Synonyms in a broader sense

Burns damage the skin.

Burns, burn trauma, burn injuries, Combustio, degrees of burns, burns in children, sunburn

English: burn injury


A burn is damage to body surfaces (skin / mucous membrane) or deeper tissue caused by heat (Fire, hot steam, etc.), electric current or radiation (sunburn, radioactive radiation, etc.). This must be distinguished from the so-called combustion with chemical substances (acids & alkalis), as well as cold burns, which are assigned to frostbite.

Frequency distribution

Come annually to 100,000 residents in Germany about 600 minor and 4 severe burns. A third is accounted for Accidents at work, while another third is accounted for by children and adolescents who present themselves as toddlers due to a lack of caution in the household one combustion to move in, or as adolescents out of recklessness when playing with fire.

Burn therapy

The acute therapy consists initially of removing the cause of the burn from the patient, whereby it is important to ensure adequate self-protection, especially in the event of fire and electricity. Affected body parts are treated with tap water (harmlessly clean in Germany) cooled to room temperature for no longer than 5-10 minutes in order to remove any residual heat and to relieve pain. If the cooling is too long or too aggressive, there is a risk of local cold damage or hypothermia for the patient.

High-grade and extensive burns require medical attention and are an emergency, which is why one should not hesitate to call the emergency services (see: Degrees of combustion). Until further medical care, the burned body surface should be covered with minimal germs, for which purpose large bandages contained in the first aid kit are used, which are placed extremely loosely over the wound and fastened without exerting pressure on the painful injury. Ointments and powders of any kind should not be used, as they can also change the appearance of the wound for subsequent medical treatment as a further impurity in the burn.

In the hospital, depending on the severity of the burn, sterile wound care and the compensation of the lost volume of fluid are carried out. In order to compensate for the massive loss of protein, burn patients are nourished as early as possible with up to 6000 kilocalories per day, as well as rich in vitamins. (see also vitamins) In the event of an inhalation trauma, artificial ventilation may be necessary to ensure lung function. Irretrievably destroyed tissue and skin are surgically removed.

Homeopathy for burns

Like many diseases, a burn can also be improved with homeopathic medicines. Read our interesting topic: Homeopathy for burns


The Chances of recovery are heavily dependent on Burn severity. Until Grade IIa it comes to one scar-free healing, but beyond that is with one cosmetic impairment due to the burn or due to a skin graft, which is primarily the Restoration of the protective barrier of the body against the environment.
The scarthat arise during the burn can be reduced in their visibility and size by scar ointments, such as Contractubex, be reduced.
It also comes to Burn disease, there is danger to life and it must be as soon as possible intensive care be assured.


By Exposure to heat on the body it quickly comes to burns, the severity of temperature and Duration of action and their treatment therefore depend on local pain relief up to intensive medical care and Skin graft can be enough. Many burn accidents happen in the household as well as at work, of which through appropriate caution many can be avoided. More severe burns are potentially life-threatening and therefore require (emergency) medical care.