Figure back pain lower back

Figure back pain lower back: bones, muscles of the back and causes (A - E)

Lower back pain

  1. Spinous process - Spinous process
  2. Gelatinous core - Nucleus pulposus
  3. Fiber ring - Annulus fibrosus
  4. Intervertebral disc
    = Intervertebral disc (2nd + 3rd)
  5. Facet joint (vertebral joint) -
  6. Vertebral bodies - Corpus vertebrae
  7. Healthy bones
  8. Bones with osteoporosis
  9. Broad back muscle -
    Latissimus dorsi muscle
  10. Gluteus Muscle -
    Gluteus maximus muscle
  11. Deep back extensors -
    Dorsi proprii muscles
  12. Lumbar spine (lumbar spine)
  13. Sacrum - Sacrum
    A - osteoporosis (decrease in
    Bone density - old age disease)
    B - herniated disc - emergence
    of tissue of the gelatinous nucleus of BS
    into the spinal canal
    (seen from above)
    C - spine with osteoarthritis
    D - Faccetal arthritis
    (of the vertebral joints) too
    E - fracture of the vertebra
    (Spinous process, vertebral body)

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