Pain in the back of the foot


Pain in the back of the foot is often difficult to classify. Unless there is an accident that explains the pain in the back of the foot, there are often a variety of causes for the discomfort.

Often there is pain in the back of the foot only temporarily up and disappear on their own. Numerous causes like Overwork, signs of wear and tear, injuries, inflammation, circulatory disorders and foot deformities can lead to sometimes severe pain on the back of the foot. Due to the complex structure foot pain is very common.

A doctor should definitely be visited if the Pain in the back of the foot longer than three days stop. In addition, a medical examination should be carried out if the complaints increase under exertion, related to other diseases or additional symptoms such as fever, swelling or Redness the affected area.


The most common causes ask for pain in the back of the foot wrong footwear (e.g. high heels or ski boots), injuries from Ligaments, muscles, tendons, or bones and unreasonable exposure. A poorly trained foot muscles, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism or Obesity can make the symptoms worse.

At Forefoot overload it can become so-called Fatigue fractures come. It is understood as hairline cracks in the bonewhich only with the help of imaging procedures we do a magnetic resonance image (MRI) become recognizable.

Various other diseases of the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and articular cartilage in the area of ​​the back of the foot can also trigger the symptoms. Also Joint wear (arthrosis) can cause pain in the back of the foot.

Furthermore can also Skin disorders how Athlete's foot or Neurodermatitis such as Blood clots, Circulatory disorders or in rare cases Tumors Cause pain in the back of the foot.

One possible cause of sudden, burning or stabbing pain in the back of the foot is one Irritation of the nerves in this area. One then generally speaks of one neuralgia and for nerve pain in the area of ​​the back of the foot from a front Tarsal tunnel syndrome. The deep fibula nerve on the back of the foot for example by a Tendon sheath narrowing or an over leg constricted. The anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome occurs frequently in connection with other diseases like diabetes (Diabetes mellitus) on.

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Athletes (joggers, soccer players, etc.) are particularly often affected by diseases of the foot. In some cases, the cause of the foot discomfort cannot be identified at first.
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I focus on a wide variety of foot diseases.
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The type of treatment at Pain in the back of the foot depends on the cause of complaints. You can often do this conservative methods how Gymnastics, physiotherapy, relaxation procedures, medicinal treatments, special splints or shoe adjustments good treatment results can be achieved. Depending on the cause of the discomfort you can also Ointment treatments and Lymphatic drainage be meaningful and helpful. Also, other medical conditions should like Rheumatism, gout, or diabetesthat are associated with the pain in the back of the foot are treated consistently and adequately.

If conservative treatment measures cannot improve the symptoms, come operational procedures into consideration. For example, structures that constrict the nerves on the back of the foot can be removed.

If all therapeutic measures cannot achieve sufficient pain relief on the back of the foot, further treatment methods come Pain clinic into consideration. There is an individual combination of pain-relieving, physiotherapeutic, medicinal and other therapeutic procedures in the foreground.

Read more about this topic under Pain on the instep.


If you have pain in the back of your foot, having a physical exam is essential to make a diagnosis.

Due to the Variety of possible causes A precise diagnosis is very important for pain in the back of the foot. First, the doctor will do some Questions about the course of the disease, possible Pre-existing illness like rheumatism, additional symptoms or a previous one accident put (anamnese).

This is followed by the examination of the foot and ankles, as there are such visible changes as Redness, swelling, joint effusions or deformations can be diagnosed. In addition, the agility of the foot is checked and the exact location of the complaints is determined. Depending on which cause is suspected, one is often used to back up the diagnosis X-ray image made, but also Ultrasonic or other imaging procedures (e.g. MRI) can be used.


From one thrombosis you talk to the A blood clot forms in a blood vessel which the Disturbs blood circulation. They are very common Leg veins affected by it, whereby a distinction is made between superficial and deep leg vein thrombosis. But also the blood vessels on the back of the foot are often affected by a thrombosis.

Causes thrombosis strong pain, of the Foot swells, feels heavy and warm on. It is important that one is suspected of having a thrombosis responds quickly and a doctor is visited so that the Start treatment as soon as possible can.

That is why a thrombosis is so dangerous, there Parts of the blood clot may tear off and can be carried with the bloodstream to other parts of the body, for example where it is life-threatening Pulmonary embolism cause.

Risk factors for a thrombosis in the area of ​​the back of the foot are for example Obesity, Bleeding disorders, Smoke or one prolonged inactivity (e.g. sitting with bent legs for hours).

The therapy a thrombosis usually consists of a drug treatmentwith which blood clotting is inhibited and in wearing Compression stockings.

Pain in the back of the foot after exercise

The feet are for Sport and exercise designed. However, the fine structures of the feet are often overlooked first get used to certain loads have to. For example, your circulation and muscles get used to it regular jogging much faster to the unusual stress than the connective and supporting tissue in the foot. Because of this, it can be due to exercise such as jogging or overworking too inflammatory changes on the connective tissue or on the tendons in the back of the foot.

Usually pedaling after an unusually long hike or jog only in the resting phase the typical, violent and stabbing Pain in the area of ​​the back of the foot. Such overuse-related foot pains are usually harmless in nature and Vdisappear within a few days with appropriate Protection again. The complaints last longer than three days at, a serious cause like a March or stress fracture or one Tendinitis behind it. But also overweight or foot misalignments like a Spread- or Buckle foot can cause pain when exercised.

Pain in the big toe

Pain in the big toe can various causes to have. For example, it can be a Fracture of a bone of the big toe come through a Injury trauma, a violent twist or by repeated minor injuries (Microtraumas). But also Misalignments of the toes can cause pain in the big toe.

The so-called hallux valgus is a Misalignment of the big toe at the base joint. Should be comfortable shoes and orthopedic insoles cannot relieve the symptoms, a surgery of hallux valgus should be considered.

Also inflammatory diseases how arthritis or gout typically lead to pain in the big toe. It comes to Redness and swelling. The therapy consists Protection, Medication and one low-meat diet with no alcohol.

From so-called Hammer toe is spoken when the joint between the first two phalanxes is permanently stretched. They kick frequently in connection with hallux valgus on. Also Claw toes lead to pain as it causes the Do not allow the last two toe joints to straighten.

Pain in the back of the foot at different times of the day

Pain on the back of the foot, especially at rest or at night may occur for a neural cause speak. In such Nerve pain there will often be other symptoms like Paresthesia (e.g. tingling) or a changed skin feeling accompanied. Even with the so-called Diabetic neuropathy, one Damage to the nerves of the bodycaused by the chronically elevated blood sugar level in diabetes mellitus causes burning or stabbing foot pain, especially at night while sleeping.

In the morning Pain on the back of the foot is particularly pronounced in injuries that involve Bruising and Schwellunong accompanied. Of the Foot is stretched in the night and is moved in the “cold state” in the morning, which causes pain. These complaints improve frequently, the longer the ankle moves again becomes.

Even with one arthrosis, an inflammatory joint disease and Wear and tear on the articular cartilage it happens very often In the morning to a typical "starting pain". The first steps in the morning and after longer periods of rest are then very painful, usually it comes with "warming" of the joints by moving to one improvement of complaints.