Weight gainer


Basically it is taking weight gainers for strength athletes and bodybuilders particularly important. This type of sports nutrition mainly affects the so-called Hardgainer, so Athletes with a very fast metabolism. You can absorb more calories through the weight gainers and thus build more body and muscle mass. The liquid form in shakes makes this Feeling of satiety outwitted and the Increased calorie density. The athlete can therefore take in more calories than he could from conventional meals. Anyone who wants to gain weight with the help of the Weight Gainer should five to six meals a day to take in. Of that you can two to three snacks from weight gainer shakes consist. Besides the cost factor, the practical thing about homemade shakes is yours Variability in taste. For example, if you prefer to eat sweet in the morning and something stronger after training, you can take this into account when putting together your weight gainer.


Athletes who have a high metabolism especially need weight gainers to build muscle.

The Composition of the Weight Gainer Shakes is designed to many calories at once can be fed. This is especially necessary so-called Hardgainer, Athletes the one very high metabolism and cannot build up enough fat-free mass without food supplements. Weight gainer shakes are ideal here because they give the body a lot carbohydrates and Egg whites and thus a good support for the Are building muscle.

You can get shakes in Buy powder form and then with Mix milk or water. It is best to take such a shake before and after training.

In addition to the powder form, the shakes can also be made simply mix yourself. For one 900 calorie shake you need for example:

  • 200 milliliters milk
  • a banana
  • 50 grams Berry (fresh or frozen)
  • 70 grams oatmeal
  • oil that rich in Omega 3 fatty acids is
  • 25 grams almond butter
  • 20 grams Protein powder.

Since you usually either do not understand the contents of the powder or not all ingredients are given, your own preparation is the healthier way and you also know exactly what is in the shake.

The handling of the shakes is also very uncomplicated: in the handshaker they can easily be taken to the gym or to work. No further preparation is necessary. In the case of industrially produced weight gainers, attention should be paid to the manufacturer's information on how long the shake can be used after mixing. Some food supplements are no longer stable when dissolved and reduce their effectiveness after a certain time. First and foremost, it makes sense to take the weight gainer immediately after training. On the one hand, the shake contains quick carbohydrates and whey protein, which the exhausted muscles urgently need after exercise. In addition, some “slow” carbohydrates should always be included, which can recharge the body's energy stores over the long term. Before training, however, there should be around two hours between taking the weight gainer and going to the gym.

Another good time to take is about two to three hours before bed. This ensures that the body is supplied with enough nutrients to build muscle overnight. At the beginning, the athlete should try to take two shakes a day. This, however, not with the main meals, but as a separate snack. In the beginning, a whole weight gainer may be a bit too much for your own feeling of satiety. In this case, you can split it between two snacks and then slowly increase the dose. In addition to taking the Weight Gainer, regular weight control should take place (for example, once a week, always at the same time of day). It is important that the weight gain does not happen too quickly, around 0.5 kg per week is considered healthy here. A slight increase in body fat is also normal at the beginning. But if this is too high, you can reduce the amount of weight gainer shakes. If the athlete does not gain weight with two shakes a day, the dose can also be increased to three.

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Make weight gainers yourself

For example, you can use quark to make weight gainers yourself.

In retail stores and also in gyms, weight gainers are called powder or finished drinks offered. Due to the professional production, they promise particularly good results when building more muscles and thus also weight. The products mostly consist of approximately 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein (Protein) and also off Fats, vitamins and Minerals. However, finished weight gainers are usually quite expensive - especially more expensive than they would be if they were produced in-house. For a weight gainer, completely normal ingredients are sufficient, which many should already have at home.

The advantage is next to the lower cost also in the fact that you know more precisely what you are consuming and what you are eating overall better feeling for a healthy, sporty diet gets. Because that is what weight gainers are about take in as many nutrients as possible to build body mass, the ingredients should be a high calorie density to have. The fat content of the weight gainer shake should differ depending on whether it is taken directly after training or as a breakfast / snack. The rule here is that the shake should contain less fat (but more protein and carbohydrates) after training. In the morning or with snacks there can be a little more fat in the weight gainer. Especially Nuts are a suitable source of fat, they contain lots of healthy fats. Here are some recipe examples. If necessary, the ingredients are chopped up a little beforehand, then put together and then pureed in a blender until a creamy shake is created.

  1. Weight gainer for breakfast: 300ml milk, 100g low-fat quark, 6 tablespoons (tablespoons) oat flakes, 1-2 tablespoons honey, 1 banana (chop a little beforehand), possibly 2 teaspoons (teaspoons) chopped almonds.
  2. Weight gainer after the workout: 500ml water, 350g low-fat quark, 7 tablespoons oat flakes, 2 bananas (chop up a little beforehand).
  3. Modification as satiety weight gainer: 100ml milk, 300ml water, 200g oat flakes, 2 bananas (chop a little beforehand), 3-4 tbsp safflower oil.
  4. Weight gainer as a snack: 200ml milk, 100g oat flakes, 2 teaspoons peanut butter, 2 tablespoons yogurt (vanilla).
  5. A particularly fruity weight gainer shake: 300ml milk, 100g low-fat quark, 100g oat flakes, 100g mango, 50g blueberries, ½ banana (chop a little beforehand), 1-2 teaspoons honey, 1 mark of a vanilla pod.

With a little practice, you can create your own new recipes over time. The basic ingredients water, milk, oat flakes and low-fat quark are important. But modifications are also possible here.


Weight gainers are supposed to bring about weight gain through muscle growth. The main goal is to build fat-free mass, ideally muscle mass.

The composition of weight gainers mainly consists of carbohydrates and proteins in order to supply as many calories as possible in the shortest possible time. Most weight gainers also contain fats, vitamins and minerals. The body is supplied with energy over a long period of time and muscle breakdown is prevented.

Weight gainers also have a positive effect on regeneration after a workout. Athletes who gain little mass because they have a good metabolism are called Hardgainer and usually recognizes them by a low body fat percentage and well-developed muscles. Due to normal food intake, hardgainers are unable to get enough calories to gain mass. For this reason, these athletes are increasingly turning to weight gainers in order to be able to supply more calories and thereby gain mass.

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Side effects

Ideally, you should take the weight gainers before taking any own calorie requirement can be calculated. Because athletes who are not among the so-called hard gainers can often achieve the necessary calorie surplus to build muscle mass without dietary supplements with weight gainers. When calculating this energy requirement, general factors such as Height, weight, age, gender and also the occupation are taken into account. The necessary excess of calories, which should then be achieved, is estimated at 500 kcal estimated. Anything that is ingested beyond that can no longer be effectively burned by the body and stores the nutrients in the form of fat. Since increasing the body fat percentage is usually but not the goal of taking weight gainers, an oversupply of calories should be avoided. In addition, normal food intolerances such as lactose intolerance can also cause side effects. But this is usually not an obstacle, as it is for most of the ingredients of homemade weight gainer shakes Substitutes (e.g. coconut or soy milk instead of cow's milk). In the case of weight gainers in powder form or other industrially produced means, care should be taken to ensure that they are from a reputable manufacturer originate and the Ingredients according to regulations are specified. If allergic reactions occur, the intake should be stopped urgently and a doctor should be consulted. A possible long term side effect by weight gainers, if there is too much sugar in the shake. The multiple rapid increases in blood sugar can in the long run favor the development of diabetes. In addition, some experts see a connection between the increased intake of carbohydrates and acne.


Weight gainer should only be taken if muscle mass cannot be built up in any other way. This can be achieved through a lot of strength training, competitive sport or excessive physical activity arise and are absorbed by weight gainers.

It is taken in the form of a Shakes with every meal. A shake is prepared with water or milk and with 75 to 100 grams of powder mixed. This gram range serves as a guideline and can individually different high fail.

Anyone who is sufficiently active in sports and one high calorie requirement has should after every big meal, such as before the training take a weight gainer shake. Every day one should pay attention to no more than four shakes of 100 grams each To take in weight gainer. Excessive consumption can lead to increased fat build-up again.

One should note with weight gainers that this is the case not a substitute for a full meal it is just about extra calories with a meal to build muscle mass.

When to take

Weight gainer should generally be used when you as an athlete cannot build up any or only very little mass because you can good metabolism owns. This one Hard gainers it is difficult with a normal diet to consume enough calories, so they resort to weight gainers.

Generally, weight gainers should be on training days either 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a workout be taken. Before a workout, a weight gainer can ensure that the body can take the strain sufficient with nutrients is supplied. After training, it is used to build muscle and Refilling the energy storage.

On days when you are not exercising, you can take a weight gainer after every large meal in order to permanently cover the body's calorie requirements. Otherwise there is a risk of muscle breakdown in order to generate energy.


One can Buy weight gainer in powder form or weight gainers too prepare it yourself. One should keep in mind that in a weight gainer 60% Carbohydrates and 20% Include protein. Also should fat, Vitamins and Minerals be included.

To make a healthy weight gainer yourself you need it following ingredients:

  • six spoons oatmeal
  • 100 gram lowfat quark
  • 300 milliliters milk
  • one to two tablespoons honey
  • and a banana.

The banana is peeled and cut into small pieces and then put in a blender with the other ingredients. The mass should then be thick to creamy at some point and there should be about half a liter of weight gainer in the mixer.

Another weight gainer recipe is made with:

  • 350 milliliters Chocolate milk
  • one avocado (approx. 240 grams of pulp)
  • 30 grams dark chocolate
  • and two spoons Chocolate flavored protein powder prepared.

The ingredients are in one mixer given and stirred together until you can no longer see any lumps in the mass.

In general, one should carefully examine the products that one chooses for a weight gainer prescription and make sure that they are one high calorie density to have.


There are also vegan recipes for weight gainer shakes.

Since there are also strength athletes who do eat vegan, should also be taken a look at to show what options vegans have for taking weight gainers.

A Basic recipe for a vegan weight gainer with a mass of 30 grams is made up of 20 grams Carbohydrates and 10 grams protein together. When it comes to carbohydrates, it can increase Maltodextrin can be used as this nutrient is derived from starch. You can also buy maltodextrin on the Internet or from a pharmacy, but you should make sure that it is one Simple sugars acts.

For the Source of protein of the vegan weight gainer can be found on Hemp protein, Pea protein or on various vegan protein powder To fall back on.

To give your vegan weight gainer a little taste, you can cocoa or Agave syrup mix in and make the gainer to your taste.

Alternatively, you can replace maltodextrin with complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal and thus increase the energy content and at the same time eat healthier. In addition, complex carbohydrates are available a little later than simple sugars for energy production.

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