Figure pain in the lower leg

Figure Lower leg pain: Right lower leg (front and back), causes (A-F)

Pain in the lower leg
I - Right lower leg
II - Right lower leg
Rear (calf)

  1. Kneecap - patella
  2. Sole muscle -
    Plantaris muscle
  3. Kneecap ligament -
    Ligamentum patellae
  4. External calf muscle -
    Gastrocnemius muscle,
    Caput laterale
  5. Internal calf muscle -
    Gastrocnemius muscle,
    Caput mediale
  6. Tibia anterior muscle -
    Tibialis anterior muscle
  7. Achilles tendon -
    Tendo calcaneus
    A varicose veins (Varicosis)
    B - Frequent improper sitting
    C - hollow back posture
    D - torn hamstring
    E - Incorrect footwear
    F - thrombosis in the leg
    (Vascular disease, blood clots)

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