Which drugs strengthen the immune system?


In addition to a balanced diet, certain substances or drugs can also strengthen the immune system of the human body. On the one hand, this could be the element zinc among the minerals and certain targeted drugs. The aim of an immune system-strengthening therapy is basically to prevent serious infections.

In contrast to this, the indication of an immune system-strengthening drug must be made very strict, as this triggers or strengthens autoimmune processes by strengthening the immune defense against the body's own, actually harmless structures. All immune-boosting preparations are offered in the pharmacy, some of which are are also available without a prescription. These preparations basically contain the components that are essential for a balanced immune system. Above all, vitamins and minerals can be seen below this.

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Which immune system strengthening drugs are available in pharmacies?

Usually different principles contribute to the natural functioning of the immune system. A balanced diet, sufficient exercise, restful sleep, avoiding too much stress and careful handling of noxious substances such as alcohol and nicotine are the top priorities. If the immune system is weakened due to everyday or work-related changes in this balanced lifestyle, the following drugs are available in the pharmacy. These are primarily over-the-counter drugs such as various vitamins (vitamin C, D, A, E) or minerals (e.g. zinc) available. It should be noted that these substances can in principle develop a favorable, strengthening effect on the immune system; in the case of a serious defect in the immune system, their effectiveness must be assessed critically.

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Cetebe® ABWEHR plus is now a very popular drug from the pharmacy. It contains a triple combination of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. A currently innovative drug management (time pearl technology) allows a continuous, balanced supply of vitamin C to the body over several hours.

Orthomol Immune

Another offer from the pharmacy is Orthomol Immun. It is used as part of a dietary treatment of diet-related immune deficiencies.

Orthomol Immun contains a rich combination of minerals that are important for the body. These include vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin A and iron. Ultimately, the ingredients include 13 vitamins, 8 trace elements and secondary plant substances. The aim of the Orthomol Immun is the targeted response to the mineral requirements of immune-competent cells. These have, for example, about 10 to 100 times the concentration of vitamin C compared to the rest of the blood plasma level. They also cover their cell metabolism needs through increased intake of the other minerals mentioned.

Certain additional substances also play a role in the composition of Orthomol Immun at Orthomol Immun. These include e.g. Water, orange juice concentrate, the stabilizer glycerine, sucrose and the acidifier L-lactic acid should be mentioned. However, the use of Orthomol Immun in existing infections or illnesses must be viewed very critically. It is not offered as a medicine, only as a dietary supplement. This in turn means that before the market launch, neither the preventive effectiveness nor the harmlessness of the intake was ascertained. In conclusion, it has to be said that Orthomol Immune is not a potent means of preventing colds or other infections.

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vitamin C

The widely known vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is probably the best known vitamin. From a biochemical point of view, it plays an essential role as an antioxidant. This is understood to mean the eradication of free radicals, which constantly accumulate in our body through natural metabolic processes. In particular, however, these also arise during an immune response and can damage and destroy the cells concerned. Vitamin C has a cell protective function here.

Other functions of vitamin C are to promote the activity of neutrophils, which are essential for the elimination of bacterial pathogens, and to contribute to the normal function of the mucous membranes. Vitamin C is used in pharmacies in the form of single preparations (pure vitamin C substitution) or as part of combination preparations such as e.g. offered the cetebe described above. A rich intake of vitamin C is also possible through diet. Any citrus fruits, various vegetables (e.g. green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables) as well as currants and sea buckthorn should be mentioned here.

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Esberitox® Compact

Esberitox® Compact is a herbal product with a combination of active plant ingredients such as arborvitae, dye pod and coneflower. A scientifically proven effectiveness in the context of cold infections is propagated. A viral induction of the common cold is particularly specific. The duration of the cold should be shortened by 2-3 days and the symptoms of cold should be effectively alleviated.

The administration is suitable for adolescents and adults from the age of 12 years. It is said to be particularly effective for specific symptoms such as sore throat and throat, sneezing, runny nose and sore bronchi. The scientifically proven effectiveness propagated by the provider is problematic.

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Zinc is one of the minerals and is supposed to strengthen the immune system. have a stabilizing effect. Functionally, it should help the body's own immune cells to seek out and fight harmful substances effectively. If you want to maintain a certain concentration, the continuous administration of zinc is essential. The human body has only a small amount of storage for this mineral. Therefore an excessive, toxic uptake of zinc is almost impossible.

From a functional point of view, zinc plays a role in complex biochemical processes of the immune system. If you take the mineral zinc within the first 24 hours after the onset of cold symptoms, it has been proven to shorten the disease phase and thus reduce the symptoms. But various other vital processes also require a balanced intake of zinc through food. The function of the sensory organs, especially the sense of taste and smell, should be mentioned here. Night blindness can also occur briefly if there is a lack of zinc in the body. The structure of the skin, hair and nails also benefits from a rich zinc intake.

Zinc is available in the well-known Curazink® as a single preparation or in combination as already mentioned above. The Abtei® dietary supplement with a combination of zinc and histidine should also be mentioned in combination.

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Which globules strengthen the immune system?

In addition to the above preparations, various globules can be taken as part of a self-treatment. These can be used especially when general, relatively unspecific symptoms of illness such as headache, cough and sore throat occur. It is important to note that these are homeopathic preparations. In the case of a manifest chronic immune system defect, it is imperative to refrain from taking globules alone and to start with in-depth conventional medical therapy. In addition, however, globules can be used.

Commonly used globules with immune-boosting effects are Echinacea, Calendula, Melissa and Eupatorium perfoliatum. The Echinacea, for example, can be used for recurring infections with febrile processes or purulent wounds. Calendula is said to have an immune system strengthening, anti-inflammatory and granulation-promoting effect. After a clinical clarification of the cause and the use of a conventional medical form of therapy, other complementary methods from the range of natural healing methods can be used in addition to the homeopathic globules. A Bach flower therapy, phytotherapy, acupressure or the use of essential oils and electro acupuncture are possible.

Are There Any Prescription Drugs That Can Boost The Immune System?

There are no special drugs that strengthen the immune system. Dietary supplements such as iron, selenium, zinc and vitamins can be taken to strengthen the immune system. Probiotics can also be used. Probiotics are special bacteria that colonize the intestinal flora. The effect is not yet fully understood, but probiotics seem to have a positive effect on the immune system.

Prescription drugs are immunoglobulins, which are administered for antibody deficiency syndromes or for cancerous diseases. Some vaccinations, such as diphtheria or tetanus, also need to be prescribed by a doctor.