Cabbage soup diet


Especially in spring, many people want to be in as possible lose a lot of weight in a short period of timeto put yourself in lighter clothing in your body feel good. This often becomes too Crash diets seized, i.e. dietary changes that promise weight loss in the shortest possible time. One of these crash diets is the so-called Cabbage soup diet. It is a classic among the mono diets and promises quick weight loss. The main component of the diet is one White cabbage soup, it is also known as the cabbage diet.

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The main food on this diet is cabbage soup, but other foods are also allowed. A cabbage soup diet classically lasts seven days.

Before one such drastic change in diet starts, you should definitely Consult your family doctor and monitor your diet and your own well-being. With the cabbage soup diet you can eat as much cabbage soup as you want every day. The side dishes vary depending on the day of the diet. In general, you should drink plenty of still water and unsweetened tea when dieting, Soft drinks like cola and light drinks are taboo.

The classic cabbage soup consists of white cabbage or savoy cabbage, onion, tomatoes, carrots, celery, herbs and a teaspoon of oil.

  1. Day: You can eat as much fruit as you like with the soup. You should avoid particularly high-calorie fruits such as bananas, honey and watermelons.
  2. Day: In addition to the soup, raw vegetables are allowed, but here too high-calorie vegetables (peas, corn, beans) should be avoided. A baked potato is also allowed.
  3. Day: Cabbage soup, vegetables and fruit are eaten, potatoes are not planned for today.
  4. Day: In addition to the soup, 3 bananas are eaten throughout the day, with a large glass of milk allowed.
  5. Day: There is cabbage soup and a total of 500g of lean meat such as turkey, chicken or low-fat fish, plus six large fresh tomatoes.
  6. Day: Today, in addition to the soup, lean meat and vegetables are provided as required.
  7. On the last day there is whole grain rice, vegetables and fruit juices.


Classically, the cabbage soup diet is initially preferred one week strictly through. After that, you should have achieved success. But it can also negative effects have occurred, such as Fatigue, irritability, weakness and weariness with the cabbage soup. Cabbage can also lead to strong gas development, Gas or diarrhea to lead.

After a week you should take stock and after a maximum of two weeks of diet find a more balanced diet for yourself because the Cabbage soup diet is not a permanent diet suitable.
It leads to the low protein content Lean muscle mass and reduces both physical and mental fitness, as the body is constantly supplied with too little energy.

What success does the cabbage soup diet promise?

The cabbage soup diet is usually associated with major weight loss in a very short period of time. This is mainly related to the loss of large amounts of stored water. Due to the lack of sugar, the body is forced to use up the glycogen stores of the liver and muscles, with which the organism at the same time Removed water becomes.

If the body does not get enough energy in the form of food to carry out physical (or even mental) stresses Energy reserves tapped. In addition to glycogen stocks, this also includes Muscle mass and fat reserves.

Overall, there may be a significant weight loss on the scales, the Body fat percentage per se hardly sinks, however. To a great long term weight loss to achieve is that Cabbage soup diet not suitable.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

How much weight you can lose with the cabbage soup diet depends on many different factors. Above all, this includes the initial weight and the diet that you previously maintained. At healthy participants is with at least one to two kilos Expect loss due to excretion of water.

Due to the low calorie density of the foods in the cabbage soup diet, the body's daily energy needs are hardly met. So in addition to the water loss, there is also a Loss of muscle mass and a minimal loss of body fat at that. After the cabbage soup diet becomes lost after switching to a normal, balanced diet Water usually stored again.

Calorie balance

White cabbage is a very low-calorie vegetable. He has only about 25 kcal per 100gr.

The classic recipe for the cabbage soup diet consists of a white cabbage, 3 onions, 400g tomatoes, 200g carrots, a bell pepper, a stick of celery, parsley, other herbs and a teaspoon of oil.

Prepared this way you get a total of about 650kcal for the whole pot of cabbage soup. You can decide for yourself how many servings of it you eat each day. A average calorie requirement of 2000kcal for women and 2500kcal for men (varies depending on size, level of activity and body weight) allows a lot of leeway.

In addition to the calories in the cabbage soup, there are also the calories in the side dishes. Here one should remember that above all fruit through their high sugar content also proportionately rich in calories are, which is why you should avoid high-calorie fruits such as bananas, grapes or honeydew melon. This also applies to pumpkin, beans, corn and other high-calorie vegetables.

When choosing the meat, one should also use lean varieties.

Can you expect a yo-yo effect?

Many people fear that after dieting, the lost weight will regain and gain even more weight than before the diet. The so-called yo-yo effect is a widespread specter of horror.

Every participant in the cabbage soup diet must be aware that the great weight lossthat one has achieved does not result from the loss of fat reserves, but mainly from the Loss of water.

If the glycogen stores of the liver and muscles are replenished by changing to a different diet after the diet, the body automatically stores water again. Man takes so first of all again the weight lost from water loss in the diet.
After a short-term diet change, many people fall back into old patterns and take more energy than the body needs and actively consumes.

who lose weight in the long term wants, so has to be his Change habits and either limit the intake of calories or increase consumption through exercise and exercise. Of the Weight loss arises slower one than with crash diets, but is for it permanently and significantly healthier.

Medical rating of the cabbage soup diet

Cupcake or apple? If you want to be healthy and slim in the long term, you better answer this question with the latter

At healthy adult participants is a short term cabbage soup diet from a medical point of view at least not questionable. But medical supervision is still recommended.

Cabbage is low in calories and high in potassium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. It provides fiber and can relieve the symptoms of constipation. On the other hand, it can lead to gas formation in the digestive tract. In addition, thanks to its antioxidant properties, cabbage is said to protect against a variety of diseases, have an anti-inflammatory effect and, as a source of minerals, strengthen bones and maintain the health of eyes, skin and brain. Cabbage so has as part of a balanced diet absolutely advantages.

As the basis of one long-term lifestyle is from cabbage soup though definitely not advisable. The diet includes total too little protein, which is essential as a building block for the body in a balanced diet. Also very little fat is absorbed in the cabbage soup diet, which is what the Hormone production and the metabolism of the body in general negatively influenced.

If you ask during the diet an excessive Exhaustion, tiredness and poor concentration firm as well as physical discomfort, Circulatory problems like dizziness, it should Aborted diet become.

Cabbage capsules as an alternative?

In addition to the classic cabbage soup recipes, there are now also cabbage soup capsules on the market. They supposedly contain the active ingredients of cabbage in a compressed form. Since the weight loss in the cabbage soup diet is mainly caused by the low energy content of the cabbage soup and a high loss of water, the effect of the cabbage soup capsules is more than questionable.

It is important that the feeling of hunger is hardly satisfied by the capsules, which is achieved with the cabbage soup due to the large volume. More likely there is a simple marketing strategy behind the cabbage soup capsules. Success is unlikely.

Another alternative to the cabbage soup diet to lose weight is the detox diet and vegetable diet.

Another alternative to the cabbage soup diet is the mayo diet. It is a method of weight loss based on the low carb method. Read about this under: Mayo Diet