Vaseline is a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules with an ointment-like consistency. For this reason, it is used as a base in the manufacture of various pharmaceuticals. The hydrocarbons are obtained from petroleum.
Two forms of Vaseline can be distinguished - Vaseline album and Vaseline flavum.

In contrast to Vaseline flavum, Vaseline album is a highly purified preparation. Accordingly, the cleaned Vaseline album causes less allergic reactions than the non-cleaned variant and is preferred in the manufacture of ointments. In general, however, both types of Vaseline are suitable for the production of ointments.

Composition and ingredients

Vaseline consists for the most part of highly branched paraffins.
Otherwise there are no other ingredients in the cleaned petroleum jelly Antioxidants be included. In the yellow vaseline also called vaseline flavum, which has not been cleaned, can other ingredients occurrence.
Due to the light contamination, Vaseline flavum can cause allergic reactions more frequently than the cleaned Vaseline album.
In addition to the higher concentration of certain hydrocarbons in the Vaseline, flavum differs this differs from the Vaseline album mainly through its colour. In the cleaning process of the petroleum jelly, it is treated with activated carbon, sulfuric acid and fuller's earth. This is done with both types of petroleum jelly. To get the pure Vaseline album, another one is needed Purification process connected, which is omitted with the Vaseline flavum.

Use on the lips

vaseline is a very popular means of Care for dry lips, as it forms a protective film on the skin due to the high fat content.
Many people suffer above all in winter under dry and chapped lipsthat tear easily. The regular application of petroleum jelly can face the lips protect against further dehydration and restore suppleness to the lips. This effect is also known as the occlusion effect, since the Vaseline prevents further evaporation of moisture and thus further drying out of the skin by excluding air.
For this effect to remain effective, it must be done regularly re-creamed become. However, the Vaseline itself does not provide any moisture. Therefore, the user should try not to lick their lips so that the petroleum jelly stays there and the lips do not dry out further.

Use on the face

For the Use on the face is vaseline only suitable to a limited extent. Although it is suitable for maintenance dry and cracked skin and can make this soft and supple again, but it leads to a pronounced Oily sheen on the skin. This can be done on the face very annoying and unpleasant which is why it is not recommended to rub petroleum jelly all over your face.
Vaseline is also suitable not for blemishes or skin that especially Moisture needed. Vaseline sccloses the skin from the airSo seal them. It donates not moisture, but only prevents evaporation further moisture from the skin. This occlusion effect allows Skin blemishes or even skin diseases be promoted.
To Skin care the skin of the face should therefore rather Moisturizers, respectively Lotions are applied.
Individual brittle spots can certainly be rubbed with petroleum jelly to make them smoother again. It is best to use the petroleum jelly in such a case Apply at night and remove supernatants in the morning to get rid of the excessive oily sheen on the face.

Sprays with petroleum jelly

Meanwhile are in drugstores too Sprays available for skin care that Contains petroleum jelly. Most products of this type are only used in the United States and contain moisturizing ingredients and smaller amounts of petroleum jelly, which are supposed to protect the skin from drying out.
Vaseline spray is otherwise common in industry, where it is mainly called Lubricant to avoid or reduction of friction is used. It reduces adhesion and jamming of objects, is water-repellent and can be sprayed onto a wide variety of objects to prevent signs of wear and tear.

Alternatives to petroleum jelly

Many people these days would prefer to Avoid cosmetics containing paraffin, which is why more and more alternative offers appear on the market.
As A.alternative to conventional petroleum jelly various are suitable herbal supplementsthat do not contain paraffins. One example is organic milking fat, which in contrast to classic milking fat instead of Vaseline Beeswax and Shea butter includes.
Shea butter is a care product made from the fruits of the shea tree (shea nuts). For this purpose, the kernels from the shea nuts are grated, heated and processed into a fatty mass. After the butter has been purified, an almost colorless, sometimes slightly yellowish-greenish mass is created, which is used in many cosmetic products. Some providers meanwhile also have Paraffin-free petroleum jelly developed with natural ingredients and therefore no longer contains any petroleum.
In Drug stores and health food stores will be a lot of care products on the Base of vegetable fat that are suitable for lip and skin care and are in no way inferior to Vaseline.