pain in the throat) and pain caused by nerve damage diabetes arise - so-called diabetic neuropathic pain. Additionally it can occur in patients who are under strong Mood swings With depressive phases suffer, used.


Tegretal® is taken in the form of tablets during or after a meal with sufficient water. The dosage and duration of use is determined individually by the attending physician.

In general, however, the maximum daily dose of 1600mg should not be exceeded, as otherwise increased side effects will occur. In the case of seizure-like illnesses, Tegretal® is usually taken for several years to prevent another seizure. Pain patients are set to a minimum dose, with attempts to taper the intake at regular intervals. The intake of Tegretal® must not be spontaneously interrupted without authorization, but must be slowly tapered off, as otherwise a spontaneous and sometimes violent relapse can occur. If a tablet is forgotten, it will not be taken later to avoid an overdose.

Side effects

The intake of Tegretal® often leads to the beginning of the intake dizziness, Drowsiness and unsteady gait. Older patients in particular often experience restlessness and confusion. Tegretal® has a particular effect on the liver, the kidney and the blood harmful, with severe damage rarely occurring. Signs of severe liver damage are yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes, and dark urine.

First signs of a impaired kidney function are a decreased urine output and a Admixture of blood in the urine. If there is an increased occurrence of infections, lymph node swellings or fever, this speaks for a reduced number white blood cells and thus a weakened one immune system. The decrease in white blood cells occurs frequently, but in most cases it increases again after the drug is stopped. Patients also often suffer from Dry mouth, Loss of appetite, nausea and Vomit. Tegretal® also leads to a reduced sodium content in the blood, which can lead to water retention and weight gain. Any changes that have occurred and are noticed after taking Tegretal® should be presented to a doctor in order to prevent damage from the drug at an early stage.


Tegretal® must not be taken if

  1. there is a delayed transmission of excitation to the heart (AV block),
  2. there is damage to the bone marrow,
  3. a metabolic disease such as an acute one Porphyria is known or
  4. so-called Monoamine oxidase inhibitors for therapy of a depression be taken.


Tegretal® is about Enzymes the liver, which are also necessary for the breakdown of alcohol. Therefore, taking the drug leads to an intolerance of even small amounts of alcohol. Grapefruit juice ensures a higher proportion of the active ingredient in the blood, so that there can be increased side effects. Therefore, both alcohol and grapefruit juice should be avoided during treatment with Tegretal®. Tegretal® influences many other drugs and among other things leads to the ineffectiveness of Birth control pills.

Tegretal® during pregnancy

The use of Tegretal® during pregnancy is not recommended and should only be taken in consultation with a doctor if the therapy is absolutely necessary. The active ingredient can in particular in the phase between the 20th to 40th day after the fertilization lead to severe malformations, which is why the lowest possible dose is recommended during this time. Breastfeeding during treatment is possible, but the child should be carefully monitored as the active ingredient is also excreted in breast milk.