How can you speed up hair growth?


Many people, women and men alike, want full and strong hair. And most of them are dissatisfied with their hair as it is currently and want to give a little help in terms of volume and length. The hair naturally grows by itself. About 1 - 1.5 cm per month on average. Hair growth can, however, also be influenced by many external and internal factors and is very sensitive to changes. Care and nutrition are of course essential for healthy hair growth, but stress and physical activity also play a role. The Internet offers countless tips and tricks on how to optimally accelerate hair growth, but few of them are scientifically proven.

Stimulation through massage

Behind the idea of ​​hair growth through a Massage the scalp To speed up, the thought is that through the massage and the pressure that the fingers put on the skin, the Blood circulation in the scalp stimulated and thus the hair follicles are better supplied with blood, i.e. oxygen and nutrients. The hair follicles are the part of human hair that lies relatively deep in the layers of the skin and in which the hair is formed. Each follicle produces a hair. If the follicles receive no or insufficient nutrients, their hair production slows down or may even stop completely.

However, whether the growth of the hair can also be accelerated in return by increased blood circulation not yet scientifically proven become. It is advisable to use a suitable oil for the scalp massage, as the scalp itself and the hair also benefit from the treatment. For example, olive oil, vegetable oils (such as rapeseed or sunflower oil) and almond oil are often used.

After washing your hair normally, take a small amount of the oil in the palms of your hands and distribute it evenly. Then it is gently massaged into the scalp, for example five to ten minutes long, and preferably not washed out overnight so that it can act longer. The next morning you can wash your hair as usual. If the oil is warmed up a little beforehand, it can be better distributed in the hair and on the scalp.

Special shampoos

Today's advertising is full of products that are designed to stimulate and accelerate hair growth, in the shortest possible time with minimal effort. Most of it falls on hair shampoos. If you read through the ingredients of these shampoos, you will become independent of the brand in most products caffeine or find substances related to caffeine. The caffeine is supposed to Stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and so, much like a scalp massage, for one improved supply of hair follicles and thus ensure accelerated hair growth.

It has been medically proven that caffeine generally stimulates blood circulation. However, it must be able to get directly to the desired location, in this case the hair follicle. So the thought of adding caffeine to a shampoo is not so bad at all also shows positive results in practice. However, you shouldn't expect miracles from it, as advertising often tries to fool you. It is entirely possible that hair growth will be stimulated and accelerated a little, but only to a limited extent.

Much more important when it comes to shampoo and hair growth is the topic Dandruff. If someone has dandruff, it means that Scalp extremely dry and is therefore sensitive. The hair itself also suffers from a scalp that is too dry and its growth is inhibited or even breaks off prematurely. Special anti-dandruff shampoos can donate the missing moisture to the scalp and thus also have a positive effect on hair growth.

A person suffers from psoriasis in the head and hair area, should be a Dermatologist be sought out, who can then recommend special shampoos that combat psoriasis and thus also facilitate and stimulate hair growth. In summary, it can be said that it is more important to focus on one healthy and well-groomed scalp than to resort to shampoos that promise a short-term effect with the help of caffeine.

Biotin for hair growth

Biotin, also called vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is often mentioned in connection with hair growth. In fact, it is a component of keratin and, as such, is essential for strong and vigorous growth of hair and nails. The human body needs around 20 to 30 micrograms of biotin per day, and around 30 to 35 micrograms for pregnant or breastfeeding women. These small amounts are normally easily ingested with food, which is why a deficiency in biotin occurs very rarely.

However, if you want to do something good for your hair and stimulate hair growth, you should ensure that you are supplied with sufficient biotin. Much of this vitamin is found in liver, soybeans and nuts.There are numerous food supplements with biotin in drugstores, often in combination with silica. However, it has not yet been medically proven that an excess of biotin has a positive effect on hair growth. However, a deficiency must be avoided in any case if you want to keep and care for your hair.

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Home remedies to accelerate hair growth

Since full and strong hair has always been considered the epitome of beauty, the list of supposedly helpful home remedies is almost endless. However, some of them actually have a certain effect and can provide relief for those affected. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, good and above all moisturizing care of the scalp and regular thorough hair combing, there are various means that are intended to stimulate and accelerate hair growth.

First of all, there is castor oil. Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of the so-called miracle tree and is known for its essential fatty acids. Among other things, it contains plenty of vitamin E, which strengthens the scalp and can thus also stimulate hair growth. Castor oil is extremely thick, which is why it is advisable to mix equal parts with another, thinner oil for use on the scalp. Coconut, olive or almond oil are ideal, which are also known for their positive effects on hair growth. The oil mixture is now evenly distributed over the head and massaged in with circular movements for a few minutes. Then leave it on for about 30 to 45 minutes and then wash out the hair as usual.

Apple cider vinegar is also said to have positive properties. It helps to remove dust, dirt and other debris from the hair, making it softer, shinier and stronger. To use apple cider vinegar, simply mix two tablespoons of it with one liter of water after washing your hair normally. This mixture is applied to the hair and massaged in thoroughly. Rinse off again after 15 minutes of exposure. You do not need to wash your hair again.

A similar effect can be achieved with various herbs such as nettle, rosemary, sage or catnip. The procedure is very similar to that for apple cider vinegar, except that you mix the liter of warm water with the herbs. Aloe vera can also be used to stimulate hair growth and also reduce dandruff. Simply mix fresh aloe vera gel with a little lemon juice and massage into the hair, then leave it on again for about half an hour. Then the hair can be washed as usual. If used once or twice a week, a positive effect on the scalp and hair growth can be noted.

Balanced nutrition

For strong and healthy hair growth is one balanced nutrition essential. Proteins are important for the formation of keratin, copper ensures sufficient pigments and silicon supports the growth and strength of the hair. Much mentioned Vitamin H. (or B7 or biotin) is also very important as a component of keratin for hair growth. Hence, it is recommended above all high protein foods to choose with a high content of vitamins and minerals. For example broccoli, spinach, parsley and paprika are good options. Avocado, grapefruit and oats are also valuable. Fresh juices in general and salads are rich in ingredients. It also affects Omega 3 positive for hair growth. Much of it can be found in oily fish, walnuts, and chia seeds.

If you pay a little attention to your diet and value balance and freshness, you will be able to observe a positive effect on hair growth without having to resort to superfluous food supplements and vitamin preparations.

Accelerate hair growth in men

Many men struggle with the problem of hair loss.

Nowadays, men are also placing increasing importance on full and strong hair. In doing so, they primarily have to contend with two major problems. On the one hand the genetic androgenic hair loss. This is inherited and there is little that can be done to counter it in the conventional way, the only way out is often this Hair transplant.

Men often improperly maintain their hair, which leads to additional problems like dry scalp, dandruff, and brittle hair growth. In order to stimulate hair growth, also in men, it is important to keep the scalp well-groomed. Often it is enough that Correct use of daily care products and avoid mistakes. Men in particular tend to wash their hair every day and then bring it into shape with styling products. This damages the hair structure and attacks the scalp. So it is advisable to wash your hair maybe only every other day and on one scalp-friendly shampoo to pay attention. The scalp needs moisture and must be kept free of shampoo and hair gel residues.

If these basic instructions are observed, this often has a positive effect on hair growth. In addition, men should of course also be on a healthy and balanced diet with lots of vitamins and minerals, especially biotin. The choice of hairbrush can also have an effect on hair growth. For example, wild boar hair brushes promote blood circulation in the scalp and thus stimulate hair growth, they also care for the hair and give it a healthy shine.

Accelerate hair growth in women

In principle, men's and women's hair don't really differ from each other. However, since women often have longer hair, the amount of care required is much greater for them. Many women want a full, strong mane and are concerned that their hair is not growing as fast and strong as they would like it to be. The length of the hair is determined genetically. This means that no matter how much attention is paid to taking care of their hair with a predisposition to short, frizzy hair, it will no longer grow.

But there are also a number of factors that can hinder hair growth. So, for example, has an effect Zinc deficiency negatively affects hair production and lets the hair fall out before the end of its growth phase. In this context is also the alcohol to mention, because this attacks the zinc reserves and slows down the metabolism overall. Also Stress inhibits hair growth.

So in order to stimulate hair growth, it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet and one balanced lifestyle to pay attention. Biotin, for example, is essential for strong hair growth. They can also have scalp massages or special shampoos containing caffeine Promote blood circulation to the scalp, which in turn stimulates hair growth. When it comes to care and styling products, less is more. Gentle and skin-friendly products are always preferable, straightening irons and curling irons, however, dry out the hair and should be used cautiously.

Accelerate hair growth in the baby

As different as the babies can be, as different is their head of hair. Some are born completely bald, others are born with strong and full hair. In still others, the entire head is covered in a soft down. All of this is completely normal and not a cause for concern on the part of the parents, because every child develops individually and that includes hair growth.

Even if the baby is born with beautiful, full hair, it can happen to him within the first six months of life this hair falls out completely again and suddenly has bald spots or even completely baldness. However, this hair loss is also completely normal and nothing to worry about. It is explained by the overlapping of the hair growth phase with the hair growth break phase. After this so-called pause phase, the hair usually falls out and the hair follicle begins to produce new hair.

In newborns, it can happen that all the hair follicles in the scalp switch from one phase to the other at the same time, leading to an alleged baldness. Once that has happened, the original soft baby hair is replaced by thicker head hair and hair growth normalizes.

If babies have a bald spot on the back of the head can arise, for example, through the Lying position on the pillow, as the hair in babies sometimes breaks off very easily and cannot withstand the mechanical stress for long. If there is an unusually heavy hair loss in the baby, which cannot be explained by a change in the growth phases or something else, one can also Malnutrition or another one underlying medical condition be possible and should be excluded by the specialist.

So there is little point in trying to accelerate hair growth in babies, nature will usually regulate all by itself. But here too, a healthy and well-groomed scalp is important for good hair growth.

Accelerate hair growth in the child

By the age of three, most toddlers have lost their baby's down and their heads are completely covered with hair. After the first hairs are usually blonde to white-blonde, the new ones often have a slightly darker color which, like the iris of the eyes, darken a little over time. This is completely normal and is based on the increasing production of melanin (the substance that acts as a dye in our body, so to speak, and colors both hair and skin, for example, dark).

As already described above, every child develops differently and at their own individual pace. It is possible that some little ones still have hardly any hair on their heads at the age of three, while others can already braid theirs. But that's completely normal and nothing to worry about.

However, if you still want to try to speed up the child's hair growth a little, it is advisable to make sure that the child receives a varied and balanced diet. Vitamins, minerals and proteins are particularly important. This is particularly important with hair growth Vitamin B7 (also called vitamin H or biotin) play a major role. The following foods contain a particularly large amount of them: chicken eggs, yogurt and cheese, whole grain products, fish (such as sardines, trout or salmon), raspberries, avocados and bananas, tomatoes and nuts.

It is also important for the development of child hair growth that the The scalp itself is healthy and well cared for becomes. A dry, flaky scalp prevents hair from growing. There is therefore also for children special gentle children's hair shampoosthat additionally care for the skin and donate moisture, but without aggressive ingredients.

Accelerate hair growth after chemotherapy

Due to the very aggressive cell-destroying drugs in chemotherapy, the Complete hair loss is unfortunately not uncommonbut rather the rule. Women in particular suffer greatly from it and try to stimulate hair growth a little after the therapy in order to lose the annoying and unpleasant bald head as quickly as possible. Hair grows around on average 1 - 1.5 cm per month. Unfortunately, this growth rate cannot be changed with the help of special care products or medication. The also widespread myth that frequent haircuts would make hair thicker and stronger has unfortunately not been proven either.

After chemotherapy, women primarily need patience until the hair can grow back on its own. But what definitely has a stimulating effect on hair growth are measures to promote blood circulation. This includes both the Scalp massage as well as special shampoos and tinctures for hair care, which contain caffeine and thus stimulate blood circulation. Due to the improved blood circulation, the hair follicles in the scalp (the place where the hair grows and is created) better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and can invest more energy in hair growth.

It is also important to have a healthy and balanced diet to pay attention and to attach particular importance to many vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as these can be used up or lost during the long period of chemotherapy. Especially plays for hair growth Vitamin H. (also called vitamin B7 or biotin) play an important role. As a component of keratin, the substance our hair and nails are made of, it strengthens their structure and improves the quality of the hair that grows back. A high dose supply of vitamin HThe way it would be necessary after chemotherapy is unfortunately not possible with the products available in drugstores, which is why one special preparations in pharmacies can get. Since the vitamin primarily affects the regrowing and not the existing hair, it is advisable to start taking the vitamin preparations during chemotherapy.