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Therapy constipation in children

What to do with constipation in children

A simple constipation with no organic cause in young children can be treated with gruel, fruit, vegetables and lactose or malt extract (from the 6th month). In addition, abdominal massages are useful to stimulate bowel movement. For older children, the diet should contain a lot of fiber, for example in the form of fruit, dried plums or figs, whole grain bread or black bread.

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Milk should be replaced with yogurt. Flaxseed or wheat bran can also be given to children from the age of two. Constipating foods should be avoided (Bananas, carrots, chocolate, cakes, white flour products). A lot of exercise is also important. If this nutritional therapy fails, there is the option of using paraffin oil, lactose (Lactulose), Drugs to stimulate bowel movements (Prokinetics) or stool softeners (Macrogol) to be administered. Furthermore, an enema can be made against the blockage.
Psychological reasons as the cause of constipation can be got under control with education (from the parents) about bowel habits and toilet training. This training consists of a request to go to the toilet after meals, suitable conditions (Toilet seat), short periods (maximum of ten minutes), prevention of stool cramps and a reward for successful defecation.

In the case of an intestinal obstruction as a result of a mechanical obstacle, the goal of therapy is to remove this obstacle. At the beginning of the symptoms this can be tried conservatively by inserting a nasogastric tube to relieve the stomach and to prevent vomiting and pain. In some cases, the intestine can be stimulated with drugs (parasympathomimetics = Neostigmine, Pyridostigmine). During intestinal vagination, hydrostatic reduction of the everted intestine can be attempted by means of a contrast enema, the intestine being pushed back to its original location by the pressure of the liquid injected into the anus.
In most cases, however, an operation is due to get the intestinal obstruction under control. Motility disorders due to a megacolon or hypogangliosis are also treated surgically by removing the affected section of the intestine (Resection).
An underactive thyroid as the cause of constipation is treated with hormone replacement (Levothyroxine), Vitamin D excess with a low-calcium diet, drug-based increase in water excretion and other drugs (calcitonin, Cholestyramine).

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